Family Trip : Pulau Pangkor (Pangkor Island), 2005

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Above pictures were taken in 2005, during our 'holiday' to Pulau Pangkor, Perak.
(two years before 'this unfortunate' incident happened. he. )

*note: pls excuse the poor quality of the pictures. taken using my first cap ayam digital camera. T__T

It was a family trip-> but minus one as Efie was the only who couldn't make it. We've just sent her to Penang Matriculation College in Pulau Pinang few months earlier and by the time we went to Pangkor, she's not on semester break. so the holiday went on without her. padanmuka. muahaha.

i honestly dunno what's triggered us to go to Pangkor in the first place.
i think it was my dad. he likes to go to Perak once in a while.
just a year before that (2004), we went to have a picnic at the famous Lata Kinjang Waterfall.

2004 - Lata Kinjang, Perak
2005 -Pulau Pangkor, Perak
2006 - Pulau Perhentian, Terengganu
2007 - Taman Rekreasi Air Panas, Sungai Kelah, Perak, again.

thank goodnes;
2008 - Pulau Langkawi, Kedah.

what's with Perak..??
i seriously don't geddit. da la aku nih tak suko poie sano.*sigh* (-__-)

We were actually from KL, attending a kenduri at my cousin's house.
Since it was a family event, we stayed there until evening.
Can't remember at what time we departed from KL.
i think it was late in the evening because we reached Lumut at around 9-ish pm.
Plus, it was raining by the time we entered Perak.

Because we're already late, we checked-in at the nearest hotel near the jetty.
just a cheap-budget hotel. sort of traveller's lodge or something.
ok. maybe not a traveller's lodge tapi hotel tak lawa lah. not some fancy hotel with swimming pool, etc.
belasah jer lah. janji boleh tido.


We got up early in the next morning. Early bid catch the worm ferry first. he. :p
it was raining heavily when we had breakfast at a restaurant nearby. gila cuak masa tu.
but Alhamdulillah, the rain almost stopped by the time we finished our breakfast.

Maybe it was because of the rain that only a few people were there including us.
we bought the tickets easy. no long queue whatsoever. kinda scary too, ya know.
it's 9 a.m already but the weather condition didn't look good. it's still dark.
we're going to the beach but what on earth are we going to do if it's still raining? TT__TT

poor quality of images. see the diff after I re-touched it using only Mic. Office Picture Manager. he.

But Alhamdulillah~
Once when we reached Pulau Pangkor, the sun finally show itself! phew! what a relief :)

upon arriving Pangkor, there were lots of rental pink vans waiting for passengers.
the pink van was kinda a cab/taxi in mainland. we just hafto pay the driver based on what we need. like for our family, we paid the driver for:

taking us to sight-seeing around Pangkor Island. some of the interesting places to go while you're in Pangkor:

1) Dutch Fort

2) Dry sea-food factory.

* maaf. tiada gambar TT__TT *

3) that's it. we didn't have much time to go sight seeing. he. sorry to dissapoint you.

and then the driver send us to the beach : Pantai Teluk Nipah.
(we've also make a deal with the driver to fetch us back to the jetty later in the evening.)

The most popular things to do in Pulau Pangkor is the beach activity. There's island hopping, banana boat, kayaking, etc. We rent 2 boats to take us to the nearby island (can't remember the name of the island). it's really close to the Pantai Teluk Nipah actually. if you are some sort of adventure junkie, you'll probably opt to kayak rather than renting a boat.

the most happiest person during that time was Haziq. he really enjoy the boat ride!~
one thing you should know about Haziq: dia adalah penakot air!
he always wanna go to the beach. to the swimming pool. to the waterfall.
and he likes to be in a ferry or in a boat.
BUT, he'd rather stay at the seaside or sit quietly near the swimming pool while we are in the water. He will NEVER ever TOUCH the water!~ lol.

4 years young Haziq :)

Dad. Abang. Kakak. Haziq
the blue tent is ours. we brought it along to make it as a 'room' to change our clothes.

yang kaler oren itu adalah manusia-manusia yang memakai life jacket yerk. gambar tak clear. huhu~


we stayed there until 3pm.

then we went back to the Pantai Teluk Nipah to cleaned ourselves and to have lunch.
the van driver fetched us as promised and took us to the jetty.

owh, before the ferry arrived, we take a walk at Pangkor Town to have last-minute shopping.
(well, ya know my mum.. there's no way she'll return home empty handed. haha)

so that's our Family Trip to Pulau Pangkor.

my personal opinion on Pangkor:

* a nice beach. hurm, lebei kurang macam Port Dickson kot.
* if you want to have a holiday in a beautiful enchanted island with corals, colorful fish, white sandy beach, THIS IS NOT THE PLACE to go.
* a nice place if you want to have a go on beach sport activity such as: kayak-ing, jet-ski-ing, banana boat-ing, etc.

just in case if you're wondering. yes. we are all likes to travel. mainly because of both of my parents are . before 2006, they've (mum+dad) already went to Pulau Tioman, Pulau Redang and Singapore together with my three youngest siblings (Abang, Kakak & Haziq). The rest of us (the 4 big kakaks) were busy studying at that time. i was in university. Angah was in Matriculation. and Efie & Eka were in High School. but i was already a travel junkie even back then when i was a university student. ngeh3.

we are one big family. To travel outside Malaysia means we need to have big budget. and kitorang bukannya orang kaya bole pegi jalan jauh-jauh ramai-ramai. so setakat dalam Malaysia je bole la. tu pun dah syukur, kan? :)

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