Go Green For The B*tch.. err i mean Beach!

6:14 AM

As a so-called travel junkie (ok, so i'm not really a junkie, but that's not the point here ) - beach, waterfall and forest are my playground. mountain climbing, water-rafting, jungle-trekking, snorkeling and insya Allah, scuba diving next year; i must say.. i'm a nature lover. (ye ke..?hmm, it looks like more as adrenaline junkie than a nature lover kot.. hehe)

But most of all, i loveeeeeeee going to the beach! :)

However, with pollution and world's climate change that has been taking over the world, it really makes me worry of what will happen to the future if we don't take this thing seriously; if we only sit still doing nothing, without any action taken to save our nature. perhaps, something like 2012 movie will happen, but who knows..?

For the beach lover, here i found interesting tips from Planet Green site. Hope this simple small steps can give major impact in preserving our beach :)

Top 5 Tips for a Greener Day at the Beach

  1. When you head to the beach or other waterfront area, remember to pack out everything you pack in—a check list is a great idea. We also recommend going one step further by bringing a litter bag and picking up any trash you find. Check out the Ban the Bags, Butts and Bottles Challenge on PlanetGreen.com/blueaugust for more ideas of how you can help keep litter out of our oceans and waterways.

  2. Reuse containers—bags, food containers, bottles —whenever possible and recycle everything else. There is a garbage patch off the coast of California that is twice the size of Texas and it's estimated that 90% of the debris are plastics.

  3. If you like to fish, as many people do, stick to one easy rule: Don't catch your limit, limit what you catch. Just keep what you can eat, then use barbless hooks to catch and release any other fish. Also remember to keep track of gear and bait containers—discarded fishing line and other fishing gear are very damaging to marine life and water quality.

  4. Remember, what you put on your skin, clothing and hair before you get in the water, ends up in the water— some ingredients in sunscreens and hair and skin products are known to harm corals, which are vital to world-wide ocean health. There are great nontoxic and biodegradable options out there that are very effective and safer for the environment.

  5. Finally, don't just think about your favorite beaches, lakes and waterfront destinations when you are enjoying them. Be conscious of the fact that every time it rains in our cities and towns, litter and discarded items find their way into storm drains and waterways and ultimately into oceans and bodies of water we love. Be good stewards of the environment in your own backyards.

Following these 5 tips will help keep our beaches clean and beautiful for years to come. Do your part to preserve your favorite beach for future generations.

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