Monday, November 30, 2009

first dance

no no. not my first dance.
i never dance in my entire life.
well except when i was in kindergarten & primary school.
or if you count aerobic & j-robic as a dance. haha.

when i browsed youtube today, i found below clip.
it was the first defdance clip that shida monica sent to me.
that was when..? 2 years ago..?
hmm.. i think so. 2007.

i was amazed by their dance routine. real smooth!~
i like their moves. they remind me of Usher..

Sunday, November 29, 2009


i came to know that Rain is the star in Ninja Assassin only last week. itu pun kebetulan sebab tertengok 8tv Quickie at 1145pm.* salunya time tu saye dah tido. heh * i never thought it was Rain because it's Hollywood movie- thought that there's some other Hollywood actor played as the sesat-samurai. yer la, salunya kan macam tu jalan ceritanya.. err..kan..?

anyway, today's entry got nothing to do with that movie. i don't like violence movie. i'd rather scared myself watching horror ghost movie than to spent my precious time watching violence-kill-kill-die-die movie. hish. kill kill die die itu adalah lagi horror daripada hantu. huhu. ehh suddenly my mind wander to Edward.... 'hantu' yang baekkkkk dan hensemmmmmm. haha.

i want to share with u this clip:

now i'll tell you a bit about this clip so you have a clue about what's going on.{ana, thanks for this 'birthday gift! :)'}

it's about this kid named Suk Hyun. he's a 7 years old boy. a korean. cute. has amazing talent in acting. and i've seen him in this movie called 'Speedy Scandal'. Speedy Scandal is a family-comedy movie. sangat lah kelaka~! yer lah, just imagine kalau korang umur 30++, a playboy. pastu tiba-tiba muncul sorang budak perempuan (a teenage girl) yang mengaku yang dia adalah anak korang. dah la muda belia lagi budak perempuan tu, tapi siap ada anak lelaki umur 7 tahun kot. which means, u r already a grandad! sengal gila citer tu. haha.

back to the above clip.
it's from Suk Hyun's tv show, titled: I Have An Uncle. (yerp, he is so famous that he has his very own tv show!!)
Suk Hyun's uncle planned a surprise birthday party for him, which involved the famous Super Junior (SuJu).
the funny thing is, when the 4 members of Suju came to surprised him, he didn't have a clue who they were!~
kelaka sungguh bila tengok mamat-mamat yang femes gila tiba-tiba jadi tak femes di depan budak 7 tahun. haha.walhal siap tampal poster suju kat wall lagik!~->my sis noticed this. she is a suju's kipas-susah-mati. haha.
tapi kan, bila suju suh Suk Hyun menari dan menyanyi lagu Rain-Bad boy, wahhhh..! kemain lagi menari siap dengan kepala teleng-teleng, dengan tangan ala-ala gangster paradise. kawaiii!!! *tetiba je cakap jepun. padahal tengah cerita pasal korean artist kot. haha*

dan disebabkan clip ini lah maka saya pun mula la mengyoutube vid Rain-Bad Boy. hehe.

yerrrr.. i like Rain because he's one of the greatest dancer i've ever seen. not because of his 6 pax as claimed by Jake,oke?(though i do check him out once in a while... hahaha). dance move dia adalah sangat awesome!~

this is his official vid:

some of you might notice that there are certain Rain's dance moves almost similar with the late MJ's dance moves..

and this one is from defdance. dulu ex-collegue merangkap housemate saya, Shida Monica [agnes monica's die hard fan :P ] sangat lah suka send clip2 from defdance nih. defdance dancer memang mantap-mantap ah. cool gila dance move dorang! hope you guys enjoy :)

btw, lagu ini comel lah.

