Perhaps it's love... but it's not blissful..

11:41 PM

Stay asleep,
in the dream within a dream..

Movie Title: Perhaps Love

From Wikipedia:

Perhaps Love (simplified Chinese: 如果·爱; traditional Chinese: 如果·愛; pinyin: Rúguǒ. Ài) is a 2005 film directed by Peter Chan, written by Oi Wah Lam and Raymond To, and choreographed by Farah Khan. It is funded by Astro Shaw and TVB, and is distributed by Celestial Pictures.

i sooooo hateeeeee this movie because it's sooooooo goooodddddd, it makes me cry~! dang!
[yerp. i hate touchy-feely movie. x__X]

what i hate love about this movie:
  1. The storyline. a movie inside a movie. it's great.. and gripping. ouch.
  2. The awesome music score... with the touching lyric. T__T
  3. The Cinematography. i like the way the camera moved.. in every angle.
  4. TAKESHI KANESHIRO. sangat sedeh bila melihat beliau sedeh. tsk.tsk.
  5. Zhou Xun - she's good! but i hate her character.
  6. Jacky Cheung - he's good too!
  7. The beautiful scenery- this movie was filmed in Beijing & Shanghai; makes me wannna go to Beijing too! tapi ntah bila, tatau la kan..
and owh.. actually, the number one reason is because..
  1. it's MUSICAL! :)

ps: i think the kissing-scene are too much. eurghh! gross!!~

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