Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Have you ever needed something so bad, You can't sleep at night?

it's a pain, isn't it? to can't have something that you want so bad.
it keeps you up all night. toss and turn.
thinking and wondering of zillionth possible things to do so that you can have it.

i've been cranky this whole week, actually.
feels like crying. seriously.
sakit 'hati' yang amat.
and i've been talking to my close friends about this.
and i know- that they might think that i'm being ridiculous or whatever.

but i really can't help it.
i've been moody,
giving silence treatment,
didn't answer call,
reply SMS orang pun dalam keadaan terpaksa. siap off-hp lagi sebab tak nak diganggu.


kenapa?kenapa?kenapa la bulan 3 baru kau sampai kat Malaysia ahhhh..???

SONY DSC-TX5- You take my breath away~

am going to JengJengJeng in a few days.. so i guess i'll use whatever i have to capture the pristine place.
gua tensyen nih beb!!!~
*hah amek ko; hangin punya pasal, keluar bahasa era 80-an pulak. ngee.*
now it's almost 1 a.m and i can't sleep thinking about this!

Brandy's Have You Ever song tells exactly how i feel right now.
memang la bunyinya macam poyo je kan...
but i have this one problem:
i HAVE to HAVE whatever i WANT to have. no matter what.
and to make things worst: TX5 is my love at first sight ;p

feels like some heavy burden has been lifted up a bit. A BIT.
but at least i can 'SHOUT OUT' in this blog.
get it out from my system.
so puas hati jugak la *sikit* kan sebab tak bolei jerit kat alam nyata nih. hee.

i haven't made up my mind about when to balik kampung lah cause i still got some 'unfinished business':

1) am going to shop for baby stuff - for a friend and another friend.

2) am going to visit baby Umairah. hee. can't wait!

3) need to buy some stuff. last minute baru perasan ada few things missing:

-> Contact Lense's Solution -Traveler pack.
-> Sun Block ku dah habis rupanya. so i need to buy a new one.
Film for my so-called 'LOMO Camera'.
Toothpaste - small (Traveler's pack).
-> haven't bought Dry Bag yet. maybe will go find this thing at PJ sometime on Friday or Monday. huh. sangat last minute la haku nih. adeih.

4) haven't gone to Post Office to send my 'surat chenta'. *sigh*

5) satgi nak translate lagu pulak. aduyai.

6)damn i can't find my headscarf! di manakah kau menyorok wahai scarf?ke kat Melaka? huwaa~

i think that's it.
ooh suddenly rasa stress balik.
am so gonna buy a new camera this friday. huh!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Wolfman - what the..?


as soon as the movie finished, i asked my cuz "apa motif cerita nih sebenarnya nih?"

seryes tak faham cerita nih pasal apa.
cerita takde motif.

ini sama la macam cerita Jumper dulu. harapkan CGI je mantap gila. tapi jalan cerita- bodoh gila. ada super-power, tapi tak guna untuk kebaikan.

ok la fine. tak semua manusia dalam dunia ni baik. tak semua orang nak jadi super hero. mesti ada yang tempted nak guna super-power sebagai villain. itu bukan sebab kenapa saya menyampah gila dengan cerita Jumper tu. yang buat saya menyampah sebab cerita tu adalah cerita yang takde motif. mamat tu menyusahkan semua orang hanya semata-mata seorang budak perempuan yang dia suka masa high school dulu.

hurm, whatever lah. apa pun, thumbs up for Jumper's CGI. smart and impressive! but if only they had a better storyline.. *sigh*

back to Wolfman.
mak oi. ganas gila movie ni. tau je la kan, i hate violence movie. amat lah tak suka cerita yang kill kill die die nih. Wolfman tak menakutkan langsung. tapi mengerikan. the way the wolfman kill his prey is so horrifying. saye asek la tutup mata sebab tak sanggup tengok. seriau ok. huhu.

jalan cerita?
entah. tak tahu macam mana nak review.
in short, cerita nih mengisahkan:

kejar wolfman. jadi wolfman. wolfman makan orang. wolfman kena tangkap. wolfman kena saiko. wolfman ada bapa yang saiko. dan last sekali.. wolfman.. err.. err.. ah haa.. yang ni korang kena tengok lah supaya kita semua boleh sama-sama jadi wolfman sebab naik hangin. *lol*

sapa yang minat werewolves, boleh la layan kot sebab cerita nih is okay actually. tak mengantuk sebab jalan cerita takde melalut dan takde scene yang tak diperlukan. cuma mungkin sebab saya TAK SUKA VIOLENCE movie, dan ditambah pula dengan tak faham apekah motif cerita ni, maka sebab tu lah saya tak suka cerita nih. hee.
*btw, music score untuk movie nih memang best!~

bt-dub, i have a friend who is a big fan of werewolf movie.
i like vampire. he likes werewolf. greatttt. perfect enemy. hahha.
i bet he's gonna love this movie kot. oh well, anyone yang big fan of cerita-cerita ganas confirm akan suka cerita ni.

