Saturday, October 31, 2009

Krabi - Phi Phi Island : Part III

Day 3 : 14th of April 2009

Woke up early. but it was raining heavily.
i was worried if the rain will messed up with our schedule. [err, do we have a schedule..? no. i
don't think so. we just go with the flow.. haha].
but Alhamdulillah (thank God!), the rain stopped an hour later.

were picked up by yesterday's long-tail boat to the Phi Phi Island Jetty. went back to buy some stuff, and to relax and sight-seeing around Phi Phi Island again. but before we knew it, Kak Aishah already bought us the ferry ticket and asked us to leave the island at that VERY MOMENT and i was like "WHAT??????".

well i think everyone was confused during that time. i mean, hello. we still got some time right? and we haven't finish our tour yet. and i want to swim in the ocean.. and there're some souvenir i want to buy for my family..and.. and.. man, there's a lot of things i want to do in Phi Phi Island!

but we have to leave because the next ferry's gonna be late in the afternoon. seriously, i don't really care if the ferry will only come by in the evening or at night. i want to stay here a bit longer.................. *sad*sad*

we reached mainland 2 hours later. had our lunch. went to Krabi Town. and bought some stuff.

stopped by at Tesco for a while and then went straight to Ao Nang.

the road was jam-packed with vehicles due to the Songkran Fest. we were stucked in massive traffic jam for few hours. i was freaking hate this. it was really annoying. (but i think i was frustrated for that little time we had in phi phi island. i thought we're gonna stay there a bit longer. dang!) but sometimes i felt excited to see the locals 'main air'- throw
ing water to each other. they shot each other, from one vehicle to another vehicle by water-guns; some even carried a bucket and splashed the water to passerby! so funny.

whoa! some of the drunken people (youngster) did pole dancing! hohoho!

Ao Nang- we got there hours later (can't remember how long we stayed in the hilux. i almost fallen asleep!) Kak Aishah gave us only an hour to do our shopping. ONE HOUR?!! are you kidding me??? so we rushed here and there at Ao Nang. had something to eat : roti mangga.

sort of roti canai in Malaysia-only the different is, they stuff the roti with manggo. delectable! :)

Dusk-went back home( to the village). clean ourselves. had dinner. and then went back to Ao Nang again. but when we reached there, the shops were already closed. *sad again* i haven't finished shopping yet.. T__T

Day 4 : 15th of April 2009
the last day of our so-called travel adventure :p

had our breakfast - traditional Krabi food. i loved it. i think i would never have problem eating Thai food. hehe.

since we love to eat this Somtam, Mak Ngah made it that morning so we can bring it back to Malaysia. thank you Mak Ngah! You're the best!!! :)

ok. now this is funny. this vehicle is called as Tuk-tuk in Thailand. and i really, really want to ride in this vehicle so badly. so Pak Lah asked Mak Ngah if he can try to ride it and Mak Ngah said "ok. you can. but don't drive too fast. be careful."

and sooooooo...

here we go!!!

7 of us in this small tuk-tuk!
YES. i know. and i realize: sometimes we they can be a bit crazy *lol* .

later,packed our stuff.

collect money to give to Pak Ngah's family.

we felt bad because they paid for almost EVERYTHING. and they don't want
our money.
but still, we collected our money and put it in the hilux [to Abg Ali].

their family is very generous, kind and awesome people i've ever met. that's why we collected our money to give to them eventhough they refused to receive it.

Now, it's time to go home..

so long Krabi. i will come again next time! insya Allah :)

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Phi Phi Island - Krabi : Part II

and the journey continue..

Met yus & man and Kak Aishah. off to the beach to find long-tail boat to take us to the other side of Phi Phi Island.

along the way to the beach..

you don't have to worry about food because there are many restaurants/bar/cafe in this island. lots of shop to buy stuff. t-shirt, dress, souvenir, whatever.

and we strolled along the beach.. to see...

sun-bathing. [top-less woman everywhere. hohoho. (^_^#) ]

and DROP-DEAD-GORGEOUS man are everywhere too! haha.

beach activity.
[sky-diving?para-gliding? nope. sorry. can't remember what is the name of this thing]

the long-tail boat.

we went for snorkeling.

honestly, Malaysia's island is way better.
but i think, it's only because the coral reefs in Phi Phi Island were destroyed when Tsunami hit it 5 years ago..
just like Pulau Manukan in Sabah- the coral reefs were damaged by Ribut Greg few years ago :(

arrived at Phi Phi Island Fishing Village.

FYI, you can see Tsunami evacuation route at almost EVERYWHERE in Krabi. including in Phi Phi Island. for safety i guess. they lost quite numerous people in Phi Phi Island alone *sad*

this is where we stayed for the night.

we rent 3 rooms.
1- for the single guys (3 guysl), 1- for the single girls (4 girls) and another 1 for the hubby&wifey.

