Hello Tioman Island!

12:34 AM

oh wow.
i did it again.
leaving Tioman Holiday to be an untold story.. (-_-")

so i should continue now eyh? :)

Day 1

We reached Kampung Genting about 1 1/2 hr later. if i can remember correctly, Kampung Genting is the second stop before the ferry continue to drop off passenger to the other jetty.

well hello tioman! err.. i mean, 'Hello Sunbeach!' (^___^)v

When we got there, Sunbeach's staff were waiting for us : to help carrying our bag using a 'stroller'. Then there is this akak, gave us our key and brief to us about where to eat at what time and where to find what and when to go where. haha. misti korang pening.

anyway, i am sooooo in loveeeeee with this sunbeach resort just like love at first sight. this resort is very clean! u can hardly find any rubbish! tempat ni memang dijaga dengan sebaik-baiknya kot. dah la bersih, kedudukan kampung ni pun sangat kemas dan teratur. you can find everything here. like, there's a clinic, a mosque, villager's house, restaurant, shop, badminton/volleyball court.. etc.

tau tak, kitorang konfius sebab ada rumah orang kampung, tapi kitorang ingatkan chalet jugak. hehe.

so we went to our 'home' to have a rest, and to change. i like our 'home'. it's a wooden house. very comfortable. 2 comfy double bed, which i think more than enough. 1 double bed is actually enough for 4 of us. (hey, we ARE not that big. that's why boleh muat. haha), aircond,tv, almari, and a big bathroom.

btw, our home is located up the hill, so we can view the beach from the balcony =)

that evening, we went outside to sight-seeing around the village ...

... and of course, we went to the beach!~
*Pure Shores by All Saint mode is on!~ hehe*

that evening also, i sort of taught them how to float.

ok now that's funny because i didn't even know how to swim at that time! lol.
but yeah, i can float. but FLOAT only (-_-")
but the main point was to teach them about water-confident so that they wouldn't panic by the time we went snorkeling tomorrow. Lisa was the only one who can floated that day.
ooh yea baby *say this like Austin Power*, i failed as an instructor. haha.

and later for that night....

we had BBQ dinner. awesome!
and then went to the equipment centre to rent swimming jacket & snorkeling gear.

note: all equipment are in good condition. just like new.

We've met with the Kelanas too. they were having Treasure Hunt that night. owh how i wish i could join them that time. it would be fun!~ *they invited us* but i think it's not appropriate for me to join. i mean, only me & lisa knew them. the rest, mesti la shy shy cat,kot. so kitorang tak join pun. just tengok je diorang berkejar ke sana ke mari. iskh. jeles3. and later went back to our room to rest & prepare ourselves for the big day tomorrow :)

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