Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Family Trip : Pulau Pangkor (Pangkor Island), 2005

Above pictures were taken in 2005, during our 'holiday' to Pulau Pangkor, Perak.
(two years before 'this unfortunate' incident happened. he. )

*note: pls excuse the poor quality of the pictures. taken using my first cap ayam digital camera. T__T

It was a family trip-> but minus one as Efie was the only who couldn't make it. We've just sent her to Penang Matriculation College in Pulau Pinang few months earlier and by the time we went to Pangkor, she's not on semester break. so the holiday went on without her. padanmuka. muahaha.

i honestly dunno what's triggered us to go to Pangkor in the first place.
i think it was my dad. he likes to go to Perak once in a while.
just a year before that (2004), we went to have a picnic at the famous Lata Kinjang Waterfall.

2004 - Lata Kinjang, Perak
2005 -Pulau Pangkor, Perak
2006 - Pulau Perhentian, Terengganu
2007 - Taman Rekreasi Air Panas, Sungai Kelah, Perak, again.

thank goodnes;
2008 - Pulau Langkawi, Kedah.

what's with Perak..??
i seriously don't geddit. da la aku nih tak suko poie sano.*sigh* (-__-)

We were actually from KL, attending a kenduri at my cousin's house.
Since it was a family event, we stayed there until evening.
Can't remember at what time we departed from KL.
i think it was late in the evening because we reached Lumut at around 9-ish pm.
Plus, it was raining by the time we entered Perak.

Because we're already late, we checked-in at the nearest hotel near the jetty.
just a cheap-budget hotel. sort of traveller's lodge or something.
ok. maybe not a traveller's lodge tapi hotel tak lawa lah. not some fancy hotel with swimming pool, etc.
belasah jer lah. janji boleh tido.


We got up early in the next morning. Early bid catch the worm ferry first. he. :p
it was raining heavily when we had breakfast at a restaurant nearby. gila cuak masa tu.
but Alhamdulillah, the rain almost stopped by the time we finished our breakfast.

Maybe it was because of the rain that only a few people were there including us.
we bought the tickets easy. no long queue whatsoever. kinda scary too, ya know.
it's 9 a.m already but the weather condition didn't look good. it's still dark.
we're going to the beach but what on earth are we going to do if it's still raining? TT__TT

poor quality of images. see the diff after I re-touched it using only Mic. Office Picture Manager. he.

But Alhamdulillah~
Once when we reached Pulau Pangkor, the sun finally show itself! phew! what a relief :)

upon arriving Pangkor, there were lots of rental pink vans waiting for passengers.
the pink van was kinda a cab/taxi in mainland. we just hafto pay the driver based on what we need. like for our family, we paid the driver for:

taking us to sight-seeing around Pangkor Island. some of the interesting places to go while you're in Pangkor:

1) Dutch Fort

2) Dry sea-food factory.

* maaf. tiada gambar TT__TT *

3) that's it. we didn't have much time to go sight seeing. he. sorry to dissapoint you.

and then the driver send us to the beach : Pantai Teluk Nipah.
(we've also make a deal with the driver to fetch us back to the jetty later in the evening.)

The most popular things to do in Pulau Pangkor is the beach activity. There's island hopping, banana boat, kayaking, etc. We rent 2 boats to take us to the nearby island (can't remember the name of the island). it's really close to the Pantai Teluk Nipah actually. if you are some sort of adventure junkie, you'll probably opt to kayak rather than renting a boat.

the most happiest person during that time was Haziq. he really enjoy the boat ride!~
one thing you should know about Haziq: dia adalah penakot air!
he always wanna go to the beach. to the swimming pool. to the waterfall.
and he likes to be in a ferry or in a boat.
BUT, he'd rather stay at the seaside or sit quietly near the swimming pool while we are in the water. He will NEVER ever TOUCH the water!~ lol.

4 years young Haziq :)

Dad. Abang. Kakak. Haziq
the blue tent is ours. we brought it along to make it as a 'room' to change our clothes.

yang kaler oren itu adalah manusia-manusia yang memakai life jacket yerk. gambar tak clear. huhu~


we stayed there until 3pm.

then we went back to the Pantai Teluk Nipah to cleaned ourselves and to have lunch.
the van driver fetched us as promised and took us to the jetty.

owh, before the ferry arrived, we take a walk at Pangkor Town to have last-minute shopping.
(well, ya know my mum.. there's no way she'll return home empty handed. haha)

so that's our Family Trip to Pulau Pangkor.

my personal opinion on Pangkor:

* a nice beach. hurm, lebei kurang macam Port Dickson kot.
* if you want to have a holiday in a beautiful enchanted island with corals, colorful fish, white sandy beach, THIS IS NOT THE PLACE to go.
* a nice place if you want to have a go on beach sport activity such as: kayak-ing, jet-ski-ing, banana boat-ing, etc.

just in case if you're wondering. yes. we are all likes to travel. mainly because of both of my parents are . before 2006, they've (mum+dad) already went to Pulau Tioman, Pulau Redang and Singapore together with my three youngest siblings (Abang, Kakak & Haziq). The rest of us (the 4 big kakaks) were busy studying at that time. i was in university. Angah was in Matriculation. and Efie & Eka were in High School. but i was already a travel junkie even back then when i was a university student. ngeh3.

we are one big family. To travel outside Malaysia means we need to have big budget. and kitorang bukannya orang kaya bole pegi jalan jauh-jauh ramai-ramai. so setakat dalam Malaysia je bole la. tu pun dah syukur, kan? :)

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

* ROFL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing *


yesssszaaaaa finally dear friends!
after 11 boring episodes,
the episode 12 of How I Met Your Mother Season (HIMYM) 5 bring back the laughter in me!

ok. ok.
seriously. stop laughing now. my stomach's hurt.

for those who don't know, HIMYM is by far- my most favourite sitcom.
i could die of laughing just by watching this series!
ok. tipu. takder lah ketawa sampai mati.
but it's freaking hilarious!

