Cirque Du Freak: The Vampire's Assistant - the review

5:22 AM

what now?
another vampire movie??

well... told ya i kinda have a thing with vampie.. hehe :)

i went to see Cirque The Freak : Vampire Assistant the other day at Cineleisure - which complete all of my most-wanted-movie for December and January.
(ah well, it's still early January. i am waiting for Tooth Fairy by the end of this month. hehe.)

anyway, i don't want to blog much about this movie 'cause i might spoilt it for those who haven't seen it yet. i just want to say that i did enjoy watching this movie. it's 360 degress different from Twilight. in my point of view, Twilight is a chick flick (which of course, me loikeee so very much. hihi), while Vampire Assistant.... IS NOT. i mean, the guys won't feel nausea watching it.

i like it because:

  • this is what vampire movie should look like : coffin. blood drinking. super power. etc.
  • but the vampire can not turn into bat, tho. and they did make some funny jokes on that. lol.
  • You should see how Darren 'died'. you would laugh!
  • it's funny. it got funny lines, like :
  1. "what, i have a super-spit now?".
  2. when darren asked crepsley :"why can't we use the elevator?" and Crepsley replied this: "i am claustrophobic which is weird considering i sleep in coffin". haha. sengal gila. btw, the dialogue might not be exactly like the one i wrote here. i forgot the exact lines. tapi lebih kurang cantu lah. hee.

"is that all..??" you might asked.

hurm.. i think that's about it.
i guess the only reason why i like this movie is because it's funny. i wish the story will be much longer, but it wasn't. just a simple story about a young boy who turned to be a vampire.. and his friend know about it. the friend got jealous.that friend become the villain. and then there's fighting scene.. yada..yada.. you know the drill. nothing complicated than that. saye suka sebab saye tak suka citer yang complicated. harap maklum.

and owh, i have never read the book. the only vampire novel that i read is only Twilight Saga :) so kalau ada fans yang komen kata citer nih tak macam dalam buku.. ala, standard la tu....kan?

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