kenapalah takde cerita sehebat Van Helsing ek..?
good storyline+sarcastic jokes+cool special effect+good cast = GREAT COMBO!
Van Helsing. is.definitely. one.h*!! :)
(together with Pirates of The Carribean trilogies, of course :) )

side note:

>> my crave for Gelato ended yesterday. yeaay!

>> wish my sister the best of luck for Hot FM's Super Junior Contest. if she wins, i get to watch Suju Live in KL too! hehehe.

>> frustrated gila sebab Sony TX-5 belum release kat Malaysia lagi. sedih sangat.. am gonna need it for JengJengJeng Trip. huwaaaa!~ :(

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

secretly.. i want to be a vampire..

yea. i wish.

fineeeee. i lied. i never want to be a vampire. malay vampire is not as cool as the american movie's vampires, anyway. like, sapa nak jadi Keliwon sila angkat keyboard? of course no one would wanna be the Keliwon. sangat tak cool.
but still, you know how i have a thing with vampire, right? hehehe~

i've been watching The Vampire Diaries [TVD]. i have 10 episodes to watch, but i stopped until Episode 2 just because i want to blog about it. ngee~ :)

*click the picture for larger view*

what can i say about this series?
it's kinda Twilight movie turns to drama series. Only that: seriously, this drama is creepy. i hate Damon. and i don't really like Stefan too- sebab dia tak hensem. hahaha. why does the bad guys always the handsome one???? and this is why the good girl always fall for the bad guys. lol.

i've told my friend that i'd rather scared the shit hell out of me watching 1408 or Drag Me To Hell than to watch The Vampire Diaries. you know why?

because i hate bloody blood movie/drama~!

it's like watching some sort of psycho sadistic killer movie- EeeeEeE.. tak suka nya~! serammmm oh. dengan gigi taring tu, pastu muka macam kejam gila penuh kepuasan selamba badak je benam taring kat leher. Eurghhhhhhhh- takutttttt~! (and it gross too!!Eeuuww!) huhu..

as for Stefan-
i hate to admit this, but i DID smile like an idiot when i saw the first episode of TVD cos he remind me of Edward Cullen. hihi. (no worry Edward. You are still my number 1 vampire hero no matter how stupid i think you are. sebab kamu sangat romantika d'amour. huahuahua)

but no matter how i hate that creep and jerk Damon,
i'll continue to watch episode 3 as soon as i finished blog about this-

sebab SAYA kan MEMANG SANGAT SUKA MENAKUTKAN DIRI SENDIRI which sometimes i find it amusing. haha. mengong.

ok. bye.
it's time to continue watching The Vampire Diaries.

ooh btw, tomorrow is Monday.
so HAPPY MONDAY BLUES tomorrow, everyone!~ ^__^


dah tengok sampai episod 6- tak seram pun. he. but again, Edward is still my number 1 vampire hero. like hello, he's a virgin! he's very careful whenever he's around Bella. what's not to like about that? .ngee~

tak macam vampires dalam TVD tu, gataii . huh. aser macam nak karate je :-/

ps: i love the songs in TVD too. lots of my favourite songs are in it, like from One Republic, The Fray.. (to name a few). sukaaaaaa! :)

Saturday, February 20, 2010

oh life..

.. and this is why i rarely listen to Jason Mraz's song..

the slow music always left my mind thinking of something that i don't really want to think.



.(go figure).

yea. i am a beautiful mess ;p

current mood:

listening to Jason Mraz's songs
'We sing, we dance, we steal things' album.


am going to watch Elizabeth Town for the billionth time.

Happy Saturday everyone~!

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Thursday, February 18, 2010

do you know what 'fine' stands for?

