family vacation and the car stealing..

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One of the most memorable family vacation - Trip to Taman Rekreasi Air Panas (TRAP), Sungai Klah, Perak.

note: *click here for other information on Sungai Klah Hot Spring.

It was in February, 2007. Chinese New Year holiday.
The first vacation of me as a working lass ;p

i can not remember the details of this trip, but as far as i remember, it was a day trip.
we went all the way from melaka to perak, had both cold-water bathe and hot bathe and we also got the chance to bermandi hujan (T__T). ketika hujan, bermandi air panas adalah satu nikmat! heh. ^__^

we return back to KL in the evening- over night at my rental house at Kelana Jaya.

there was an incident happened, but i'll get to that later. for now, let's cuci mata with these pix :)

kitorang semua masuk dalam water sliding nih. ngeh3. eh. except Angah & Haziq si penakut air. hihi.

with davvy jones's 'pet' : The Kraken . lol.

ok now. about the incident.
first thing that you should know :
at that time, i lived in a rental-terrace house with my collegues. (during that holiday, all of my housemates were gone back to their hometown. )
it was a big-old- terrace house. it has 3 rooms, 1 living hall, 1 dining room, a kitchen and two bathrooms. it's so big that it's creepy if i were to stay there alone.
macam haunted house eventho sebenarnya kat situ ada ramai orang. (sape tatau, rumah nih depan Kastam)

anyway, to cut the story short.
we stayed overnight at my house.
my parents and my 3 younger siblings (Abang, Jihah & Haziq) slept in my room while others (the other 4 kakak) slept at the outside, at the hall.

at about 4 am, i suddenly woke up.
i heard a noise.
there's this annoying and irritating sound broke the silence of the night (wah wah wah. ayat karangan. haha)
someone was starting the car engine!
"oh my god! somebody's trying to steal our car!! kesian ayah. he just bought that car!!", i said to myself panickly. *yer, the MPV baru berusia dalam 2 minggu kot..*

my heart pounding.
i tried to stay calm and almost pinched myself to makesure i wasn't dreaming when suddenly Angah woke up.
we exchanged glances, then hurriedly went to the window to look outside.
i didn't see anything, or anyone, but still can hear someone keep starting the car engine.

by that time, i could only think of 2 possibilities:

1) that guy was at the driver seat, but he bent down to start the car using wires ; like in the movies.
2) there's nobody trying to steal our car. only that- maybe there's a ghost trying to mess around with us (yea. i know. i watched a lot of movies. haha.)

and you know what, before i knew it,
i heard Angah screamed: "Tolong! Tolong! Pencuri!!!"
and my other sister, Eka with terror, reached for her handphone and kelam kabut asked me "berapa no talipon polis?" - (seryes masa tu saye hampir2 cakap 911. haha.)
while Epie pula just looked outside silently.
me on the other hand, still observing the car, hoping to see either the thief or.. the ghost.
*i was hoping to see the ghost because i could see the gate was closed. kalau pencuri, dah tentu lah si pencuri dah bukak pagar awal-awal supaya senang nak larikan kereta - again, i watched too many tv. heh.*

i ran hurriedly to the room to look for the house keys, with intention to wake my dad as well.
and as i ran, i fell (sebab masa tu pakai stokin + lantai marble adalah sangat licin).
tak pasal-pasal lebam lutut daku. huhu.
eh eh. ok2. sambung.

my dad heard all the kecohness, so he came out to look what happened.
he opened the front door and suddenly i heard someone asked him "Kenapa, bang?"
and my dad smile sheepishly "takde ape. budak-budak nih kecoh ingatkan ada pencuri".
and with embarassment, dad continued asking "nak pergi mana pagi-pagi ni?". *terpaksa la tanya sebab nak cover malu. haha*
"nak pergi kerja. nih kereta buat hal pulak"- said my neighbour.

yes. it turned out, my next door neighbour was the one who started his car engine.. at 4 in the morning!
somehow the engine was stalled, made him hafto restart the car for like, numerous time.

kelaka ok.
sampai sekarang pun masih rasa cam bodo bangang and sengal-sengal tiap kali teringat peristiwa 'kereta-baru-dicuri' tu. kahkahkah.

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