Rain!! sarangheyo!!~aishiteru!!~ ^__^

Friday, November 27, 2009

hot date with hot (and cold ) guy (s) *wink*

Nuffnang's Howling at The New Moon Premiere
Wednesday, 25th November 2009

*to be updated later. it's Nur Kasih time! *

ok. so here how the story goes:

i was almost screaming and jumping with joy when i checked my email last friday (Nov. 20th).
but thanks to my stomach-cramp, i only screamed in my mind. * tapi nak jugak menjerit2, lompat-lompat tu sebnanya. haha*

oh btw, nuffnang! thank you sooooooo very much!!!!i'm so loving this!! :)

i got a couple of tix, so i wonder who am i gonna bring to the movie premiere with me.. hmm.. and then the first person that came to mind was Jake. i asked Jake if he is available on Wednesday to catch a movie with me, and he said OK. yeszaa! Edward & Jacob, be ready for our date yaah! haha.<< excited yang terlampau ^__^ >>

we left from KL at 6pm. Reached The Curve, Damansara around 7pm, thanks to MRR2. huhu. sibbaik cuti skola so jalan takde la jam sangat kot. Maghrib at The Curve, and then had dinner (sort of) at McD. makan ringan-ringan je sebab dah lunch. well to be honest, i can not eat. my heart race. i felt nervous. you know, the first date symptom. this wasn't really a first date actually. i've already had a date with Edward in Twilight. but this is gonna be my first with Jacob (and second with Edward). sebab tu nervous semacam je. hahahaha.

we went to collect the tix at 830pm. the crowd was huuuuuugeee! nuffnang was not the only one holding for the premiere screening. there were radio station and some other media as well. that's explained the huge crowd, i guess. hurm, cemaner la nak compete dengan budak2 yang ramai-ramai tu ehh? (in the attempt to win edward & jacob's heart. lol. )

hoh, dag dig dug jantungku nak menunggu pukul 930 pm tuh. besides, i was afraid that the movie is not gonna be as good as the book. but then again, i've never seen any adapted movie that as good as the book/novel. so i tried to be cool, just like Jake said "don't put your hopes too high..". yea. yea. it's kinda too late for that, don't you think? (-_-")

so now, about the movie: New Moon.

1) IMHO, i'm quite dissapointed with the movie. too many loopholes! waarghhh~ sangat geram.
2) BUT, it doesn't mean that i didn't enjoy the movie. IN FACT, i would like to see New Moon again. hehehe.
3) the audience (girls) kinda 'howled' the moment Jacob took off his shirt. haha. seryes kelaka masa nih. it's like everyone went 'wooooaaaaa!' to Jacob. me? naaahh. saya kan pemalu skek. hahahha.but me and Jake enjoy laughing when we heard all the girls went gaga during that scene. hehe.
4) one of the scene that i like the most is the 'fight-scene' with Volturi. not as good as the baseball-scene in Twilight, but it was ok. i like it.
5) another scene that i like: Charlie & Harry and some others were hunting the werewolves; at the same time, Victoria showed up; the werewolves chased Victoria; and Bella doing the cliff jumping. it was amazing!~ terasa macam nak buat cliff jumping jugak. it reminds me of Krabi. there's cliff jumping activity in Krabi, but we haven't got the chance to do it. time constraint. T__T
6)Edward looked so pathetic when he took off his shirt.(i mean, in hot-bod department, compared to Jacob. hoho)

i like him better when he has his shirt on ^_^

7) i didn't feel the pain and the sadness like the way i felt by reading the book. but yes, i did cry silently when Edward's gone.. tapi sekejap je kot because suddenly, tadaaaa! here comes Jacob! hihi.
8) if you asked me to choose between Edward and Jacob, i must say.. it's gonna be JACWARD because i love them both. greedy, i know. so what?? *grin*

9) honestly, i think Jake enjoyed the movie more that i did. damn freaky. haha. and owh, he did mention that he wants to blog about this movie too!
10) one of the character that i love the most is Alice Cullen. she's kind and a very good friend. and funny too! but too bad, her character in the movie is tooooo little! *damn frustrated*

it's really not fair for me to judge this movie.i've just read the book, so all the storyline and the funny dialogues are still fresh on my mind. jadinya, mesti la ada rasa tak puas hati sebab banyak part yang best-best takde dalam movie. huhu.

so to be fair,i asked Jake about his opinion since he never read the book. and this is what he said:

Jake: Nak kata rugi tak tengok, tak jugak. tapi kalau nak kata tak rugi kalau tak tengok, pun tak jugak.
me: huh??*confused face*

me: but did you enjoy the movie?