EXCEPT when i started to watch HIMYM Season 5 last year.
it's not as funny as the other seasons.
i dunno why and i was really dissapointed.
it's like, the writers kinda get funny-jokes blocked or something.

fret not people,
yesterday it's all changed!
the episode 12 and 13 are totally rocking my day!
the casts sang in the 12th episode~!
it's musical, sorta like watching Mary Poppins! ngahahahahahaahah.

oh Barney,
you're awesome!
i bet you're so gonna be legend...........(wait for it)... ary!~

Just to make it clear,
i don't watch Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Friends and the likes (any drama/series/comedy that have lots of s*exual content in it).
i find it despicable.
i hate any movie/drama/comedy that use woman as some sort of sick dirty jokes.

i EVEN ban any movie that have Adam Sandler in it! (and anyone else that i find inappropriate to watch)

i know. some of you might say that i am a close minded person.
well i guess, i don't mind at all :)

But HOW ON EARTH i fell in LOVE with HIMYM ??
in fact,
not only that, i even gives exception to The Hangover too! i'm not supposed to like The Hangover but i laughed histerically when i see this movie!

as i was saying,
HIMYM is my favourite sitcom.
what a bunch of cool friends they are!
my favourite character: Barney, Lily & Marshall. they are soooo awesomely crazy!
especially Lily & Marshall- the most understanding, funny, sengal and yet, a romantic couple! i like them both ^__^

as a feminist myself, i shouldn't like Barney.
he's a womanizer. he'd do anything just to get laid. seryes perangai macam h*ram.
tapi seryesly beliau sangat lah kelakar sebab he's both smart and stupid at the same time.

and you know what,
when my bestfren, Mrs. S told me that she saw The Bro Code book was in store [at Pavillion, KL], i got back home and torrent-ed it! (Mrs. S wanted to buy it actually. but then she thought it would be a waste of money and perhaps her husband will bising to her. hehe.)

ha. see how crazy i am when it comes to HIMYM.
(dan tak sangka dorang buku kan jugak The Bro Code tu. sengal gila.)

lepasnih silap-silap dorang buku kan jugak The Playbook.
hoh. rosakkkkk. ;p

1. will only download the next episode of HIMYM next month. now am waiting for House MD S06E10 and E11. slowwww gila. haiih.

2. didja know that Neil Patrick Harris (Barney Stinson) was Doogie Howser MD? i came to know he was Doogie Howser last November. totally caught me by surprised. huhu. Doogie Howser was my fav series when i was a kid. in fact, he's the reason why i wanted to be a doctor! i was a member of Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah (PBSM) when i was in Standard 4 because of him. yerp. he was my idol. tak sangka bila dah besar pun masih suka dier lagi- tapi character seryes lain gilaaaa.
ooh well, i'm not a doctor neither.hehe.

Pictures from various source, taken from google image.

Sunday, January 24, 2010

about tears and getting hooked

1. The End of The Ocean

So i watched this movie today. It was on TV2.
seriously, i. cried. the.whole.time.while. watching.this. movie.
it's about a family who lost a son [he was kidnapped!] and finally found him 9 years later. it was really heart wrenching. from the day they lost their son, to the day they found him again, and then when that lost son wanted to go back to his adopted father up until the end of the movie.
i felt sad for the eldest son, Vincent. why him..? hurm, i i'll blog more about that later (kalau saya rajin. he.)

2. My facebook status:

norago. nan noppunirago..
[demmit! now i'm hooked to them. feels like 7 teen all over again. *lol*]

i blame this to her; for spreading this contagious Super Junior's disease to me. huhu.

norago= it's you.
nan noppunirago= it's only you.

i got that from this song:

Thursday, January 21, 2010

He is my drug. my addiction. my obsession. my passion.

this is a serious sh*it.
i never tell anyone (directly) about this.
some may already know. some may not.

now i'll let you know my deepest, darkest, secret..





maksim who, u asked?
he is Maksim.
THE famous Maksim.
Maksim the piano player.
Align Center

dulu masa kecik-kecik, korang bercita-cita nak jadi apa?
selalu yang saye dengar di kalangan kawan-kawan, masing-masing nak jadi:
cikgu. lawyer. doktor. veterinarian. etc.

and for me.. well, i had a lot of ambitions!
that's include : Surgeon sebab terpengaruh cerita Doogie Howser M.D ; dan Secret Agent sebab terpengaruh tengok cerita Mission Impossible, Knight Rider and McGyver. haha. but in my primary school's blue card stated: Doctor, Lecturer and Computer Programmer [i am one of the 3. guess which ;) ]

eversince i was young. err, i mean younger than now. (i AM still young, ya know. hehe),
i always have this obsession towards music.
that's why u can see that i talk about music A LOT.
and honestly,
one of my ambition when i was a kid is that..

i always want to be a musician.

surprised! surprised!

by musician, i mean:
i always have this one dream that i was on stage; playing either piano or violin or cello.
and sometimes, best of all->to be an orchestra conductor! wahlawei, berangan tak agak-agak~! lol
// orchestra conductor tiada kaitan dengan bus conductor, ok ;p

i never tell anyone about this.
kalau lah mama & ayah tau. hoh.
elok-elok sihat tanpa penyakit, misti tiba-tiba dedua boleh dapat sakit jantung kot kalau tau.
//'sides, my dad is still blaming himself for bringing back his guitar during college's semester break dan menyebabkan his brother screwing up his (my uncle) life pursuing his dream being a singer-

but that's what i always want to be.
my secret dream. (ceh. secret la sangat. haha)

masa sekolah rendah dulu kan,
my favourite subject, second after English is Music.
kelas yang selalu saya tunggu-tunggu.
lagipun guru muzik saye best!
(dan hensem. tengku ape entah nama dia. something with Tengku and Sham.)

he taught us to play several musical instrument (which now i can't remember. he) and played along with us with his keyboard. dan dia baik hati dan tak kedekut, selalu bagi kitorang touch and tekan-tekan keyboard dier.

dulu saye paling terer pun main recorder jer la.
saye hafal 2,3 lagu je. birthday (lol), ulik mayang dan lihat-jauh-nun-di sana-tekun-petani-kerja.

tapi itu semua tinggal kenangan bila darjah 6, pindah Melaka.
skola saye yang kat melaka tu sangat lah jauh ketinggalan dari segi segala-galanya dan agak kuno la banyak sket.

waktu kelas muzik, cikgu suruh bawa recorder, tapi masing-masing semua buat tatau.
kebanyakannya tak bawa recorder.
yang bawa recorder, tak nak main.
bawa recorder semata-mata tak nak kena denda berdiri atas kerusi.
saye sendiri pernah tipu cakap tak bawa recorder semata-mata tak nak dikata sebagai "nerd" atau "poyo" atau "macam-bagus-sangat-ikut-cakap-cikgu"; walhal elok je pagi tu semangat berkobar-kobar nak main recorder.. dan elok je recorder tu simpan dalam beg skola.. T___T
lepastu balik rumah dengan penuh penyesalan sebab:

1) rasa berdosa tipu cikgu.
2) kesian kat cikgu tu, tak dipedulikan anak2 murid yang baru berumur 12 tahun T__T

