after long awaited year, finally he's here!~

8:07 AM

he's coming back!! yeaaay!
phew~! finally a good news for me.
after having a moment of shock-> a friend dropped a bomb, saying that she's getting hitched- i really need to take grasp for air.

speaking of which, hey you pretty lady, congrats! now that you've found your mr.right, please go find someone for me too, ok! ask your man if he knows any handsome-smoking-hot-single-lad available.
may we both get married this year. ngeh3.
takder2. takder. tipu je. nanti boyfriend aku tu nak taruk mana kan..? heh.

so anyway,
here's presenting HIM..

(oh dear God, hope my mum's not reading this. )





// hish. nih sumer epie sengal punya pasal la nih kantoikan blog nih. kan dah tader kebebasan berblogging dah ni. i'm sure mum's reading this. hope she won't faint. huhuhu~



ok. now let's get back to HIM..


meet my man : mr.ryan seacrest!
yes darling!
the american idol is soooooo back!!!

just finished watching American Idol- Boston Audition.
hey you know what?
i never like Victoria Beckham before this (regardless of how stylish & elegant she is); even back then when she was a Posh Spice.
i think she's too skinny, her face's sharp-> sort of mean-looking and i honestly think she's suitable to carry any creep-tacula character.

however today, it's all changed.
i like Victoria. she looks stunning and glam (as always).
and she's surprisingly kind~! like, she's the next Paula Abdul!~

but too bad,
this season 9+ new judge will be the g*a*y Ellen DeGeneres. *sad*sad*

honestly, i don't really follow American Idol (AI) - except for AI Season 7.
the only thing that i find entertaining is only the audition. freaking hilarious!
and i'm serious. i only watch the audition. lol.

it's funny but at the same time- it's amazing to see how far they'd go to pursue their dream.
to sing in front of 4 famous people, including the strict Simon, man.. that needs a lot of courage!

on a different note:
as much as i like seeing AI,
i still disagree of whatever singing competition program that we have here (such as Idola Kecil, AF, Mentor, etc).
i know i watch and listen a lot of music. *who doesn't..?*
but helloooooo.
korang nih dah takde any better things to do ke..?
and i'm talking about the young kids- ESPECIALLY the young kids.
sayang sungguh.
they should be trained to be like..being an astronaut ke.. scientist ke.. brain surgeon ke.. architect ke.. engineer ke.. lawyer ke.. cikgu ke.. accountant ke..[just to name a few]. worst to worst, jadi computer programmer pun oke gak..
ceh ceh. promote. tak tak. saye dah setahun tinggalkan programming. huhu.

jadilah apa-apa pun.
asalkan jangan jadi sampah masyarakat sudah ler. betapa luas nya lagi ilmu pengetahuan. tu belum tambah pakar forensik ke.. segala mak nenek bio-tech la.. hish. macam-macam lagi lah.
korang tak nak ke jadi macam CSI ke.. Dr.House ke.. (smart like him. bukan keji macam dia,ok?heh)

but enough of singing competition.. boleh?
esok-esok bila dah besar nak jadi penyanyi, fine.
suka hati korang lah kan.
but makesure you have education, certification as a backup so that you won't regret later on.

tiba-tiba membebel pulak malam nih. heh.

owh well then. time to sleep.

night night everyone.

food for thoughts:
//berapa ketul sangat la penyanyi kat Malaysia nih yang berjaya sampai ke akhir usia?tell me. i wanna know.
//not everyone can be like Ahmad Izham Omar. he knows what he wants and he goes for it~

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