why i like it longer..?

4:58 AM

well of course,
because long is sexy!~
and the longer...the sexier it gets. (^__-)v

oh, snap out of it!
please put all your d*irty mind aside, will ya..?
i'm not talking about whatever your p*ervert mind is thinking.
i'm talking about this super sexy phone: LG BL40 y'all!

yerp. this baby is a beauty, isn't it?

elegant. sexy. sleek. beauty. and it's LONG.
in which, brings my mind to SUPERMODEL!~
long leg. elegant. beautiful :)
//no wonder it is labeled by fashion experts as the ‘Supermodel’ of Phones,'cause it does look like a model! *for a phone*

//this is so a 'she' phone. ;p!

anyway, whenever it comes to elegant phone, the first brand that will come to my mind is none other than LG~!
FYI, this is not the first FASHIONable phone that LG come out with..
and this is not the first LG Phone that i fall in love with.
before this, they've already came out with LG Prada. but i never get my hands on it. can't afford it. *sad*sad*

you see,
when everyone goes gaga over iphone, blackberry and such, i always impress with LG phone design.
LG always come out with very cool and sophisticated-look phone.
and FYI, i'm a proud owner of LG Cookie [my cookie monster. ngeh3]
i bought it in 2008..
LG Cookie is not really that elegant (compared to BL40).
and at that time, i was torn between LG KF300, Cookie, Viewty, Secret and heck, i even considered KF510 because i was attracted to the LED Light! *rofl*.

and since i don't really like a slide-phone, that's when i picked Cookie.
[i like clam shell better than slide phone, btw. but LG's phone are really makes my head spinning 'cause each one of it has its own 'i-have-to-buy-this' reason. even the slide one! eurgh. it was a tough decision for me. . i decided to take Cookie when the LG's staff dah tutup almost semua pintu kedai. tinggal muat-muat untuk keluar je. haha].

LG's touch screen phone is very easy peasy to use. suitable for a first-time touch screen phone owner like me :)

for someone LIKE ME who likes taking pictures and videos wherever i go, a widescreen camera phone is very highly important!
comparing to some other phone, i think my cookie monster is cool enough.
it lacks here and there but what the heck. as long as i can take pictures, videos and listening to radio or mp3, that's good enough.

or that's what i thought UNTIL,
i saw LG BL40 in ads!
it got sooooo many features that my cookie monster doesn't have.

see above pix?
both are my brothers (Haziq & Hazim. hihi)
i snapped it using my cookie monster.
kesian Hazim (my brother in red), i accidentally cut off his head! hoho.
now, if only i used the LONGER version of LG BL40, i'm sure i can take full pictures of Hazim with his head on!*lol*.

//note: i like taking close-up *sort of* picture. WIDER & LONGER phone will come handy at times like this.

what else..?
well.. as a 'traveler',
i bet i wont't feel boring in any of my long journey anymore because i tell you why,

if this 4 inch BL40 is mine,
i can sit for hours watching movie from this cinematic widescreen !
so now hear me: bus, airplane, ferry, car, whatever- i can sit in you no matter how LONG the journey's gonna be and i won't get bored ever AGAIN. *double yeayy!*

my cookie monster has a 'Flight Mode', so i hope the same goes for BL40 cause i'm so gonna need it when i hafto 'fly' to my dream island in this next couple of month *grin*grin*
(only if nuffnang can gimme a bite on this phone lah.. hihi)

:: i' not sure about the battery life, tho.It has longggggggggg battery life, y'all!!! *grin*grin*
i am soooo gonna love longgggggg journey when i have this long BL40! (^___^)

apart from that,
one of the reason why i need LONGER phone is because..

err... err.. i 'm one of those unfortunate people who doesn't have LONG hands.
it's hard to stretch out my hand to take self-snap pictures.

this is what happens when you have neither LONG hands nor LONG Phone!~

with the LONGER BL40 phone, i don't need to hurt my hand EVER again to take self snap!
in fact, maybe i can even fit all my SEVEN siblings in it! great eh?haha.

ever since my digital camera died on me,
my cookie monster is kinda my life.
but since it lack some of important features (i.e: flash), i'm thinking of buying a new camera.

i win this nuffnang contest, i won't have to buy new camera (or new phone).
instead, i can do EVERYTHING with this new BL40 phone.
besides the basic call&sms features,
with the awesome LONG, WIDE SCREEN feature, every other things will be much, much better!

taking pictures. video. MOVIEing *ooh i so like this one!* and web surfing. ->>this is the phone that will surely makes me be the 'that's-the-girl-with-the-cool-sexy-LONG-elegant-phone'! lol.

ooh LG-
Life is sure Good with you!

not only sleek and beautiful,
it looks delicious too!
ooh chocolate,
i.really. need.to.bite.you.

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