Jake: yerp. i enjoy it. *with big grin*

and from the moment we stepped out from the theatre, and along the way home, he kept repeating this line:
"you're hot" sambil tak abes-abes gelak sorang-sorang. 'you're hot' is what Bella said to Jacob when she hugged him/they hugged each other ehh entah. aku pun tak ingat scene tu cemane sebnanya. hehe.but that 'hot' can define two meaning at a time: 1) hot in a 'you're phat' way ; 2) hot=literally (panas)

and for me, the line that i remember the most opkos la masa Bella jatuh motor and Jacob went woooshhh, take off his shirt to dry Bella's blood. and when he did that, Bella said to him "you're beautiful".( but you know what, Jake kept corrected me) :

"you're SORT OF beautiful" ->that's exactly the phrase Bella said to Jacob. yea.yea. whatever. ala, sama je kot :-/

all in all, New Moon is ok. (you should read the book. it's much,much better.)
arrrgghhhhhh, can't wait for Eclipse pulak!~ :)

Monday, November 23, 2009

freaking mad


i can not sleep.
bloody freaking mad at myself right now.
i should have just patiently wait for Wednesday to come. but i didn't.

it's torturing to wait for the day to come.
so i read New Moon again..
'ala, just for a head start before seeing it on-screen', i said to myself.
i should have stopped reading after the first chapter.
but i did not. what an idiot.
the thing is, i've read this book already, all 3 of them [i skipped Twilight because i've seen the movie] but why oh why i'm stupid enough to re-read all over again..?
[oh sebab saya seorang yang pelupa. kononnya nak ingat balik jalan cerita New Moon. ngong betul lah x__X.]
and hell, what was i thinking..??
it's like i'm purposely try to revisit my old-self. the one that i want to forget. the agony that i don't even want to remember..

suddenly i feel like it's a big mistake to watch New Moon.
i am not sure if i can bring myself to see Bella when Edward left her.. T__T

remember when i told ya before, that i can relate myself with Bella when she was lost..?
it was when her father (Charlie) told Alice this:

"She went back to school and work, she ate and slept and did her homework. She answered when someone asked her a direct question. But she was… empty. Her eyes were blank. There were lots of little things–she wouldn't listen to music anymore; I found a bunch of CDs broken in the trash.

She didn't read; she wouldn't be in the same room when the TV was on, not that she watched it so much before. I finally figured it out–she was avoiding everything that might remind her of… him. "

"We could hardly talk; I was so worried about saying something that would upset her–the littlest things would make her flinch–and she never volunteered anything. She would just answer if I asked her something."

"She was alone all the time. She didn't call her friends back, and after a while, they stopped calling."

"It was night of the living dead around here.."

oh boy, why does it sounds so familiar..?
my hand was trembling, and i shed tears when i read that.
(tapi tau tak, sebenarnya sangat sedeh sebab aku lagi kesian dekat ayah Bella- instead of Bella herself.. he was so concern of Bella~)

no worries.
i AM DEFINITELY going to watch New Moon this Wednesday.
i like Jacob. A LOT. tall, dark and handsome.
and not to forget, mr. sunshine! ^__^
so i hope to see him in action- being a wolf. haha.
owh suddenly feeling excited pula.
pastu kejap suka Edward. kejap lagi suka Jacob. walhal dah tahu dah kesudahan yang sampai semua orang bertukar jadi vampire kot. oopsss. 'ter'spill. haha.jangan risau, lambattttt lagi part yang itu.hihi.

owh what a relief after blogging it all out.
i should go to sleep now.
nite nite.

"when u get your heart broken, u are not dead. but you wish you were.."

