the cottage

12:32 AM

salam. hello. hai.
welcome to my home sweet home :)

pale pink + white= sweeeeet!
and i love it!
just like in Korean movie. ^_^

err.. ok fine. that's not my living room.
it's one of IKEA's display room. hee.

i went to The Curve last Saturday to fulfil my crave for Strawberry Choco Dip...

see the chocolate fountain? yummylicious!!

(yer, saye nih kalau mengidam, orang yang pregnant pun boleh kalah kot.. haha)

so alang-alang dah sampai The Curve, apa la salahnya menyinggahkan diri ke IKEA kan..? :)

i was thinking,
if one day i end up being single woman sampai ke tua, i guess that's how i want my living room to be like.
just a simple, nice and cozy small room.

yerp. a small house would be just fine for me.
kalau lah kat Malaysia ada cottage macam dalam cerita The Holiday tu kan ke best.
(but of course, a better than that lah. yang rumah Kate Winslet tu macam nak roboh je. huhu)

a mini-white-library also a must have in my small shack~!

kat IKEA ada jual. but i couldn't remember the price.

hurm.. on second thought,
maybe i should sign up for that home-exchange programme.
who knows, maybe there's another Jude Law out there would fall for me.

berangan taklei blah :p

ok. ok.
i'm signing off.

now, where did i put The Holiday dvd..

ps: i'm listening to Fly FM right now. and the DJ is playing Nobody by Wonder Girls and it's in English. it sounds..weird. bunyik tak sedap. huhu. i think i like the original Korean version.

pps: argghhhh! please stop all those Ne-yo commercial. it's totally killing me! i wanna go see ne-yo!!! tapi kenapa lah tiket kau mahal sangattttt. adeih.

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