My Valentine’s Day

10:54 PM

it's that day of the year..
the day where couples celebrate their unconditional love: Valentine's Day~

honestly, for me.. i don't need 1402 to celebrate love because if you're in love, everyday is your special day.. am i right?

this year.. it's gonna be different because this awesome movie is coming out~!!weehoo!

if i were given a choice.. of course without much hesitation, i will pick..


this pretty-eyes-handsome- hunk..

who else if not..

Bradley Cooper !!~
*auww man, just typing his name makes my heart melt*
(and sorry Jacob *Taylor Lautner*, you are wayyyy too young for me)

i never really like his character in any movie that i've seen him before


i always find myself falling head over heels because of his eyes.. and his smiles..
OMG! he is sooo damn fineeeee~! ^___^

so, for our date..
(oh my, i have troubles in picking place in Malaysia because there's so many places to go to but yet there's a tiny devil inside my head asked me to pick Bali cause i've been to Bali, once. x____X)

i'll ask Bradley where to go to spend the day, and he'll politely choose Malaysia because "i don't want to waste our precious time in a flight when i can have so much great time with you here in Malaysia. Besides, i wanna know more about you and Malaysia" and he'll continue "but even in a flight, being with you is the most wonderful feeling i could have".

auwww.. isn't him sweet? ngeh3.

(sebab nak menjaga hatiku, maka terpaksa lah beliau berkata begitu. haha)
//and i swear i'm laughing my arse off while typing this. this is soo not me! rofl.

it's a one day event so where shall we go..?

we'll wake up early in the morning to go to Kota Keriangan in Genting Highland!!~
we'll have fun..
we'll take pictures (compulsory! i need this as evidence that i went out with Bradley. hehe)
we'll laugh and giggles till we both get tired.

around 2 pm, we'll get out from Genting and headed to a much warmer place: to Melaka, my hometown~! ^__^

by the time we reach Melaka, i'll take him to sight seeing around Melaka Town- The Historical City.

we'll climb Bukit A'Famosa..
we'll walk around Bandar Hilir [The Jonker Walk].

and we'll ride a trishaw together after we get so tired of walking.
*comelnya la kalau si tinggi tu naik beca. haha*

and finally, by evening..
we'll see a sunset together from inside the cable car of Eye on Malaysia which is located at a seaside..

me and my current 'kekasih-hati': haziq

but the day won't ended there.
After the oh-so-romantic ride in the cable car,
we'll go to Dataran Pahlawan to catch this movie: Valentine's Day, which i'll be smilingggggggggg throughout the whole 2hours as he, Bradley Cooper, one of the star in that movie is sitting beside me. wow weeeee!~ *mata blink blink. haha*

and later that night, after we finish seeing that movie, we'll have a perfect private fine dining at a famous Seafood Restaurant in Melaka.

and yes, the night end when he gentleman-ly send me home.

ooh. what a day. what a super-busy day.
it's tiring but full of fun! i should sleep to get some rest
*and continue dreaming about this- he might not send me home after all.. hohoho*

iskh. ok.ok. enough of day dreaming.
nuffnang, just gimme the ticket [and the goodies] already!

some pictures are taken from google image.

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