*oh, saye start rebel bila pindah melaka. haha.
*taw tak, sekolah tu, time saye dulu ada 10 orang je yg dapat straight A's (4A), including me..? tu pun dah dikira big achievement whatsoever. walhal skola lama saye kat kat Kuantan cam ramai gila kot straight As. huhu.

dan impian saye turut terkubur terus bila form 1 masuk kelas aliran agama. belajar arab.

i never regret about this though.
cause i know, understand and fully aware of the religious thingy.
(dah hari-hari dengar taklim, usrah. kalau tak faham-faham jugak pasal halal haram semua, tatau la nak cakap ape. huhu)

kalau tak sebab semua tu, dah lama dah saye cakap kat my parents :"Ma, along nak belajar muzik".
pastu nanti konfem aku kena sumpah jadi piano. hahaha~

BUT still,
i can't refrain myself to NOT TO listen to music though.
it's like, music is my life. tanpa muzik aku bisa mati. ceh ceh.

i like all types of music.
takder any favourite. sebab semua best.
be it R&B, Hip Hop, Jazz, Pop, Irama Malaysia- semua saya suka.
//ok fine. i like RNB more.

my guilty pleasure is always the orchestra music.
entah kenapa i find it gives me satisfaction that even i can't understand(huh?).
rasa best bila dengar different kind of musical instruments combined to create a perfect sound- a perfect symphony!~

when i see Vanessa Mae on the telly long time ago,
i was really stunned!
gila best minah nih.
goreng violin macam goreng electric gitar! and ever since then, i started to listen to Vanessa's.

and few years back,
Maksim's captivated my soul..
i fell in love with Maksim pula.
suka. suka. suka sangat~!

saye tak pernah rasa asyik mendengar lagu sepertimana saye tenggelam dalam keasyikan mendengar lagu Maksim! (fuh ayat taklei blah~)

my favourite from Maksim : Croatian Rhapsody, Cubana, Flight of the Bumble-Bee and few others. but if i have to choose one, i will say that CROATION RHAPSODY is the best-est sound i ever heard!

ooh Maksim dear, please come to Malaysia!

1>> now you know why August Rush is one of my favourite movie ;)
2>> i strongly believe that great movie comes with perfect music score.
3>> i love Muse & Butterfingers because they too, are music wonder! music arrangement
lagu-lagu dorang adalah sangat awesome gruesome! ok. it's actually awesome without gruesome. saje nak buat rhyme. hihi.
4>> Dewan Filharmonik Petronas: please , please, please invite Maksim to come and play.. i'm begging you~!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Super Junior The 2nd ASIA TOUR Live in Malaysia 2010

Yes Darls!
Super Junior is coming to Malaysia this March 20th, 2010!~
so chup chup!
what are you waiting for..?
grab the tix before somebody else does!

for more info, click here

have you been noticing that lately my entries are all about ads?
haaihh.. dunno what's gotten into me.

takkan mid-life crisis kot..?
hey, i'm still young,ok? lol

lemme be clear to you peeps out there : I AM NOT a Super Junior (SuJu)'s fan.
but my siblings are!
[Efie, Abang, Jihah & even si kecil Haziq]=> especially Efie & Abang~
saya suka dengar gitu-gitu jer lah. itu pun sebab adik-adik saya yang minat.
kalau tak, tak kose nak amek tahu. he.
dan saya kenal suju tu pun sebab tengok EHB-Exploration of Human Body.
sumpah kelakar gila~!
best tau. and it's science! :)

before this, i only listened to their pop song. itupun 2,3 kerat je yang saya tau.
ingat tak entry yang ini..?
the episode of lil Suk Hyun's Surprise Birthday Gift- which is Super Junior?
dalam episod tu kan ada part where Suk Hyun had to sing Sorry Sorry song, tapi dia tak ingat. haha. kelakar.

actually the main point saya post entry ni bukan sebab nak promote concert dorang..
tapi sebab tadi masa jalan-jalan dalam youtube, terjumpa pula video Sorry Sorry Answer nih.
it's an RNB song. i kinda like it ^__^

sebelum nih biasa dengar yang original version tu je. the original version is a pop-dance song.
[ Abang can even dance to this song sejibik macam yang Suju menari
=>bukti beliau kipas-susah-mati Suju
. huh, menyampah i :P ]
the original adalah lagi best la daripada yang rnb kot [tapi saya tak suka pun lagu tu sebnanya].
arini saja share dalam blog nih sebab honestly, tak sangka la dorang nih boleh menyanyikan lagu RNB dengan begitu baik~

i'm impressed.
so enjoy!~

ps: ada la orang tu kan.. dia dah beli tiket Suju!~
me..? naahhh. there's no way i'll fork out my money just to see them from a far. tengok dari youtube sudey.

pps: but it's definitely a different story kalau Rain yang datang. ngeh3.

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

why i like it longer..?

well of course,
because long is sexy!~
and the longer...the sexier it gets. (^__-)v

oh, snap out of it!
please put all your d*irty mind aside, will ya..?
i'm not talking about whatever your p*ervert mind is thinking.
i'm talking about this super sexy phone: LG BL40 y'all!

yerp. this baby is a beauty, isn't it?

elegant. sexy. sleek. beauty. and it's LONG.
in which, brings my mind to SUPERMODEL!~
long leg. elegant. beautiful :)
//no wonder it is labeled by fashion experts as the ‘Supermodel’ of Phones,'cause it does look like a model! *for a phone*

//this is so a 'she' phone. ;p!

anyway, whenever it comes to elegant phone, the first brand that will come to my mind is none other than LG~!
FYI, this is not the first FASHIONable phone that LG come out with..
and this is not the first LG Phone that i fall in love with.
before this, they've already came out with LG Prada. but i never get my hands on it. can't afford it. *sad*sad*

you see,
when everyone goes gaga over iphone, blackberry and such, i always impress with LG phone design.
LG always come out with very cool and sophisticated-look phone.
and FYI, i'm a proud owner of LG Cookie [my cookie monster. ngeh3]
i bought it in 2008..
LG Cookie is not really that elegant (compared to BL40).
and at that time, i was torn between LG KF300, Cookie, Viewty, Secret and heck, i even considered KF510 because i was attracted to the LED Light! *rofl*.

and since i don't really like a slide-phone, that's when i picked Cookie.
[i like clam shell better than slide phone, btw. but LG's phone are really makes my head spinning 'cause each one of it has its own 'i-have-to-buy-this' reason. even the slide one! eurgh. it was a tough decision for me. . i decided to take Cookie when the LG's staff dah tutup almost semua pintu kedai. tinggal muat-muat untuk keluar je. haha].

