whatever side you're on, i'm on the other side.

11:29 PM

that's a funny line from the Little Mosque On The Prairie :)

and here's another one:

Muslim Man: what if he leaves islam and become a witch?
Muslim Boy : you can do that?

haha. silly (and funny!)

anyway, i don't want to talk about the show. you can google it yourself, right?

let's talk about Rayyan.
she's one of the main character in LMOTP- a feminist.
hurm.. there's a few things that i disagree with Rayyan but today i don't want to go into that, because today i want to talk about her outfit :)

i like the way she wears her headscarf.

and i like her outfit too!

i have one dress looks almost similar like this. bought in Krabi, BEFORE i watched this show- but never wear it cos i'm scared of looking like an idiot wearing a langsir [curtain]. haha. but how on earth she looks ok in this cloth???

owh well, , she's a beauty, so she absolutely looks amazing in anything she wears..

owh yes, this is the real her *sigh*

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