RM30 for 1 night. and for A ROOM. not per head. CHEAP! VERY CHEAP! (^_^)
not exclusive. not extravagant. but it's comfy enough.
big double bed. no air-condition but has one standing fan. no tv. big clean bathroom.

clean ourselves.
then after Maghrib, we went to a restaurant to have dinner.

candle lit dinner ;)

now, i should warn you this : eating at phi phi island = EXPENSIVE! thank goodness, it's delicious.

we don't have any plan for the night. so after dinner, Zulinda, Kak Aishah and Abg Ali decided to rest in their room.
but others [Man, Yus, Che Pah, Pak Lah, Mozal & Me], we kill the time by exploring the village.

we walked and walked until we saw this one exclusive chalet having an event.
curious of that event, we went inside the chalet. it was an open-air. anybody can see it.

turned out, they were having Miss Songkran Festival 2009 [some kind of beauty pagent competition].

we took some pictures.

after they crowned the winner, we went back to the beach, and sat beside an open bar.
doing nothing. just listened to the music. (there was an acoustic band at that bar. and we listened it for free!)
and sometimes we sang along. hmm, i bet some of the guests found us disturbing. and we're NOT even the chalet's guests. haha. sorry.

went back to our room to have a good night sleep.

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

From Kuala Lumpur to Krabi : Part I

Date : 12th to 15th of April 2009.
Location : Krabi, Thailand.

Day 1 : 12th of April 2009

There were 7 of us: Zulinda, Mozal, Pak Lah, hubby & wifey (Man & Yus), Che Pah & I.
We took an early flight, 9 am and reached Krabi airport 1 1/2 hour later.
When we got there, Pak Lah's relatives were already waiting for us =)
Were greet by Pak Lah's uncle, whom we called as Pak Ngah. Pak Ngah is a ketua kampung (village head) in one of the Krabi Village.
talk about having cheap & free homestay, huh? ;) haha.

first thing first. They took us having lunch at a seaside near Krabi Town. Don't know what is the name of that place (most of the signboard are written in Thai Language. huhu) but most of the restaurant there are for Muslim. Pak Ngah ordered soooo many food. i thought i couldn't handle Thai food. i mean, i' m a typical Malay who enjoy only Malay meal, kinda difficult for me to try new ones. but d*mn, those Thai food are delicious!! and hot and spicy too! literally. it was one HOT afternoon, eating HOT & SPICY food. yerp. i almost cry. and sweaty. makan sambil menangis. haha. but the foods are extremely delicious! i can't stop eating it eventhough it felt like my tongue's gonna explode for having the super-ultra-spicy food. and i thought Malay food are spicy enough.. dang.

after that, Pak Ngah & family took us to a fossil site : The World Mollusc Fossil Site. see.. u'll think it's a rock. but no. it's not a normal rock that u see everyday. it was composed by shells that was formed hundred millionth years ago!

Mook Thong: Real Pearl and Farm Pearl from Andaman Sea.

then, it's time to go home..

At first i thought they were there just to assist and help us around - look for a cheap hotel/chalet; nice halal food restaurant, nice place to do and see in Krabi, and etc. but it turned out, Pak Ngah invited us to stay with his family.

it was a nice village. the house was ok. we had dinner at home. and again. i'm so loving it! [the thai food. haha] we chatted. then off to bed- we were all very tired. btw, the girls and the guys are separated to different house. we girls stayed at Pak Ngah's house. while the guys stayed at Pak Ngah's son's house ->. which means, the guys stayed at Pak Lah's cousin's house. sila jangan pening. hihi.

wow, what a hospitality :)

Day 2 : 13th of April 2009

Woke up early. Pak Ngah's house just in front of a mosque [masjid] so we don't have trouble waking up for Subuh's prayer. [except for people like me who wasn't able to perform prayer. arrghhh, i need more sleeppppp.! opps. hehe].

had shower. packed up some stuff for Phi Phi Island. had breakfast. then off, left the house to continue our journey. this time, Abg Ali (Pak Ngah's son) and Kak Aishah (or was it Fauziah..? or Roziah..? oh God, i think i have a memory of a gold fish. haha) be our travel guide for the day. we stopped by at Pak Ngah's another house to bid goodbye.

FYI, today is the first day of Songkran Festival. so we've seen local people splashing water to one another; to whomever passing by them including to cars/vans/hilux along the way from our homestay to the pier. you see, all of us rode in a hilux. the girls stay in front. while the guys stay behind, at the open window. there was this one time, at a traffic light, a boy shoot the guys who were sitting behind with a water-pistol/water-gun/whatever-but-the-shooting-thing-filled-with-water. haha. so hilarious. padan muka. lol.