LG's touch screen phone is very easy peasy to use. suitable for a first-time touch screen phone owner like me :)

for someone LIKE ME who likes taking pictures and videos wherever i go, a widescreen camera phone is very highly important!
comparing to some other phone, i think my cookie monster is cool enough.
it lacks here and there but what the heck. as long as i can take pictures, videos and listening to radio or mp3, that's good enough.

or that's what i thought UNTIL,
i saw LG BL40 in ads!
it got sooooo many features that my cookie monster doesn't have.

see above pix?
both are my brothers (Haziq & Hazim. hihi)
i snapped it using my cookie monster.
kesian Hazim (my brother in red), i accidentally cut off his head! hoho.
now, if only i used the LONGER version of LG BL40, i'm sure i can take full pictures of Hazim with his head on!*lol*.

//note: i like taking close-up *sort of* picture. WIDER & LONGER phone will come handy at times like this.

what else..?
well.. as a 'traveler',
i bet i wont't feel boring in any of my long journey anymore because i tell you why,

if this 4 inch BL40 is mine,
i can sit for hours watching movie from this cinematic widescreen !
so now hear me: bus, airplane, ferry, car, whatever- i can sit in you no matter how LONG the journey's gonna be and i won't get bored ever AGAIN. *double yeayy!*

my cookie monster has a 'Flight Mode', so i hope the same goes for BL40 cause i'm so gonna need it when i hafto 'fly' to my dream island in this next couple of month *grin*grin*
(only if nuffnang can gimme a bite on this phone lah.. hihi)

:: i' not sure about the battery life, tho.It has longggggggggg battery life, y'all!!! *grin*grin*
i am soooo gonna love longgggggg journey when i have this long BL40! (^___^)

apart from that,
one of the reason why i need LONGER phone is because..

err... err.. i 'm one of those unfortunate people who doesn't have LONG hands.
it's hard to stretch out my hand to take self-snap pictures.

this is what happens when you have neither LONG hands nor LONG Phone!~

with the LONGER BL40 phone, i don't need to hurt my hand EVER again to take self snap!
in fact, maybe i can even fit all my SEVEN siblings in it! great eh?haha.

ever since my digital camera died on me,
my cookie monster is kinda my life.
but since it lack some of important features (i.e: flash), i'm thinking of buying a new camera.

i win this nuffnang contest, i won't have to buy new camera (or new phone).
instead, i can do EVERYTHING with this new BL40 phone.
besides the basic call&sms features,
with the awesome LONG, WIDE SCREEN feature, every other things will be much, much better!

taking pictures. video. MOVIEing *ooh i so like this one!* and web surfing. ->>this is the phone that will surely makes me be the 'that's-the-girl-with-the-cool-sexy-LONG-elegant-phone'! lol.

ooh LG-
Life is sure Good with you!

not only sleek and beautiful,
it looks delicious too!
ooh chocolate,

Monday, January 18, 2010

Fly FM: Muse at Big Night Out 2010 live in Singapore

i hate phone-contest because i know i could never ever have any luck with this thing.

bila la nuffnang nak bagi free tix untuk event macam nih pula ek~

ooh Muse~
you are so my unintended ;p

Sunday, January 17, 2010

My Valentine’s Day

it's that day of the year..
the day where couples celebrate their unconditional love: Valentine's Day~

honestly, for me.. i don't need 1402 to celebrate love because if you're in love, everyday is your special day.. am i right?

this year.. it's gonna be different because this awesome movie is coming out~!!weehoo!

if i were given a choice.. of course without much hesitation, i will pick..


this pretty-eyes-handsome- hunk..

who else if not..

Bradley Cooper !!~
*auww man, just typing his name makes my heart melt*
(and sorry Jacob *Taylor Lautner*, you are wayyyy too young for me)

i never really like his character in any movie that i've seen him before


i always find myself falling head over heels because of his eyes.. and his smiles..
OMG! he is sooo damn fineeeee~! ^___^

so, for our date..
(oh my, i have troubles in picking place in Malaysia because there's so many places to go to but yet there's a tiny devil inside my head asked me to pick Bali cause i've been to Bali, once. x____X)

i'll ask Bradley where to go to spend the day, and he'll politely choose Malaysia because "i don't want to waste our precious time in a flight when i can have so much great time with you here in Malaysia. Besides, i wanna know more about you and Malaysia" and he'll continue "but even in a flight, being with you is the most wonderful feeling i could have".

auwww.. isn't him sweet? ngeh3.

(sebab nak menjaga hatiku, maka terpaksa lah beliau berkata begitu. haha)
//and i swear i'm laughing my arse off while typing this. this is soo not me! rofl.

it's a one day event so where shall we go..?

we'll wake up early in the morning to go to Kota Keriangan in Genting Highland!!~
we'll have fun..
we'll take pictures (compulsory! i need this as evidence that i went out with Bradley. hehe)
we'll laugh and giggles till we both get tired.

around 2 pm, we'll get out from Genting and headed to a much warmer place: to Melaka, my hometown~! ^__^

by the time we reach Melaka, i'll take him to sight seeing around Melaka Town- The Historical City.

we'll climb Bukit A'Famosa..
we'll walk around Bandar Hilir [The Jonker Walk].

and we'll ride a trishaw together after we get so tired of walking.
*comelnya la kalau si tinggi tu naik beca. haha*

and finally, by evening..
we'll see a sunset together from inside the cable car of Eye on Malaysia which is located at a seaside..

me and my current 'kekasih-hati': haziq

but the day won't ended there.
After the oh-so-romantic ride in the cable car,
we'll go to Dataran Pahlawan to catch this movie: Valentine's Day, which i'll be smilingggggggggg throughout the whole 2hours as he, Bradley Cooper, one of the star in that movie is sitting beside me. wow weeeee!~ *mata blink blink. haha*

and later that night, after we finish seeing that movie, we'll have a perfect private fine dining at a famous Seafood Restaurant in Melaka.

and yes, the night end when he gentleman-ly send me home.

ooh. what a day. what a super-busy day.
it's tiring but full of fun! i should sleep to get some rest
*and continue dreaming about this- he might not send me home after all.. hohoho*

iskh. ok.ok. enough of day dreaming.
nuffnang, just gimme the ticket [and the goodies] already!

some pictures are taken from google image.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

after long awaited year, finally he's here!~

he's coming back!! yeaaay!
phew~! finally a good news for me.
after having a moment of shock-> a friend dropped a bomb, saying that she's getting hitched- i really need to take grasp for air.

speaking of which, hey you pretty lady, congrats! now that you've found your mr.right, please go find someone for me too, ok! ask your man if he knows any handsome-smoking-hot-single-lad available.
may we both get married this year. ngeh3.
takder2. takder. tipu je. nanti boyfriend aku tu nak taruk mana kan..? heh.

so anyway,
here's presenting HIM..

