it's only words...

4:54 AM is one of my favourite site.
i think those people who have uploaded their quotes and pictures in that site are really cool [and brilliant!].

simple picture. simple quote. with a deep meaning.
it always left me to ponder about something. well, usually and mostly are about life.

anyway, here are two of my favourite quotes- taken from
it's not a life-quote-to-ponder.
It's about being in the L world (L as in 'love', not 'loser', oke? lol).
put it in this blog cos i think it's kinda sweet.. :)
(but i editted it using CS2. just playing around with photoshop's brushes summore. hee. credit should be given to the author)

pix above: background image from cottageart

below: same quote, different background.

and below pix are definitely not mine. suka sebab nampak macam comel + nice :D

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