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Hello Tioman Island : Part 2

Day 2

Wakey wakey! Good morning sunshine! it's morning in Tioman Island!~
whoa, it must be because of the ocean breeze that we woke up quite late that morning. haha. alasan tak munasabah sungguh. -_-

but really, it was quite a surprised when we heard somebody knocked the door, early in the morning- who turned out to be one of the Sunbeach staff, called us to have breakfast. i think this is the second time their staff had to come to our 'home'. the first one was last night, when we were late to come down for BBQ Dinner. *it was raining that time. so macam malas nak keluar. huhu*
view from dining area

anyway, after breakfast, we gathered with some other guests *including the Kelana's* at the jetty and waited for the ferry to come and fetched us.

and here we go baybeeeeee~! ^__^

They took us to several island; which of course i can't remember any of the island's name.hoho. sorry guys. i've told you before that my memory is just like a goldfish.. haha~

this is the first island:

please take note that this was the first time for the three of them (Su, Lisa & Ekma) snorkel.
i was panicked when suddenly i saw Lisa was far from us. like veryyyyy far! far from everybody else! so I left Su & Ekma, and hurriedly swam to Lisa, reached for her life jacket and pulled her over to the rest of the crowd. yer la, risau la kan. kot apa-apa jadi dekat anak orang, akakkkkkk jugak yang kena bertanggungjawab. dah la si akakkkkkkk nih kecik jerrr.. iskh. T__T

next, Ekma & Su. while i was looking for Lisa, both of them were scared of the water. i meant, hello.. that was their first time, of course they were scared. i was scared when i snorkel for the first time before this. even worst from them. siap menjerit-jerit lagi sebab takut ikan gigit + gayat sebab kaki tak jejak ke tanah. hahaha. but luckily for Ekma & Su, we had a guide, whom then told them not to panic and taught them how to use the goggle. and we called our guide as : Abang Rambut Ketak because of his frizzy curly hair. hehehee.

anyway, this island is okay for me. not as good as Pulau Perhentian (Perhentian Island), but it is still in great condition. a lot of colourful fish.. beautiful choral.. clear water.. you know, just nice. suitable for freshie. hehe.

next stop: this white sandy beach island.

owh how i was stunned the first time i set my eyes on this beach! so gorgeous! ok now this beach is way better than any beaches that i've been before!none of them can get any close with this beach!if you say Krabi/ Phuket is better,no no no. u are sooooo wrong, honey!

[ok, so i lied. i've never been to Phuket, but word says that Krabi & Phuket are just the same. and i've been to Krabi.. and i still think this beach is much amazing that Krabi.. ]

*and again, suddenly i hear Pure Shores playing in my mind."take me to my beach.. lalala~"*

third stop: Tioman Island Marine Park.

hurm.....IMHO, i don't really fancy this place. nothing here except BIG & SCARY fishes. we haven't got much time here as we wasted our time waiting for burger. yeah. we were starving eventho we've had our lunch at that gorgeous beach. you can't blame us. we've been swimming and snorkeling for hours! and truth be told, most of our money we spent to buy burger- all that three days! burger kat situ sedap lah!hish. tatau la apa yang dorang letak. macam addicted la pulak. XD

Final Stop: The Zon- Duty Free shop at Kampung Tekek (Tekek Village). we didn't buy anything here. thought it would be better if we buy souvenir either at Sunbeach or at Mersing.. much cheaper.

