Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sungai Jagong Waterfall.. really??

i received a forwarded e-mail today, saying that this beautiful place belong to Kedah [Sungai Jagong]

ain't it gorgeous? ^__^
i was stunned too when i fist saw these pix!!

The first time i saw it, i said to myself 'wow! no way! there's no way this amazing place is in Malaysia!'

yerp. i couldn't believe it because if it is in Malaysia, i would have gone visit it or at least, i would know about it.

but then again..
it's not like i know everything about Malaysia. banyak lagi yang saye masih 'buta' mengenai tanah air tercinta nih rasanya. hehe.

ya know what?


after i did some 'research' (and by research, i mean googling),

i found out that.....

.... this place is not in Kedah.

But it is actually Plitvicka Jezera National Park..

which is in CROATIA!


keji ah orang yang buat citer bohong nih in the first place. memberi harapan palsu.
hancur hatiku. baru je berangan nak pi sana.. m(-__-)m


miszcoolrelax said...

i knew it..sume tu boh0ng belaka.. =p

{travel junkie lady} said...

tu la pasal. tp masa memula baca emel, org tu cakap dgn konfidennya: "Sg Jagong Waterfall in Kedah!!"

adoi, memang mula-mula tadi tipah tertipu bangggg. huh.