(oh dear God, hope my mum's not reading this. )





// hish. nih sumer epie sengal punya pasal la nih kantoikan blog nih. kan dah tader kebebasan berblogging dah ni. i'm sure mum's reading this. hope she won't faint. huhuhu~



ok. now let's get back to HIM..


meet my man : mr.ryan seacrest!
yes darling!
the american idol is soooooo back!!!

just finished watching American Idol- Boston Audition.
hey you know what?
i never like Victoria Beckham before this (regardless of how stylish & elegant she is); even back then when she was a Posh Spice.
i think she's too skinny, her face's sharp-> sort of mean-looking and i honestly think she's suitable to carry any creep-tacula character.

however today, it's all changed.
i like Victoria. she looks stunning and glam (as always).
and she's surprisingly kind~! like, she's the next Paula Abdul!~

but too bad,
this season 9+ new judge will be the g*a*y Ellen DeGeneres. *sad*sad*

honestly, i don't really follow American Idol (AI) - except for AI Season 7.
the only thing that i find entertaining is only the audition. freaking hilarious!
and i'm serious. i only watch the audition. lol.

it's funny but at the same time- it's amazing to see how far they'd go to pursue their dream.
to sing in front of 4 famous people, including the strict Simon, man.. that needs a lot of courage!

on a different note:
as much as i like seeing AI,
i still disagree of whatever singing competition program that we have here (such as Idola Kecil, AF, Mentor, etc).
i know i watch and listen a lot of music. *who doesn't..?*
but helloooooo.
korang nih dah takde any better things to do ke..?
and i'm talking about the young kids- ESPECIALLY the young kids.
sayang sungguh.
they should be trained to be like..being an astronaut ke.. scientist ke.. brain surgeon ke.. architect ke.. engineer ke.. lawyer ke.. cikgu ke.. accountant ke..[just to name a few]. worst to worst, jadi computer programmer pun oke gak..
ceh ceh. promote. tak tak. saye dah setahun tinggalkan programming. huhu.

jadilah apa-apa pun.
asalkan jangan jadi sampah masyarakat sudah ler. betapa luas nya lagi ilmu pengetahuan. tu belum tambah pakar forensik ke.. segala mak nenek bio-tech la.. hish. macam-macam lagi lah.
korang tak nak ke jadi macam CSI ke.. Dr.House ke.. (smart like him. bukan keji macam dia,ok?heh)

but enough of singing competition.. boleh?
esok-esok bila dah besar nak jadi penyanyi, fine.
suka hati korang lah kan.
but makesure you have education, certification as a backup so that you won't regret later on.

tiba-tiba membebel pulak malam nih. heh.

owh well then. time to sleep.

night night everyone.

food for thoughts:
//berapa ketul sangat la penyanyi kat Malaysia nih yang berjaya sampai ke akhir usia?tell me. i wanna know.
//not everyone can be like Ahmad Izham Omar. he knows what he wants and he goes for it~

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Dream by Priscilla Ahn [Love Happens OST]

i first heard this song when i watched Love Happens last 3 weeks. forgot to blog about it until yesterday when i heard this song was played in Ghost Whisperer. i like this song and i love Priscilla's voice. soothing.

Dream - Priscilla Ahn

I was a little girl alone
in my little world who dreamed of a little home for me.
I played pretend between the trees,
and fed my houseguests bark and leaves,
and laughed in my pretty bed of green.
I had a dream

That I could fly from the highest swing.
I had a dream.

Long walks in the dark through woods grown behind the park,
I asked God who I'm supposed to be.
The stars smiled down on me,
God answered in silent reverie.
I said a prayer and fell asleep.

I had a dream
That I could fly from the highest tree.
I had a dream.

Now I'm old and feeling grey.
I don't know what's left to say about this life
I'm willing to leave.
I lived it full and I lived it well,
there's many tales I've lived to tell.
I'm ready now, I'm ready now,
I'm ready now to fly from the highest wing.

I had a dream

Monday, January 11, 2010

down, down, down, down

it's already past midnite and i can't sleep.
i've been a frequent visitor to see Mr.Toi....Let cause i've been drinking a lot of water to avoid dehydration.

.. i am DOWN with fever and it's really really bad....'s bad because i can not go to sleep!! sheeshhh.

and i am very tired right now. if i can't sleep tonite, i might be cranky in the next morning in which- i swear i'm gonna be mad at the doctor if she still bising dan membebel about me still not buying the omega oil and stuff .


i hate stuffing my throat with those chemical products.

ok i'm actually doesn't like to go to the clinic.
it's creepy. enough said.

*i'm typing this real quick cos i've been holding 'it' and i really hafto go now.


what it's like to have other family and other siblings..?

..for me, it was great! ^__^

Dulu masa kecik-kecik (masa tinggal di Kuantan),
my dad wasn't around that much. he traveled a lot- his works required him to go out-station and we'd only got to see him like, once every 2 weeks, or sometimes once every 3 weeks.

my mum's a government servant. so bila dia kerja, me & my other 3 lil sisters will stay at Mak Imah's house. Mak Imah's was our baby sitter. tapi tak macam baby sitter la sebab as we grew up, she's more like our mak angkat. we even called her Mak; and Abah was what we called for her late husband (we called our biological mum as Mama and our dad is Ayah).

arwah Abah adalah ustaz. dan beliau adalah sangat garang. selalu jugak la berdoa supaya dia tader kat rumah pergi bagi ceramah ke ape ke sebab takut. hoho. keji gila. tapi dia baik sebab dia sayang kitorang adik-beradik yang masa tu cuma 4 orang jer. 4 perempuan. 4-4 Nurul :) *arwah Abah meninggal di Mekah semasa menunaikan haji dengan Mak. Al-FATIHAH untuk arwah*

Mak & Abah ada.. err.. alamak, tak ingat berapa orang anak dorang. kejap eyh nak kira (Kak Long, K.Lina, A. Jack, A. Cheng, K. Elah, K.De, K.Ana, K.Su).. ooh, ada 8 orang. he. so kiranya macam kitorang ada extended siblings; 6 kakaks, 2 abangs :)

masa saya kecik-kecik, yang rajin melayan saya adalah Kak Su. Dia sangatlah rajin bawa saya pergi jalan-jalan [masa saya kecik-kecik, kak su dah sekolah menengah. tapi tak ingat la dia form berapa. Form 5 kot kalau tak silap]. dan rasanya, she's one of the people yang responsible for who i am now. antara sebabnya:

  • dia selalu bawa saya teman dia pergi library sekolah atau library negeri Pahang di bandar Kuantan. dan rasanya sebab tu saya pun suka pergi library. ok fine. sekarang tak rajin pergi library , tapi adalah sangat rajin pergi Kino. selalu bosan-bosan time weekend tatau nak buat apa, saya akan ke Kino KLCC. hehe.
  • masa saya darjah 2, (yerp. i was 8 years old!), dia bawak saya pergi berkayak dengan kawan-kawan sekolah dia. tapi saya tak berkayak la sebab saya segan dan sebab saya takut mati lemas. haha. mengong. sah2 la ada life jacket. puas la Kak Su convincekan saya supaya beranikan diri ikut dia sama-sama naik kayak, tapi saya refused walhal hati sebenarnya meronta-ronta nak join dia jugak. huhu~ lagipun saya geli geleman dengan bau sungai err.. tatau sungai apa. [ sungai yang dekat depan Kompleks Teruntum tu.. ]sungai apertah. baunyer, ya ampun... loya tekakkkk~ tapi eversince that day, i promised myself that one day, i'll kayak too. dan akhirnya tercapai juga hasrat tersebut (apersal la ayat aku arini skema bangat eyh..?iskh3) .
  • bila Form 4, saya join Kelab Kembara kat Teknik BP. -->every week kitorang selang-seli kayak & wall-climbing. best2. tapi masa Form 4 tu juga lah penyebab saya menjadi seorang yang gayat setelah melihat trainer kitorang jatuh dari ketinggian 5/6 meter masa climbing. huhu~

apa lagi ek..
kak su rajin juga bawa saya balik kampung dia->dekat Pekan.
tatau la rajin ke..ataupun sebab terpaksa bawa sebab kadang-kadang mum & dad balik melaka sebab dulu dorang cam busy setelkan some family issue kat Melaka/ KL. so time camtu kitorang ditinggalkan kat rumah Mak Imah. dan sebab saya yang paling tua besar dalam adik beradik, salunya Kak Su bawa saya sorang je pergi jalan-jalan. ooh sukanya aku jadi Along!~ngeh3.

Selain Kak Su, Kak Ana pun rajin melayan jugak. tapi jarang lah. kak ana pendiam sket. Kak Ana dengan Kak Su nih rapat cam adik beradik kembar eventho sebnanya jarak usia dorang ada la dalam 2,3 tahun jugak kot. kak ana pendiam dan lembut; kak su pulak agresif dan garang sket eventho dia bongsu. ke sebab dia bongsu lah maka dia agresif? he. tapi apepun, saya lebih suka follow kak su sebab dia rajin berjalan. [dan saya juga garang & agresif ;p ] muahaha.

Kalau Kak Su rajin bawa pergi jalan-jalan, Kak Ana pula lain ceritanya. dia nih macam tutor-> cikgu private kat rumah.haha. dia sendiri pernah belikan buku latihan untuk saya. dasyat oh tutor nih. time saya nak pergi main, time tuuuuuu lah dia suruh study T__T It's either her, or Mak Imah lah. kadang-kadang sampai kena keluarkan rotan nak paksa saya study ->ini cuma akan terjadi kalau my mum called dorang untuk check up sama ada saya study ke tak; especially kalau petang tu exam [darjah 1-darjah 3 skola petang]. tapi bagus la kan. sebab lepastu hasilnya periksa dapat nombor 1. he. kalau tak dapat nombor 1 pun, salunya tiap2 tahun tetap ada hadiah untuk matapelajaran terbaik. *kecik2 dulu pandai, dah besar tatau apedahjadi. maybe sebab tader orang keluarkan rotan kottt. haha*

Abang Cheng pulak penyebab kenapa saya suka cycling. dulu masa zaman dia remaja, dia ada mountain bike- yang mana juga dikenali sebagai basikal-racing (mountain bike dengan basikal racing tu sama ke makna dia..? sila lah gugel kalau rajin. saye malas. haha).

lawa gileeeer ok mountain bike dia. dan mahal. saye selalu la berangan nak bawak beskal dia tu, tapi malangnya saye adalah sangat pendek-kaki-tak-sampai. yer lah kan, masa tu baru darjah berapa entah. tapi memang best la tengok dia bawak beskal tersebut (siap complete set dengan baju + seluar tight+ helmet+knee-guard +elbow guard) sebab selalu dapat tengok kat tv je bila ada Le Tour de Langkawi or something like that. kadang-kadang bila kat TV ada tunjuk live pasal lumba beskal, memang mata tak lepas dari tv sebab nak tengok whether A.Cheng ada ke tak among cyclist tu. haha.

tapi masa saya darjah 5 masa darjah 4 entah, beskal tersebut telah selamat digantung sebab A. Cheng join persatuan agama-femes-yang-telah-dibanned-tahun-90an-dulu. memang sangat drastikkkk ok. sangat sedeh. bukan sebab beliau. tapi sedeh mengenangkan nasib beskal tersebut. haha.

--> masa first year kat u*t*m, gigih beli mountain bike sebab dulu join k*elab k*ayak. so petang-petang sebelum training akan kayuh beskal pergi tasik. gila penat okkkk. dah la bila dah sampai tasik, kena jogging sepanjang-panjang Lingkaran Ilmu pulak. T___T huhuhu.

who else..
owh yeah, Abang Jack. selalu jadi mangsa bila saya tertinggal bas skola Pakcik Mail. FYI, kadang-kadang memang saya sengaja buat-buat lambat sampai rumah mak imah sebab kalau lambat, bolei merempit naik motor a.jack. dia bawak lajuuuuu gilerrr! ditambah lagi dengan angin pagi. dan lagi best bilamana masa tu dengan tak pakai tudungnya, rambut pula masih ala-ala lembap lagi, bila kena angin macam tu,wahhhhhh~! rambut macam beralun-alun, terasa macam ala-ala iklan rejoice: guna jari pun boleh! (eh, masa tu mana ader iklan rejoice-guna-jari-pun-boleh) owh memang refreshing~! haha.

ok. enough sampai sini je.
adik beradik angkat yang lain malas nak citer sebab tak rapat. maybe sebab age difference kot. sumer orang dah dewasa time tu. like, kak long & kak lina da kawen time saya kecik2 tu. owh kecuali kak elah. dulu masa kecik selalu gado dengan dia. tatau apesal. tapi bila dia nak suruh belikan pad, pandai pulak dia buat-buat baik ;p tahapehapetah kan. haha.

next entry gonna be pasal kawan-kawan pulak.

eh, kau nih. ade ke orang nak baca..?

hurmm.. blog nih dicreate as my memory box.
it's for my own remembrance. not for other people.

