date. nervous

7:46 PM

it's a date!

phew. finally.
haven't been in any special-date for a while so now i'm feeling kind of nervous.
and freak out too! T__T

nervous, freak out and of course, super -duper EXCITED :)

sapa la tak nervous kalau kena pegi dating dengan dua orang sekaligus kot?
oooh, player sungguh haku nih. huhuhu.

but then again, i guess both of them wouldn't mind either..

err... right..?

so to my 2 dearest handsome boyfie:-

Edward & Jacob..

i AM soooo gonna see you guys this Wednesday!!!!

Thanks dear nuffnang! you totally makes my day!~
*big grin*

note: Flightless Bird, American Mouth has been the lullaby for me everyday now.. hehe.

picture taken from here

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