one last thing before 2009 end..

3:06 AM

ok now.. some of u might wonder..

" what the hell is this thing..?"


i first saw this thing when i went to Asia Adventure Show last October.
i didn't buy it because :

1) it's expensive.
2) i'm wearing a tudung so why do i need this?

but to tell u the truth, i kinda like it.
dunno why. i guess, maybe because it has many design with different cool colour, OR it's just a natural thingy for a shopaholic.. wanna buy anything and everything she sees eventho she won't use it in her lifetime. EVER. haha.

anyway,that thingy is a headscarf.
sort of like a key/ bandana.
the only different from bandana is, it's a tube lookalike.
this 'headscarf' is used by some adventure freak to cover their hair- mostly used by men so that the hair will not disturb them while kayaking, climbing or whatever.

i saw it's sold at GE Mall during X'Mas & New Year Expo.
.. and so..

i bought it yesterday.

[hey, it's cheaper than the ones i saw in Midvalley. so i grab je la kan?kan?kan? hehe.]

i bought it just so i can use it whenever i'm wearing a swimming cap.
swimming cap can only cover your hair, but not your neck.
BUT, with this headband, it can cover your neck..
but mind you, it will not cover your chest.
so to hijabis, do not say that i didn't warned you, ok?

here are some different ways that you can wear with this headscarf:

i tried to wear it with my shawl on, and i think, it's so kewl!!

btw, it comes with instruction and suggestion on how to wear this headscarf. so, happy trying! :)

Mily & Cole
Multifunctional Headwear

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