//but it's nice to share too! :)

kadang-kadang seronok bila looking back and reminisce the memoire..kan?
it reminds us of who we were then.. and who we are now.. and who gave the biggest influence in our life :)

side note: i mish kuantan :(

*image from google

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Keranamu Ne-yo

Status FB semalam :

malam semalam,
masa tengah tengok America's Next Top Model untuk kali keberapajuta kali tah,
tiba-tiba ada orang call.
hurm.. familiar number.
tapi macam pelik la sebab dah berabad lamanya kot tak contact dengan orang tu [selain dlm FB].

so i pressed the green button to accept the call.
tapi tak dengar pape.
mula-mula ada bunyik 'NgeeEEeeeeng GreEEEeeeeng ' (yang macam mesin tampal gigi tu. huhu).
lepas tu bunyik bising. dan ada bunyi muzik juga. tapi tak berapa clear.
then i shouted at him "Hellooooooo! heeeeeelllooooowwww!" but he didn't answered.
at first ingatkan dia tak perasan terdail nombor. tapi akal logik saya kata- mustahil la dia terdail nombor saye sebab like i said, it's been awhile tak keep in touch.

pastu, tup-tup teringat yang an hour before that, saye ade TERbaca and TERkomen kat FB neh:

" nih misti tader kije lain selain nak jeleskan aku neh" kata saye dalam hati.

memang betul pun.
sebab lepas tu dengar ade orang tu jerit- jerit cakap sumthing like

"wei ko dengar tak ni. aku bagi ko dengar neyo nyanyi nih. misti ko jeles,kan".

dan "muahahahhaaha..!~" ,

... iaitu disusuli dengan bunyik gelak syaitttttonnnn. huhuhu~

*err.. lebih kurang macam tu lah. saye sebnanya tak dengar sangat ape dia cakap sebab sangat bising. so saye assume je la dia cakap macam tu. hehe.


ko memang KEJI ahhhhhhh. dapat tiket makan sorang !~

eh silap, pergi berdua eh..?] :P

  1. saye tak penah pegi konsert.
  2. walaupun saye minat music, tapi tak minat pergi konsert, kecuali MPO lah sebab saye tak suka crowded place. saye lebih suka 'hiburan secara bersopan-lah sangat '. haha. :p
  3. AKAN TETAPIII, so far ada 2 exception: SANGAT-SANGAT nak pergi konsert My Chemical Romance [2007] & Ne-yo [Semalam!!] tapi nampak gaya tak pernah tercapai. wuhuhuhuhu~
  4. mampu je beli tiket, tapi kalau setakat duduk belakang/ tengah watpe... so saye sebenarnya lebih berminat tiket VIP, tapi mana mampu weiiii nak beli tiket VIP. gila membazir kottttt kalau beli sendiri. huhu. maka sebab tu tak pernah lagi pergi konsert. wawawawa~
  5. jadinya, Kacukies!!!! secara rasminya, sejak kenal ko selama (+- ) 7 tahun nih, inilah first time aku SUPER-DUPER JELES kat kooooooo~! *nanges* T__T

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

family vacation and the car stealing..

One of the most memorable family vacation - Trip to Taman Rekreasi Air Panas (TRAP), Sungai Klah, Perak.

note: *click here for other information on Sungai Klah Hot Spring.

It was in February, 2007. Chinese New Year holiday.
The first vacation of me as a working lass ;p

i can not remember the details of this trip, but as far as i remember, it was a day trip.
we went all the way from melaka to perak, had both cold-water bathe and hot bathe and we also got the chance to bermandi hujan (T__T). ketika hujan, bermandi air panas adalah satu nikmat! heh. ^__^

we return back to KL in the evening- over night at my rental house at Kelana Jaya.

there was an incident happened, but i'll get to that later. for now, let's cuci mata with these pix :)

kitorang semua masuk dalam water sliding nih. ngeh3. eh. except Angah & Haziq si penakut air. hihi.

with davvy jones's 'pet' : The Kraken . lol.

ok now. about the incident.
first thing that you should know :
at that time, i lived in a rental-terrace house with my collegues. (during that holiday, all of my housemates were gone back to their hometown. )
it was a big-old- terrace house. it has 3 rooms, 1 living hall, 1 dining room, a kitchen and two bathrooms. it's so big that it's creepy if i were to stay there alone.
macam haunted house eventho sebenarnya kat situ ada ramai orang. (sape tatau, rumah nih depan Kastam)

anyway, to cut the story short.
we stayed overnight at my house.
my parents and my 3 younger siblings (Abang, Jihah & Haziq) slept in my room while others (the other 4 kakak) slept at the outside, at the hall.

at about 4 am, i suddenly woke up.
i heard a noise.
there's this annoying and irritating sound broke the silence of the night (wah wah wah. ayat karangan. haha)
someone was starting the car engine!
"oh my god! somebody's trying to steal our car!! kesian ayah. he just bought that car!!", i said to myself panickly. *yer, the MPV baru berusia dalam 2 minggu kot..*

my heart pounding.
i tried to stay calm and almost pinched myself to makesure i wasn't dreaming when suddenly Angah woke up.
we exchanged glances, then hurriedly went to the window to look outside.
i didn't see anything, or anyone, but still can hear someone keep starting the car engine.

by that time, i could only think of 2 possibilities:

1) that guy was at the driver seat, but he bent down to start the car using wires ; like in the movies.
2) there's nobody trying to steal our car. only that- maybe there's a ghost trying to mess around with us (yea. i know. i watched a lot of movies. haha.)

and you know what, before i knew it,
i heard Angah screamed: "Tolong! Tolong! Pencuri!!!"
and my other sister, Eka with terror, reached for her handphone and kelam kabut asked me "berapa no talipon polis?" - (seryes masa tu saye hampir2 cakap 911. haha.)
while Epie pula just looked outside silently.
me on the other hand, still observing the car, hoping to see either the thief or.. the ghost.
*i was hoping to see the ghost because i could see the gate was closed. kalau pencuri, dah tentu lah si pencuri dah bukak pagar awal-awal supaya senang nak larikan kereta - again, i watched too many tv. heh.*

i ran hurriedly to the room to look for the house keys, with intention to wake my dad as well.
and as i ran, i fell (sebab masa tu pakai stokin + lantai marble adalah sangat licin).
tak pasal-pasal lebam lutut daku. huhu.
eh eh. ok2. sambung.