FINE = Freak Out, Insecure, Neurotic and Emotional.

taken from my fav. movie :-

-the Italian Job-



Wednesday, February 17, 2010

You make me so hot, Make me wanna drop, You're so ridiculous, I can barely stop-

it's so freaking hot nowadays~
i used to wear shorts & spagetti at home, but now it feels like.. ya know- you just want to drop everything off- don't want to wear anything at all. hahaha. ok. i'm just kidding. i will NEVER go that far. i'm not that crazy (yet). ^__-

on the news it says that now is 'that time of the year' - musim panas (summertime). hah? sejak bila malaysia jadi negara oramputih nih? siap ada musim panas bagai. dekat johor siap kena catuan air pula tu.

oh. it reminds me of this one time in 1990 or was it 1991? (i couldn't remember) - i saw my grand-dad was in the telly, taking water from a well in Melaka. i was like "ehh, atuk masuk tv!!".
*berkata dengan penuh perasaan bangga walopun cameraman tersebut mengambil gambar atuk yang sedang bersusah payah mengangkut air disebabkan kemarau. tak kira lah pasal apa pun, yang penting atuk saye masuk tv. atuk kamu ader??hahahaha. sengal *

btw, yerp. it was that time of the year - SUMMER! the hot weather hit melaka that year. it was really bad that Dad had to bring grand-dad and grand-mom to stay with us at Kuantan for a while.

so yeah. i guess MAYBE it is true that this current HOT and DRY weather is because of 'that time of the year' too. BUT i am also couldn't help but thinking that the current hot weather is the effect of Global Warming.

Is there anything we can do to help the EARTH? or do we just sit around doing nothing and let the GOVERNMENT do the job??

fortunately, there is a WAY(s) for us to help.
anyway, here are some simple tips for us to use in fighting against Global Warming.

The Stop Global Warming calculator shows you how much carbon dioxide you can prevent from being released into the atmosphere and how much money you can save by making some small changes in your daily life. It’s our hope that the calculator will promote action, awareness and empowerment by showing you that one person can make a difference and help stop global warming.

There are many simple things you can do in your daily life — what you eat, what you drive, how you build your home — that can have an effect on your immediate surrounding, and on places as far away as Antactica. Here is a list of few things that you can do to make a difference.

source from

To Make EARTH a Better Place-
Stop Global Warming!

note: currently listening to Summertime by New Kids On The Block.
lagu pun ikut tema cuaca, ok! hehe.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

an evening at the new mall

us, at the new opening JJ (AEON Bandaraya Melaka)

Hello! i'm Abang.

i was once a kecik tometot little boy..

but now,

look at me!
i'm taller than my Along!!

now i can bully her whenever i want. muahahahha.
*evil laugh*

I'm Kakak.

i am Along's favourite youngest sister.
Nobody can bully me- not even Abang!
Along will turn into a monster IF anybody bully me.

and last but not least...

si kecil Haziq ;)

aileviu very much :)

Friday, February 12, 2010

Die! And then come back..

that is one of the most memorable quote
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

for those who grew up reading about Greek Myth (like yours truly. hihi),
you'll find this movie entertaining .
it's kinda funny to see how they 'modern'ized the 'Gods'.
it's really enjoyable and funny to see how the 'Gods' live among us.

*spoiler alert*

DO NOT CONTINUE READING this except if you can handle it ;p

this is not a brilliant movie, mind you.
cos even i can predict who is the culprit from the very beginning.
oops! ;)
the characters are lame. the Black always the goofy one. duhhh.
but still,
it's entertaining to watch.
memang gelak abes ah bila tengok sebab banyak scene yang sengal. hahaha.
and plus,
many famous / well known celebrities are in the movie such as
Uma Thurman, Pierce Brosnan, Kevin McKidd (to name a few).

i give this movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.
(ceh.. sesuka je kan, nak bagi star. haha)

ok darlings,
enough spoiling i guess. hee.
time to sleep.
nite nite everyone :)

picture taken from here

Reminiscence of Pulau Perhentian Trip

i've been blogging since 2004, when i was still studying at u*t*m. i used friendster blog to express my *ahem* unspoken feelings to this one jerk (then bf). haha. and in 2006, i started using blogger. Due to certain 'event', i kept on changing my URL. nak buat camno, ramai peminat stalker. *lol*

hurm..hopefully this current blog will stay f.o.r.e.v.e.r, that's why i don't talk much about personal feeling in here.

anyway, as i browsed through my 'old' blog, i found this entry. well actually, i wanna make a new entry on Perhentian Trip. but i lost all the pictures!! [ ok. it's not actually lost. but my cd containing all Pulau Perhentian pictures has broken. huhuhu.]

one of the most beautiful island in Malaysia is Pulau Perhentian (Perhentian Island). Better than Pulau Tioman, i must say. if I, in someway can have all of the Perhentian Island pictures in my hands *again*, i'm gonna write a totally new entry about the awesome vacation. Because ya'know.. too many things have changed over the years. some relationship blossomed *me & moto-moto started to be friends again. eventho dah tak seBFF as before, at least he talks to me again. ngee*. some broken. *oh, ni pun berkenaan saye jugak. haha. :p * for whatever it is, there are hearts that need to be concerned.. *hope 'orang-orang yang berkenaan' tak baca blog ini. huhu*

so here i present you.. Trip to Pulau Perhentian, 2007~
(kopipes from my old blog. sebijik sebulat. hehe).