Went back to the resort. ni masa on the way balik. haha. poyo jerk :p

that night, Su and Lisa pengsan. it was just me & Ekma hanging out at the balcony. can't go anywhere because it's raining that night.. what a waste.. but then again, there's nothing we could do. i didn't bring any cards to play, *UNO tertinggal kat rumah. haaaihh* so berbungkus di dalam selimut is the next best thing to do ^__^

Day 3
the last day.

we spent the last day to the max.
cam-whoring *yer, ini adalah aktiviti wajib*,

cycling until dead-end road and turned back,

and last but not least, melepak di tepi pantai... melayan perasaan..
and wondering things like: "i had a great time here. why do i have to go backkkkkkkk to KL??? T___T"
-> But i guess that's only me. i kinda have a thing with pantai. i know i'm gonna miss pantai once when we reached Mersing Jetty. there's a chemistry between pantai and me; that makes me crazy that way. haha. mengong.

this is me, chillin'

can't really remember at what time we left the island.
quite late i think. maybe because the ferry fetched passenger from other resorts before it came for us.
and by the time we got in the ferry, there were too many people in there already. and we couldn't get ourselves any seat!
so we just sat on the floor. hoho.
belasah je la labu.

yang best tu, budak2 kelana spent time dengan main games. seriously, this what i missed the most: playing games! siapa-siapa yang selalu pergi camping mesti biasa dengan games sebab selalu buat aktiviti ni masa malam-malam buat ungun api, pastu masa tu lah main games ramai-ramai, nyanyi ramai-ramai. puzzle yang memeningkan kepala sampai tak boleh tidur malam selagi tatau gila!

they were playing 'Tepi Gunung' and Masabelle~

so masa dorang main games aritu, eiii..! geram sangat sebab rasa nak join sama. so ikut je dorang nyanyi, tapi dalam hati je lah. huhu. T__T.

that was it.
3days 2night vacation is over.
i had such a good time with my friends, although it was short.
it's better than nothing cause i need that vacation so badly during that time- to get my feet back to the ground and to bury everything that i want to forget deeply in the ocean.

Sunbeach Resort
was great.
the place. the surrounding. the hospitality.
highly recommended for BUDGET holiday. or those yang tak kesah kalau tak duduk dekat 5 stars hotel. i think Sunbeach Resort is 5 star enough for me =)

so there.

note: for other pictures click here

Hello Tioman Island!

oh wow.
i did it again.
leaving Tioman Holiday to be an untold story.. (-_-")

so i should continue now eyh? :)

Day 1

We reached Kampung Genting about 1 1/2 hr later. if i can remember correctly, Kampung Genting is the second stop before the ferry continue to drop off passenger to the other jetty.

well hello tioman! err.. i mean, 'Hello Sunbeach!' (^___^)v

When we got there, Sunbeach's staff were waiting for us : to help carrying our bag using a 'stroller'. Then there is this akak, gave us our key and brief to us about where to eat at what time and where to find what and when to go where. haha. misti korang pening.

anyway, i am sooooo in loveeeeee with this sunbeach resort just like love at first sight. this resort is very clean! u can hardly find any rubbish! tempat ni memang dijaga dengan sebaik-baiknya kot. dah la bersih, kedudukan kampung ni pun sangat kemas dan teratur. you can find everything here. like, there's a clinic, a mosque, villager's house, restaurant, shop, badminton/volleyball court.. etc.

tau tak, kitorang konfius sebab ada rumah orang kampung, tapi kitorang ingatkan chalet jugak. hehe.

so we went to our 'home' to have a rest, and to change. i like our 'home'. it's a wooden house. very comfortable. 2 comfy double bed, which i think more than enough. 1 double bed is actually enough for 4 of us. (hey, we ARE not that big. that's why boleh muat. haha), aircond,tv, almari, and a big bathroom.

btw, our home is located up the hill, so we can view the beach from the balcony =)

that evening, we went outside to sight-seeing around the village ...

... and of course, we went to the beach!~
*Pure Shores by All Saint mode is on!~ hehe*

that evening also, i sort of taught them how to float.

ok now that's funny because i didn't even know how to swim at that time! lol.
but yeah, i can float. but FLOAT only (-_-")
but the main point was to teach them about water-confident so that they wouldn't panic by the time we went snorkeling tomorrow. Lisa was the only one who can floated that day.
ooh yea baby *say this like Austin Power*, i failed as an instructor. haha.

and later for that night....

we had BBQ dinner. awesome!
and then went to the equipment centre to rent swimming jacket & snorkeling gear.

note: all equipment are in good condition. just like new.