my dad heard all the kecohness, so he came out to look what happened.
he opened the front door and suddenly i heard someone asked him "Kenapa, bang?"
and my dad smile sheepishly "takde ape. budak-budak nih kecoh ingatkan ada pencuri".
and with embarassment, dad continued asking "nak pergi mana pagi-pagi ni?". *terpaksa la tanya sebab nak cover malu. haha*
"nak pergi kerja. nih kereta buat hal pulak"- said my neighbour.

yes. it turned out, my next door neighbour was the one who started his car engine.. at 4 in the morning!
somehow the engine was stalled, made him hafto restart the car for like, numerous time.

kelaka ok.
sampai sekarang pun masih rasa cam bodo bangang and sengal-sengal tiap kali teringat peristiwa 'kereta-baru-dicuri' tu. kahkahkah.

Monday, January 4, 2010

it's all about the money..

you see, i am on a tight budget at least for another couple of months as i'll be going to JengJengJeng which needs loads of $$. since i'm not a rich person, i have to save some money.. which is.. sukar. sukar. oh sangat sukar. :p

tapi seryes, saye adalah sangat berkira buat masa nih because every penny counts! nak berbelanja apa pun, semua kena kira lapan puluh lapan kali. like:

1) aritu pergi IKEA, hati tergoda dengan meja yang ini.

i've set my mind to buy the red one.

(sebenarnya tatau nak pilih yang mana satu. my mind kept changing from red to yellow to white and red again and then blue and change again to white. last-last malas nak fikir. kononnya nak decide bila dah sampai kat warehouse tu. tapi merah memang idaman kalbu walau hakikat sebenarnya saye tak suka warna merah. but that table looked glam in red-lah. hihi).

masa on the way nak turun tu, tiba-tiba tanya balik dekat my friend:

me:"eh berapa ek harga meja tadi?"
fren: "39.90"
me:"owh." *pause* "urm, tajadi la beli"
fren: *pandang dengan muka pelik* "laa.. 39.90 jer lah"
me: "i know. banyak tu 39.90" *muka sedih*

see... how berkira i am when it comes to money these days. T__T

2) Zulinda ajak me to follow Pak Lah & Mozal to climb Gunung Kinabalu this february sebab dia tak pernah climb G. Kinabalu lagi. i tempted juga sebenarnya. macam terbayang-bayang je view dari atas kinabalu. i hate to admit this, but i do miss Mount Kinabalu... the breathtaking view is priceless!

BUT, it is also very expensive! pakej RM300++ tak termasuk guide. tu belum flight ticket lagi. and i've already bought return ticket to JengJengJeng eversince last year. mana bolei burn wooo~

//pastu lagi nak beli headlamp lagi.. kasut lagi.. err.. kalau pakai kasut futsal je bolei tak..? predator daku dah nak dekat setahun terperuk dalam almari kasut nih.. huhu.

teringinnnnnn nyeeeee nak naik kinabalu lagiiiiiiiii! uwaaa.. macam mana ni??

3) most of toiletries, barang dapur, segala jenis mak nenek sabun, facial product termasuk la contact lens solution semua habis at the same time. fuh! memang sakit lah. so aritu terpaksa beli semua-semua benda kecuali compact powder and perfume. pospon bulan depan sudey. tu pun kalau boleh pegi mana-mana tanak pakai bedak langsung. haha. tapi mana bolei kan..? kang terpancar pulak kilatan yang ada kat muka nih. tapi sekarang limit pakai sekali je sehari. so lepas solat zuhur tu memang totally naked face. kadang-kadang pakai moisturizer aje sebab tamo kulit kering. huhu. sedey.. *bila la nak kaya nih* T__T

4) last week madam [my mom] SMSed me, ORDERING i repeat ORDERING me to follow family vacation this february. it's not the usual family vacation that we always have each year, but this year around we're gonna have other families as well. siap tempah bas semua. tatau pergi mana. malas nak tanya.

by the time beliau memberi arahan tersebut, mata saye nih dok "kacing! kacing!"--> keluar dollar sign yang macam dalam cartoon yang selalu ada dekat mata Uncle Scrooge tu. now i am the Miss Scrooge. aduyai~ pening oh. kalau camni, bilo aku nak kayo..

5) dalam pada cheapskate tu, sempat pula saye berfeeling artis. petang tadi, after work.. terus pergi Cold Storage beli nih:

strawberry cicah coklat. yeayy!~
mengada-ngada sangat. aritu macam tak puas makan. so beli sendiri. kalau korang nak makan choc dipped strawberry nih, sila la guna cooking chocolate + susu. oh memang nikmat tak terkata :)

and so..... there goes my JengJengJeng money. x____X

the cottage

salam. hello. hai.
welcome to my home sweet home :)

pale pink + white= sweeeeet!
and i love it!
just like in Korean movie. ^_^

err.. ok fine. that's not my living room.
it's one of IKEA's display room. hee.

i went to The Curve last Saturday to fulfil my crave for Strawberry Choco Dip...

see the chocolate fountain? yummylicious!!

(yer, saye nih kalau mengidam, orang yang pregnant pun boleh kalah kot.. haha)

so alang-alang dah sampai The Curve, apa la salahnya menyinggahkan diri ke IKEA kan..? :)

i was thinking,
if one day i end up being single woman sampai ke tua, i guess that's how i want my living room to be like.
just a simple, nice and cozy small room.

yerp. a small house would be just fine for me.
kalau lah kat Malaysia ada cottage macam dalam cerita The Holiday tu kan ke best.
(but of course, a better than that lah. yang rumah Kate Winslet tu macam nak roboh je. huhu)

a mini-white-library also a must have in my small shack~!

kat IKEA ada jual. but i couldn't remember the price.

hurm.. on second thought,
maybe i should sign up for that home-exchange programme.
who knows, maybe there's another Jude Law out there would fall for me.

berangan taklei blah :p

ok. ok.
i'm signing off.

now, where did i put The Holiday dvd..

ps: i'm listening to Fly FM right now. and the DJ is playing Nobody by Wonder Girls and it's in English. it sounds..weird. bunyik tak sedap. huhu. i think i like the original Korean version.

pps: argghhhh! please stop all those Ne-yo commercial. it's totally killing me! i wanna go see ne-yo!!! tapi kenapa lah tiket kau mahal sangattttt. adeih.