**more Perhentian Island pictures in here **


salam to all.

guess what? i jez got back from pulau flinstones a.k.a pulau perhentian on tuesday :) hehe. some of u yang might oredi read my previous entry, jgn terkejut yer.. last minute punyer plan la. ahahaha.

citernyer start canni:

last thursday, i went to kl looking for a room 4 rent in kl.yg bersama2 jd tukang carinyer aderlah encik kacuk n cik puan olyn. byk juga la tmpat area kl yg kitorang cover, smpai sesat2 jalan. tp yg paling besh tu biler terjumper BoraOmbak which happened to be opposite ngan umah yg kitorg nak g tgk. sgt excited giler la tym tu. tambah pulak, BoraOmbak situated betul2 beside Sports Planet. waahhhh.. seronok tul :)

esok tu pulak (FRIDAY), dlm bz mencari umah yg seswai, sempat pulak kitorg g shopping kat metro Pefume Fair.. mmg sgt giler la tgk perfume2 yg di diskaun ngan sgt murah. smpai 70% wooo! sempat jgk la sy beli Bvlgari 100ml ngan harga x smpai rm100 pun. heheh. (sedangkan tym tu mmg tgh sengkek..taaapii.. haku taklei melawan perasaan ini.. huhu). nway, sumthing happened yg menyebabkan sayer berasa sgt tension ptg tu kat maybank yg menyakitkan ati dan yg telah menyusahkan idup sy. di sebabkan itu la maka akhirnya sy wat keputusan utk follow SRMers sekalian ke pulau perhentian.

dan cerita ke pulau perhentian bermula canni :

ptg tu sy kol parul, konfemkan kat dier whether blei selitkan sy utk samer2 ikut g sana ker tak.. then dier kater okie jer. dialu2kan lagi. tp masalah problemnyer psl transport la. tp kacuk assured me that i dont hv to worry about that memandangkan sy stay kat umah olyn. so of cos la priority lebih kat sayer kan. mklum la, stay umah tunang dier.tunang dier vvip dlm keta tu, n sy lei la tumpang jd vip jgk. (bwh sket jer drpd vvip) hheeheh. x saper pon lei marah. nguah3. nway, mlm tu kacuk amek mas n zammer kat bus stand shah alam. pastu amek sy n olyn. then amek pak lah kat puchong. can u imagine? 6 org dlm keta. uishhhhh.. mmg la mcm sardin. huhu.

so, our journey to Pahang started at 12 midnight klu x silap. sampai raub around 2.30a.m. mkn2 jap pastu at 3 am continue journey to kuala lipis sbb da janji ngan Mozal & The Gang @ K.Lipis. maser sampai K.Lipis tu, teringat pulak camping trip kat Kenong yesteryear sbb lalu kat Jeti Lipis. nway, kitorang got lost tym kat Lipis tu. Part paling klakar biler Mas dpt trademark seumur hidup. sbb ms tgh cari petrol station, mas kater "wat turn-u". sy tym tu blur sbb x faham turn-u tu aper sdangkan bdk2 laen da ketawa berdekah2 dlm keta sbb maksud Mas, U-Turn. tp dibahasa melayukan jd turn-u. ahahahha. da la dier kater "turn-u". pastu di tambah ngan ayat seterusnyer "eh, bukan stesyen minyak la. tu stesyen ketapi". lagik la kitorg ketawa mcm apertah dlm keta di pg2 buta tu. huahuahuahua.