We've met with the Kelanas too. they were having Treasure Hunt that night. owh how i wish i could join them that time. it would be fun!~ *they invited us* but i think it's not appropriate for me to join. i mean, only me & lisa knew them. the rest, mesti la shy shy cat,kot. so kitorang tak join pun. just tengok je diorang berkejar ke sana ke mari. iskh. jeles3. and later went back to our room to rest & prepare ourselves for the big day tomorrow :)

Saturday, November 21, 2009

date. nervous

it's a date!

phew. finally.
haven't been in any special-date for a while so now i'm feeling kind of nervous.
and freak out too! T__T

nervous, freak out and of course, super -duper EXCITED :)

sapa la tak nervous kalau kena pegi dating dengan dua orang sekaligus kot?
oooh, player sungguh haku nih. huhuhu.

but then again, i guess both of them wouldn't mind either..

err... right..?

so to my 2 dearest handsome boyfie:-

Edward & Jacob..

i AM soooo gonna see you guys this Wednesday!!!!

Thanks dear nuffnang! you totally makes my day!~
*big grin*

note: Flightless Bird, American Mouth has been the lullaby for me everyday now.. hehe.

picture taken from here

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tioman Island

to be updated later

i should have blogged about this trip ages 1 and 1/2 years ago. haha. lama gila kan?
but being me, some of you might already know better - how pemalas i am when it comes to detail-blogging; especially when it's about a trip. malas la nak cerita panjang-panjang. terasa macam buat report pula.

teringat zaman jadi secretary club dulu. EeeeEeEEEeee~! mesti termenung panjang sempat day-dreaming bagai kalau kena mengarang. thank goodness i was the club honorable secretary: setiausaha agung. waah, nama sikit punya mantap. the best thing about being the honorable-secretary was that, i was only have to compile reports from each of program's secretary. senang cerita, setiap program ada its own program director, treasurer, secretary (ada jugak yang tak. huhu.) dan juga ajk2 yang lain. aku selalu la escape dari jadi secretary program. sebab aku suka jadi ajk publisiti sebab aku suka design dan mencapub dan juga ajk makanan sebab aku suka makan. haha. ehh.. sorry. sorry. dah lari tajuk. see, this is why i hate doing 'report' or mengarang- sebab suke nau meleret-leret ke cerita lain. it's a mystery how i managed to get an A for both bahasa melayu & english in EsPeeEm. hmm.

i went to Pulau Tioman / Tioman Island with my dearest collegues: Ekma, Su & Lisa. When Su & Lisa were still a Miss. now both of them Mrs. and one of them already has a baby on the way... iskh3. dah basi dah trip ni sebenarnya. huhu.

how did we end up in Tioman is another story.. detail here.

now, lemme tell you about our holiday to Pulau Tioman.

Date : 17-19th of May, 2008. [Saturday-Monday. it was Wesak Day holiday during that time]

Depart from KL to Mersing by bus on Friday, 12 a.m. Reached Mersing at about 4.00 a.m if i'm not mistaken. Upon arriving there, i heard several people were calling my names! kul 4 pagi, seryes masa tu aku blur sape lah yang kat mersing nih kenal aku kan?i looked around, and suddenly recognized some familiar faces- ooh, budak-budak Kelana Siswa during my study years at U*T*M.

it's not totally a surprised actually. i've already encountered with Irmantaha & his fiancee (now, his wife) earlier in our bus. he was a Kelanas too. He told us that they both were going to tioman for a kelana-reunion. i must have forgotten about that when i came out from the bus.. misti aku blur masa tu sebab baru bangun tido. so macam pening-pening lalat sket bila turun bas. sampaikan mp3 player daku tertinggal dalam bas pun tak perasan, oke?free- free je sedekah mp3 player. huhu. T__T
btw, i never knew irmantaha back then in u*t*m. to my surprised, he & his fiancee were Lisa's friend. what a small world..

