in the land far far away..

10:29 AM

so,where was i for the last few days..??


since it's a festive season..

(which is X'mas to be exact..)

i thought to myself..

"why not if i pay a visit to Santa? he might need my help. ya know, to deliver all those prezzies. maybe i can get one for myself since i'm being a good girl this year.."



there i was..

At Santa's house at the faraway kingdom; which is at North Pole!

err, apekah motif blurkan muka sendiri ni??tiba tiba je jadi penyegan. haha.

but too bad, by the time i reached his house, Santa's already gone!*sigh*


the house was empty. even the elves were not there!
i wonder where they were..

maybe the elves were there, but invisible.
perhaps, normal human being can not see them as they're magical creatures and if human see them, they will lost their magic, no?

i'm just kidding. i'm a muslim. so obviously, i don't believe in Santa Clause. hehe.
it's 2.41 am now and i think i'm being delusional or something. he.
i'm updating my blog just because it's been days since my last post.. and i am actually have several things to update here.
(just got back from watching Sherlock Holmes actually. hihi)

but i'll do it later (i hope. the last time i said 'i will', it takes me years to finish it up. hehe)

need to hit the sack now.
nite nite people! :)

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