about tears and getting hooked

2:16 AM

1. The End of The Ocean

So i watched this movie today. It was on TV2.
seriously, i. cried. the.whole.time.while. watching.this. movie.
it's about a family who lost a son [he was kidnapped!] and finally found him 9 years later. it was really heart wrenching. from the day they lost their son, to the day they found him again, and then when that lost son wanted to go back to his adopted father up until the end of the movie.
i felt sad for the eldest son, Vincent. why him..? hurm, i i'll blog more about that later (kalau saya rajin. he.)

2. My facebook status:

norago. nan noppunirago..
[demmit! now i'm hooked to them. feels like 7 teen all over again. *lol*]

i blame this to her; for spreading this contagious Super Junior's disease to me. huhu.

norago= it's you.
nan noppunirago= it's only you.

i got that from this song:

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