to be honest, at first i was quite uncomfortable when i learned that the Kelana's were having their reunion at the same place, same date with us four. lagi aku nak ngelak jumpa budak-budak u*t*m, lagi pula boleh jumpa. haaih. tapi pastu tak kisah sangat pun sebenarnya cos i knew some of them; were friends with some of them since SRM & Kelana lebih kurang macam adik-beradik. tapi adik beradik tiri la since masing masing ada mazhab tersendiri. haha. yer la, dorang lebih kehutanan. nama pun Kelana Siswa kot. (Pengakap); while SRM on the other hand, kitorang lebih menyeluruh ke segala aspek. 9 gaya hidup la katakan.. hehehe* bluerghh* gila poyo. anyway, some of Kelanas yang aku noticed ada masa tu : Sheila, Mel, Wan, Jin [Fendi], Aleh & wife (wanti), Ai, Mek... and the rest, kenal muka tapi tatau nama.

and owh, FYI, i was a Kelana once. heeehehehe.
err.. wait a minute.. was?once? bukan ke motto dorang 'once a scout,always a scout ke..?'

Since it was still early in the morning, we tried to find a place to sleep rest. first place that came to mind: surau. hehe. senang. tido dan solat. the surau was located in a shoplot next to the Mersing Jetty. and don't be surprised if you see some of the shops are already open at 4 in the morning. kitorang, being a woman- sempat mengshoppingkan diri sebelum headed to the surau. at 4.30 a.m! hehe.

around 7 am, we get up. clean ourselves *sebnanya gosok gigi & basuh muka je. hakhak* and went to the nearest restaurant to have breakfast. finished our meal, then we went to find our agent: Sun Beach. the Sun Beach travel agency is located in the shoplot area too. not hard to find. found our agent, made the payment and then she gave us some briefing, instruction, yada yada.aku pun tak ingat la apa yang akak tu cakap. tapi dia antar kitorang sampai ke jeti. pastu kitorang tunggu feri sampai kat jetty.

here's the part which i hate the most: waiting for a ferry to come! tak suka oke. too many people were there, due to the public holiday i guess. and each time a ferry came, we have to queue and gila annoying bila ada orang yang takde manner suka-suka je cut queue. nasib baik kitorang pergi berempat je so kind of easier to cilok-cilok. dan nasib baik aku kecik so lagiiiii la senang menikuskan diri bergerak di celah-celah orang ramai. haa, served you right, mister! seriously, i hate those people who can't behave themselves. silap besar la kalau ko mess up dengan aku :p

so dengan gembiranya dapatlah kami masuk ke feri tersebut~~~ yippie yippie yeaayyyy! \(^__^)/

note: we got in the second ferry. terlepas first ferry sebab kami kan sangat baik hati dan berbudi bahasa. but second time, no mercy, man. terpaksa jadi salah sorang dari uncivilized people tu. hihihi~

erm.. sorry guys. to be updated *again* later. headache + stomach cramp= a GREAT combo. need to get some sleep. will update again tomorrow, insyaAllah.

i leave you guys with this awesome pix to drool for ;)

white sandy beach + crystal clear water.
i love,love,love this beach!!

that's enough for now.

nite nite people :)

he brings the smile on my face :)

It's been raining, every evening, everyday this week.. including today.

no. i am not complaining. i love the smell after the rain. and i like to walk in the rain.
tapi masa hujan renyai-renyai lah. bukan masa hujan lebat tu. hehe

anyway, on my way home today,
i noticed that a hill near my place was surrounded by fog-well, it was still raining at that time btw..
and it was cold.dah hujan, mestilah sejuk kan..? hehe.

hmm.. cold....
it reminds me of someone...

... just the thought of him brings a smile on my face.
me with biggie smile. me with biggie grin. heehee..

someone who lived in a cold place, a town where it's raining most of the times, a small town populated by only three thousand, one hundred and twenty people..

a town called Forks.

and yes.... that particular someone, that HIM is...


ok. ok. chill.
i am not to be blamed for this.
you know what they say about vampire right?
Vampires are made to attract their prey. (cewah. macam real je wujud. hahaha.)

gila la aku nih.
tak saba la tunggu New Moon!!!!!!!

