Monday, November 30, 2009

first dance

no no. not my first dance.
i never dance in my entire life.
well except when i was in kindergarten & primary school.
or if you count aerobic & j-robic as a dance. haha.

when i browsed youtube today, i found below clip.
it was the first defdance clip that shida monica sent to me.
that was when..? 2 years ago..?
hmm.. i think so. 2007.

i was amazed by their dance routine. real smooth!~
i like their moves. they remind me of Usher..


miszcoolrelax said...

hu..~ samart!!~
Suju pn ade gak mnari lagu tu..
ala2 style dlm sv d last dnce..
Super Junior BBoy battle cut

{travel junkie lady} said...

cool kan dance tuh?hehe.
ceh.. x habes2 nak jugak masukkan suju. die hard fan sungguh :p

btw, save the last dance ke.. atau you got served? aper daa~