nway, ms salah jln tu, kacuk amek jln yg amat la gelap dan x berlampu. agak horror jgk dan sememangnyer tmpat tu horror sbb 1 of us ekceli did see sumthing yg 'mistik' mcm citer Jgn Pandang Belakang (sy tau nih pon biler da balik dari trip nih.. sib baek tatau awal2.. huhu). biler da mcm seram2 tu, kacuk u-turn n pastu kitorg stop kat klinik kecemasan yg kebetulannyer mmg buka 4 emergency case.tym tu da kul 4 pagi.benti kat situ sbb nk tanyer direction ke petrol station. later after that, kitorg pon truskan perjalanan. x smpai 5 menet kendian, kitorg betul2 terserempak ngan keta mozal kat roundabout Kuala Lipis.pastu kami samer2 benti kat petrol station yg dicari2 dan pastu continue our journey to pulau perhentian melalui jln Gua Musang.

smpai Gua Musang around 6:15 am. benti solat, then breakfast skali arung. pastu smbung jenjalan. singgah Machang utk jumper ngan salah sorang 'orang lamer' SRM, iaitu incik Madneh. jumper kjap jer.. tnya kabar sket2..pastu amek gmbr n kendian madneh pon ditinggalkan sbb dier ader final exam-taklei la join kitorg bersuka ria.. cian dier.. huhu.

aksi excited berjumper madneh (baju kaler merah)

smpai jeti Kuala Besut @ 12 pm. tggu bot.lunch. pastu naek bot ke pulau perhentian. waaaaahhh.. sgt besh!! naek bot adalah antara xtvt yg sy tggu2 sbb sy sgt ske naek bot laju. hehe.

dan akhirnya.. at around 2pm kitorg pon sampai la ke tempat yg dituju.. and kitorg telah mendapat kezutan mengenai chalet kitorg tu.. huhu.. mel kater chalet tu "mcm flinstones smbil myanyikan lagu flinstones".. olyn kater "macam muzium".. and kacuk lak kater "nih mcm zaman mesolitik nih. tinggal tunggu dinosour kuar dr belakang chalet jer".. hmm.. needless to say, kitorg sgt dissapointed ngan chalet tu.. ilang mood nak g snorkeling. da la penat sbb dok dlm keta drpd tgh mlm. ingatkan lei la rest smbil lepak2 dgr ombak. tp malangnyer, trus ilang mood.

ptg tu, SRMers sekalian telah bermeeting di tepi pantai smbil nyorok di sebalik batu-diskas psl whether we should go and find some other chalet yg ader dekat2 c2. kata sepakat telah dibuat. kami telah menghantar 3 Anbu Squad kami dlm misi utk mencari chalet laen. 3 org Anbu Squad tersebut adalah pak lah, kacuk and zammer. kami iringi perjuangan anbu squad kami dengan harapan diorang berjayalah kiranyer mendapatkan bilik yg cambest. huhu.

that nyt, ms dinner pulak, kitorg yg girls ni dibrainwash oleh guide kitorg yg super-keji. diorg telah menyebabkan kitorg x jd pindah chalet eventho anbu2 squad kitorg ckp chalet kat Long Beach sgt la best giler. and ekceli, diorg x tipu. siap ader prove lg Long Beach tu best...
ni la dier Long Beach.. sob..sob..

tp aper pon, x kesah la.. yg pastinyer walaupun saket ati ngan chalet kitorg, kitorg still had our best moment together. mlm tu sesi ice breaking.. pastu SRMers had a meeting psl Dana SRM.. and also pastu kitorang bergelak ketawa pasl kisah2 lamer.

esok tu (Sunday), snorkeling day. island hopping n snorkeling kat pulau2 yg berdekatan. sgt besh giler la. island hopping ni dibuat 2 trip disbbkan kitorg dlm jumlah yg agak ramai. 1st trip masa pagi. SRMers yg g trip pagi were Parul n Mozal. diorang ni sgt la beruntung sbb tym diorang island hopping, terserempak ngan penyu yg muncul di permukaan air sbb nk amek oksigen. mozal la paling untung sbb dier dpt amek gmbr n pegang penyu tu kot.n rasanyern ramai gak tourist2 laen yg dpt wat penyeksaan terhadap penyu yg konfem berasa pelik kenaper la manusia2 tu sumer sibuk nk pegang dier. huhu. tp pdn muka diorang sbb tader gmbr bersama penyu tersebut. hahahahahahahahah (gelak keji).