"do you think i'll ever get better at this? that my heart might someday stop trying to jump out of my chest whenever you touch me..?"

-Bella Swan

Monday, November 16, 2009

Howling at the New Moon

“Before you, Bella, my life was like a moonless night. Very dark, but there were stars—points of light and reason… And then you shot across my sky like a meteor. Suddenly everything was on fire; there was brilliancy, there was beauty. When you were gone, when the meteor had fallen over the horizon, everything went black. Nothing had changed, but my eyes were blinded by the light. I couldn’t see the stars anymore. And there was no more reason for anything.”

-Edward Cullen
New Moon Chapter 23, Page 514

my heart was beating faster than EVER the day i saw Twilight - New Moon trailer.
has been one of the crazy-fan of Twilight eversince i watched the first movie. couldn't barely catch my breath everytime i see Bella & Cullen. well, especially the drop-dead-gorgeous Edward Cullen la, kan.. berhenti bernafas sekejap. haha.

yeahhhh you tell me how on earth can they transform a vampire to a such caring, charming, handsome, etc creature in this world..?
i mean, being a malay-i grew up being afraid of Pontianak and such.
but hello. Edward Cullen? a vampire? and owh, a VEGGIE vampire?
what's not to like about HIM..??
oke. i must confess. i fall head over heels of Edward Cullen. (who doesn't??)

i don't read the book (twilight 1).
but i do stalk some other fan's website.
my favourite is Bella's Diary website.. and some others too :)

i love EVERYTHING about Twilight.
i LOVE the way how Stephenie Meyer wrote the novel * err.. i read it online.. (-_-") *
just like the way i love to read The Kite Runner-> okay now that's a different story.
what i love the most is how Edward try to protect Bella.. he care for her so much that he would do anything for her.. even if it means to shatter his heart..
the moment he went away, i sobbed. wawawa! sangat sedeh oke? (T__T)

and i know what Bella went thru..cos i've been there.. done that (but with different reason. hoho. poyo jer nak relate jugak dengan Bella. ceh.) she was lost, devastated. i WAS lost, once.

i hope i can find someone like Edward Cullen- but of course as a normal-human-being-not-a-vampire la, kan.. hehe. oh yes. except if he is Robert Pattinson, then maybe i can give him some exception. lol.

rider. me loikeee! :)

by the way, last few weeks i've shared this clip in my facebook [October 29th, 2009]. i was actually looking for So Contagious- Acceptance video clip and somehow i end up finding below clip-a twilight fan create a vid from twilight scene for this song. me loikeeee sooo very much cos me love love love this song and me love love love TWILIGHT! So Contagious was once my 'Theme Song' when.. er.. when i was kinda lost before *but hey, it was ages ago and i am so over it* maybe because it sounds like a very 'dark' song. i mean, it's not like the average pop, hiphop, rnb songs i used to listen everyday. it's not a happy happy song. it sounds.. just like BELLA and EDWARD: dark. torn. heart-wrenching. love. well, you know what i mean, right?;)

oh man. i am soo kenot wait for the movie! *even when writing this, my heart thumping non-stop!* let's hooooowwwwlllllllll at the moon!!! ;)

ps: by the way, i've stated this in my urm, previous deleted-blog -> i don't like Robert Pattinson. i don't think he's handsome whatsoever. but what i love is the character- Edward Cullen. and he looked handsome because of the character he carried.. the super-caring-protective-sweet-romantic-blablabla-vampire-boyfie. hehe.

pss: this entry got nothing to do with nuffnang. i'm new with nuffnang and i'm not entitled for the competition. sangat sedey T__T. ada sape2 sudi nak belanja daku tengok Twilight..? (^_-)v

psss: UPDATED! owh rupanya haku bolei participate dalam competition nih. so i've changed my post's title. thanks nuffnang!hehe..

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