Went to this pier

but it seems that we can't get ticket from here so we went to another pier.

pay about RM30 (300 baht i think) for ferry ticket to Phi Phi Island. there were a lot of people. but we managed to get on it on time. Alhamdulillah. safely arrived Phi Phi Island almost 2 hours later.

See how many people were waiting for this ferry??

sampai-sampai je, kena tembak. [we've been shot! ]. haha. i loveeeeeessss phi phi island! so happening! :) Had our lunch. tapi masa makan pun ada yang menembak jugak. tapi pak lah sorang je yang kena. [there were some local kids shot Pak Lah with water while we were eating.. and he enjoyed it! ]

it's time to jalan-jalan [sight-seing]!
i really enjoy during this time. we've been stopped by the locals-> had our face & hand painted, splashed with water by both locals and tourist!s. have been 'serang hendap' / ambushed by ..wait for it..


by the tourist!

yes. not only the local. but the tourist fired us with water from their room upstairs!
and it was funny when there was this one time when Mozal slowly went upstairs and shot at that guy back. haha. payback time.
and that guy was totally surprised! haha. awesome!

headed to pee pee viewpoint.

the stair was steep.
only 5 of us were able to go up the hill. Yus was 2+ months pregnant. it's quite dangerous for her and the baby if she followed us. so she and hubby sat downhill. sorry yus..


ocean breeze.. up the hill.. gorgeous view.
i can not ask for more.
hilang segala penat mendaki.. [it was worth it. totally!]

felt so sad when it's time to come down *cry sobbingly*

to be continue..

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Hello World! :)

i AM NOT an avid traveler- that's for a start. i mean, i love traveling. but i am not a frequent traveler. i'm proud to be Malaysian and thank God for that; there are sooooo many beautiful places around here. and i've never get enough just by traveling in Malaysia alone =)

i was born in Kuala Terengganu, raised in Kuantan, Pahang and later grew up in Melaka/ Malacca [my parents hometown]. yeah. like a nomad. i think that's how this traveling thingy started. Plus, at the age of 9 years old, my dad promised to take me to climb Gunung Ledang (Mount Ledang) someday when i grow up.. (but he hasn't until now. and i'm already 27 :P )

I've been working at Kuala Lumpur for almost 3 years now. and not long before that, was studying in Kedah [for foundation] & had my bachelor degree in Johor Baharu. see what i mean here? YES. i've been to all AROUND Malaysia! north to south and east to west! haha.

as stated at the sidebar, this blog is mainly about jalan-jalan dan makan-makan [travel & eating place] around Malaysia. or whatever interesting things that happen around Malaysia: art/culture/event. well, whatever amused me ;)

i'm not really good at writing..or telling story or.. taking picture. BUT i do hope you'll enjoy your stay here. it's nothing much. but if there's anything you'd like to say or ask, just leave me any comment or you can email me here: miss [dot] ttjl [at] gmail [dot] com

ps: most of the experienced of exploring Malaysia are taken from my fotopages and my previous blog. so, click click! :)


Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Zoom Malaysia la sangat :p

mood tak braper best arini.
semalam sorang kawan dah konfemkan untuk follow skali masa percutian ke Pulau JengJengJeng nanti.
percutian 4H3M.
tapi arini terpaksa cancel kerana 'cikgu tak boleh cuti 3 hari'.
adeih. kecewa sket disitu.
sebab dah lama tak jumpa dier. so agak dissapointed bila dier tak boleh ikut.
dan sangat kesian kat dier sebab dah lama dier tak join kitorang berjalan2, bercuti-cutian..

so, aku try check flight ticket masa cuti skola bulan 3 next year.
owh harganya sangatttt mahal! (pada aku yg miskin nih la kan.. huhu) T__T
pasal cuti skola tu satu hal.
yang taklei blah tu..
semalam aku check: return ticket utk hari Rabu-Sabtu= rm118++.
tapi harini, harga dah lain, jadi = RM182++
WTH la kan??!
hangin sungguh beta di pagi hari nih.
nih la sebab aku malas nak bercuti-cutian dalam Mesia.
kalau backpack to other contries pun cheaper daripada dalam Mesia nih sendiri.
so much for 'Zoom Malaysia' promo.
seswai untuk tourist from other countries je la kot.

but then again,
tempat yang aku nak pegi nih,
tempat yang masih suci murni dan sungguh indah...
doakan aku semoga berjaya jejakkan kaki ke Pulau JengJengJeng ni,ya! :)

tak.. aku takkan stay kat chalet seperti gamba di atas. aku cam biase la, backpackers style! :)

