Tuesday, January 26, 2010

* ROFL - Rolling On The Floor Laughing *


yesssszaaaaa finally dear friends!
after 11 boring episodes,
the episode 12 of How I Met Your Mother Season (HIMYM) 5 bring back the laughter in me!

ok. ok.
seriously. stop laughing now. my stomach's hurt.

for those who don't know, HIMYM is by far- my most favourite sitcom.
i could die of laughing just by watching this series!
ok. tipu. takder lah ketawa sampai mati.
but it's freaking hilarious!

EXCEPT when i started to watch HIMYM Season 5 last year.
it's not as funny as the other seasons.
i dunno why and i was really dissapointed.
it's like, the writers kinda get funny-jokes blocked or something.

fret not people,
yesterday it's all changed!
the episode 12 and 13 are totally rocking my day!
the casts sang in the 12th episode~!
it's musical, sorta like watching Mary Poppins! ngahahahahahaahah.

oh Barney,
you're awesome!
i bet you're so gonna be legend...........(wait for it)... ary!~

Just to make it clear,
i don't watch Grey's Anatomy, Private Practice, Friends and the likes (any drama/series/comedy that have lots of s*exual content in it).
i find it despicable.
i hate any movie/drama/comedy that use woman as some sort of sick dirty jokes.

i EVEN ban any movie that have Adam Sandler in it! (and anyone else that i find inappropriate to watch)

i know. some of you might say that i am a close minded person.
well i guess, i don't mind at all :)

But HOW ON EARTH i fell in LOVE with HIMYM ??
in fact,
not only that, i even gives exception to The Hangover too! i'm not supposed to like The Hangover but i laughed histerically when i see this movie!

as i was saying,
HIMYM is my favourite sitcom.
what a bunch of cool friends they are!
my favourite character: Barney, Lily & Marshall. they are soooo awesomely crazy!
especially Lily & Marshall- the most understanding, funny, sengal and yet, a romantic couple! i like them both ^__^

as a feminist myself, i shouldn't like Barney.
he's a womanizer. he'd do anything just to get laid. seryes perangai macam h*ram.
tapi seryesly beliau sangat lah kelakar sebab he's both smart and stupid at the same time.

and you know what,
when my bestfren, Mrs. S told me that she saw The Bro Code book was in store [at Pavillion, KL], i got back home and torrent-ed it! (Mrs. S wanted to buy it actually. but then she thought it would be a waste of money and perhaps her husband will bising to her. hehe.)

ha. see how crazy i am when it comes to HIMYM.
(dan tak sangka dorang buku kan jugak The Bro Code tu. sengal gila.)

lepasnih silap-silap dorang buku kan jugak The Playbook.
hoh. rosakkkkk. ;p

1. will only download the next episode of HIMYM next month. now am waiting for House MD S06E10 and E11. slowwww gila. haiih.

2. didja know that Neil Patrick Harris (Barney Stinson) was Doogie Howser MD? i came to know he was Doogie Howser last November. totally caught me by surprised. huhu. Doogie Howser was my fav series when i was a kid. in fact, he's the reason why i wanted to be a doctor! i was a member of Persatuan Bulan Sabit Merah (PBSM) when i was in Standard 4 because of him. yerp. he was my idol. tak sangka bila dah besar pun masih suka dier lagi- tapi character seryes lain gilaaaa.
ooh well, i'm not a doctor neither.hehe.

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Anonymous said...

yup..i used to watch it when i was menganggur but dunno which season it is..at that time lily n marshall was separated..do u know that barney once mentioned he had a friend in Malaysia..there was 1 episode that he said he have 1 friend in here who help him gave a video that shows robin secret past job..haha..funny!

{travel junkie lady} said...

i remember it now that u mentioned it. hehe. it's Season 2 btw. one of the most gila episode. Robyn tipu pasal her 'ex-hubby'. klakar gila. and Barney, boy- he is sure a crazy dude! his wild imagination can't be helped, sampai sanggup do everything he can to dig about Robyn's past. but u noe what, i was kinda proud when he mentioned Malaysia in that episode. so what if it's about some stupid video. but Hello! it's Malaysia.in.an.award.winning.sitcom! *lol*

u said u watched in when u was a penganggur. how about now?dah tak tengok ke?iskh. wajib tengok,okay. they'll make u rofl. hehe.

Anonymous said...

dulu i menganggur but now anggur yg tanam i..haha!

didn't have the time la coz keje..
n also no tenet at home..woo woo..
maybe i just can buy at the store and watch after work..

season 2???
wow, now it's already season 5.
how 'not up to date' la me

{travel junkie lady} said...

ooh macam mana tu anggur tanam u? i tau makan anggur je. hehe.

u r not that 'not up to date'. i started to watch HIMYM last 2 years. i've been keeping the 1st season in my hardisk for 1 YEAR before i watched it. ingatkan tak best. i watched it because i don't have any series left to watch.

before i knew it, i get hooked after seeing the first episode. lol.

ntv7 is screening HIMYM Season 3 every Sunday at 11.30pm. happy watching! :)