down, down, down, down

8:10 AM

it's already past midnite and i can't sleep.
i've been a frequent visitor to see Mr.Toi....Let cause i've been drinking a lot of water to avoid dehydration.

.. i am DOWN with fever and it's really really bad....'s bad because i can not go to sleep!! sheeshhh.

and i am very tired right now. if i can't sleep tonite, i might be cranky in the next morning in which- i swear i'm gonna be mad at the doctor if she still bising dan membebel about me still not buying the omega oil and stuff .


i hate stuffing my throat with those chemical products.

ok i'm actually doesn't like to go to the clinic.
it's creepy. enough said.

*i'm typing this real quick cos i've been holding 'it' and i really hafto go now.


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