Friday, October 16, 2009

an evening at Tropicana Mall & kain kebaya indonesia

i went to Tropicana Mall last night.
motif ke sana?
tader motif. saje jer nak ngetest mall baru sebab tak penah lagi gi sana. hehe.

ekceli, the main reason was, i want to break-fasting at pizza hut (we both puasa), tapi, tatau nak g pizza area mana sebab dah bosan dengan dengan area KL, so kunun2 nak try la kat tempat lain. and since i've never been to Tropicana Mall,so off we went to Tropicana Mall. tapi sampai sana, tader pizza hut :(

dah la sampai lambat, around 630pm, maka kami pun belasah je la ape yg ader. tengok kat directory ader Penang Village. so ape lagi, ke Penang Village (PV) la kami memergikan diri. (hehe)

ekceli, kat opis sayer pun ader PV jugak, tapi x penah lagi makan kat PV kat situ sebab masa dorang open restoran tu, masa bulan puasa. pastu, lepas puasa nih pulak, memanjangggggg je makan free, maka tak pernah la kami menjejakkan kaki ke sana.

anyway,PV kat Tropicana Mall nih tak same macam yang kat opis sayer tu. deco dier lain. x braper best. just like a normal restaurant.

tapiiiiii, sibbaik makanan dier sangattttt deliciousssss! especially Nyonya Lemon Chicken kot (tak ingat plak name makanan itu. huhu) , fuhhhhhh!~ memang terBAIKKKK! :)

correction: nyonya mango chicken (kot. tak sure lah. hihi)

lepas makan, kitorang tengok movie citer Whiteout. x best pun. korang tayah la tengok. kalo nak tengok, download je la. tayah membazir $$$. sebab citer tu flat sangat. xder part2 yang bolei buat kiter cemas/takut/seram. geli ader lah. yucks.

mesej yg sayer dapat daripada citer nih:
1) kalo nak dikenali org sampai bila-bila sampai mati, selalu la menipu (cheat) - even it means cheating to win a game ;p

2) kalo nak membawa hati yang lara dan kecewa (frust sbb keje, love, etc) tayah la mengong sangat accept open post kat Antartika. gile ke hape..?? banyakkk lagi tempat lain dalam dunia nih. pegi la Paris ke..London ke.. MALAYSIA ke.. ok what?hahaha.

i give 2 out 5 star for this movie. sorry Kate. u r a beauty. but beauty alone is not enough to make a good movie (-__-)

The night was not over yet.

lepas movie, kununnyer nak pegi minum kat Restorang Murni SS2 yang sangat femes tu, tapiiii, biler sampai sana, RAMAI GILERRRRR orang especially chinese. penuh sampai tader tempat duduk and ramaiiii juga la yang berdiri. rupa2nya sebab One FM ader kat situ. ader buat live-show kot. ntah ler sayer pun x sure. yang pastinya, sebab dah tatau nak gi maner, last2 kitorang pegi Uptown Danau Kota. tujuan?? saje buang mase. haha xD

and finally,
before the night is over, i received my ordered packages.

apekah menda itu???


[ updated May, 2010]
For those interested in buying this vogue fabric, kindly go here for details. TQ

kain baju PENGANTIN.
milik sapekah??

ofkos la milik SAYER.

sayer tader plan kawen pun.

citer yang sebnanya camni..
sorang teman saye pergi ke jakarta atas urusan kerja.
and since dier ke sana FREE, maka sayer pun order la kain yg macam gamba yang kat bawah nih untuk dipakai masa wedding cuzzie sayer this december.

(this pix taken from the world wide web)

ye lah, alang2 da ader org gi sana kan..bole la beli kain mcm tu dengan harga murah (murah pun, tak murah sangat laaaa.. T__T). kalo beli kat Malaysia nih..hurm.. mau 2-3 ratus terbang. huhu.

yang kawan sayer nih pulak tak berapa reti nak pilih kain.
katanya, jenis kain yg sayer pesan tu tader kat sana (tempat yang dier pergi tu.)
so dier beli la kain 'pengantin' tu.
fuuh, kalau la sayer pakai kain tu, konfem orang akan konfius yang mane satu kah pengantinnye. hahaha.

sayer tatau nak buat ape dengan kain tu. nak jual terasa sayang sebab sangat lah cantik menawan kalbu. tapi, kalo nak simpan, buat ape..??? tunang??kawen??? ohhhhhh.. ntah bila la tu.

hish. caner nih ekkk???
any idea??

PS: Kalau untuk dijual pun, saye jual harga murah je.. rm160. normal price org jual rm220-rm300 sebab fully kerawang. pastu siap ader lining & kain skali. tapi SAYANG giler nak jual. huhu. caner nihhh?? tolong la sayer buat keputusannnnn. T___T