Dining and swimming. hee.

9:18 PM

ya know,
i rarely go out everytime i went back to my hometown [Melaka]. usually, i just stay at home.
there's nothing much to do in Melaka anyway.
the historical city is changing. too much development. i feel suffocated everytime i go to the Bandar Hilir town- too many buildings!
i can't even recognize which part of Melaka is historical anymore.. :(

anyway, i got a call from my friend, telling me that she bought a Muslimah Swimming suit at only RM69.90!
that's cheap!
see the thing is, i've been looking for muslimah swimming wear ever since early this year, but all of the shops, malls and even online shop sell it at quite expensive price [yea. i'm a cheapskate. RM200 for a swimming wear is expensive for me].
so when my friend told me that, i was excited!
When i went back to Melaka last Friday, i stopped by at Mydin MITC to buy it.
oh yes. the cheap swimming wear are sold at Mydin.
and FYI, that was the FIRST TIME i stepped my foot at Mydin and FYI number 2- that was the first time i went to MITC Melaka. hehehehe.

to cut the story short,
yes- i bought it.
and no-it's not really pretty. but i guess that's fine by me.
it's not like there's gonna be any fashion show at the island anyway. ;p

(tapi nanti bila amek gamba mesti tak cun sebab colour tak vibrant langsung. nanti bila amek gamba, misti nemo lagi lawa daripada saye. cis. hehe.)

this is not mine. but the one i bought looks almost similar with this.

i like the one in aqua colour.
if only they sell this at Mydin.. *sigh*

on our way back (owh, i went there with my sister- Angah), i saw there's one ayam penyet restaurant near Mydin.
i asked Angah if she ever has tasted ayam penyet, and she said no.
she asked me 'how do they make ayam penyet'?
and i said "they flattened the ayam (chicken) with their foot ".
and she believed it! what a moron :p haha.
sengal sungguh adikku. iskh3.

ayam penyet is an indonesian cuisine that now is making it's way in Malaysia.
ayam penyet literally means : flattened chicken.
there's various type of Ayam Penyet, but i think the most popular is Flattened Fried Chicken.

so anyway,
we went to the restaurant.

this is the Ayam Penyet.

this is my drink: dragon juice

and this is my Angah :)

my point of view,
this restaurant can improve a lot better. the staff said that they are going to extent the shop at the upper floor. hmm, that's nice i think.
the ambience remind me of Naili's Ampang- but of course, Naili's is wayyyy better.
as for the Ayam Penyet, it taste not much different from other Ayam Penyet Restaurant (btw, i have only tried Waroeng Ayam Penyet & Wong Solo. hehe) but i tell you this, the sambal was soooo delicious! sangat pedas owh!~ finger lickin' good! eheh.
the price is also cheap, only RM6.90! ^__^

so next time if you have no idea where to dine in Melaka and want to try something new, you can come to Restoran Ayam Penyet Lamongan - situated in front of Mydin MITC Melaka, ok?

i'm signing off ~

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