2nd trip pulak ngan bdk2 SRMers and group Mel (kwn dr utm gak). seronoknyer tidak terkata biler dpt snorkel kat pulau perhentian tu. sgt cantik.. subhanallah.. trust me. i've been to several island in some part of Malaysia including Sabah, but there's nothing like p.perhentian. banyak ikan, koral2 masih terpelihara n yg paling penting, tader landak laut. sy pernah ke Pulau Payar-mmg la heaven utk diver. tp tak seswai utk amatur mcm sy ni kot sbb sgt la byk landak lautnyer. silap langkah, mmg konfem la dpt 'souvenir' drpd cik2 landak tu.. dan lagi, shark mmg slalu ader kat c2.x mcm p.perhentian, kdg2 jer ader.

on the 3rd day (monday) pon, still bersnorkeling n mandi laut lagik. ish.. mmg kulit da sgt berkaler itam. sunburn taper la.. bukan slalu. hehe. at 2pm, kitorang pn bertolak ke jeti kuala besut.. smpai jeti, mkn. pastu anta che pah, liza n zai ke bus stand machang. memula tu sgt la sedey. siap wat nyanyi lagu af yg part pelajar af kna kluar. (ala.. yg part "percayalah pada diri..dgn harapan dan keyakinan..") tapiiii..terdapat kezutan pulak.. pak lah n mozal berjaya menukar tiket diorg tu ke hr selasa n amek bas drpd kuantan. yahoo.. lei jln2 lagi!! (plan kitorg nk ke kuala terengganu -shopping n ke pahang ikut jln pantai)waahhh.. sgt seronok. sblum gerak ke KT, kitorg singgah ke uitm machang jumper Madneh. tym ni lamer la sket jumper ngan jejaka ensem yg sorang nih.maser sembang2 tu, ader la 1 peristiwa tejadi; ZAMMER bet ngan PARUL dan kwn2 laen psl suatu hal yg sgt fuufooh.dan klu zammer kalah, dier kena wat aksi ACTION KAMEN selama 5 menet. hmm.. menarik nih.. lps jumper madneh, kitorang trus ke KT. cari hotel.pastu check in. sy n olyn tido smentara kwn2 yg laen g mkn. tym tu da kul 12 midnyt dah. Dannn.. jen..jeng.. jeng..

.... 1 peristiwa menarik berlaku. zammer KALAH dlm bet. dier kena wat aksi action kamen selama 5 menet. menurut kater kwn2 yg laen, diorang pusing KT dlm 5,6 kali semata2 nak cari restoren yg ramai org. sampainyer kat restoran yg agak ramai, zammer pon memulakan la aksi ACTION KAMENnyer.. ahhahahahaha. rugi betul sy tak follow g mkn tym tu.aper pon, sumer org yg ader digicam n enset berkamera sumer rekod aksi tersbut. sgt la lawak giler. hehehehe.

hari selasa : round pasar payang n pastu ke kuantan. then sy, olyn,mas, pak lah, kacuk n zammer pulang ke kl. sementara mozal, parul, che pah, zai dan liza bersukaria di kuantan...

all in all.. sy sgt seronok n really enjoy this trip. seronok jumper kwn2 n bergelak ketawa mcm tym study kat UTM dulu..eventho frustrated b'cos Mr. BF tak join trip ni.. faz, che bird n madneh pon tader, so rs kekurangan la jgk.. klu diorg ader, bertambah kecoh la KT. huhu. hmm.. hopefully next tym sumer2 yg x dpt ikut trip nih, lei join utk next trip pulak.. utk SRMers yg g p.perhentian : KORANG MMG FUUUUUFOOOO LAAAAA!!! :) hehehe

p/s: buat pngetahuan bloggers sumer, ekceli fuufoo tu tader makna pon. it can be anything. ske ati korang la nk translate fuufoo tu aper. kitorang sajer jer glemerkan ayat fuufoo yg dlm iklan digi tu.. hihi

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

ooh sweetie.. today was a fairytale!

i'm talking about Taylor Swift's song- the one that is included in Valentine's Day Soundtrack album.

and yes,
special thanks to nuffnang, for giving away the Valentine's Day Movie Premiere free tix to me!me!me! *again!* hehehe.
(i just got back home from Cineleisure, anyway. semangat tules blog. haha)

note: this is the reason of why i changed my blog layout :)

now, let's see.. what can i say about the movie eh?
  • it's a nice movie.
  • it's obviously a chic flick movie.
  • it's the MOST crappy-full-of-shite-Valentine's Day EVER! *lol*
  • it's a mix of-ROMANTIC + FUNNY movie. tapi takde lah lawak gila sampai nak gelak guling-guling. it's just nice :)
  • ia bukan lah cerita yang gempak penuh dengan aksi + special effect. so it's not your cup of tea if you hate lovey-dovey kinda thing.
  • i love the soundtrack!! Today Was A Fairytale has been stuck in my head eversince i heard the song in the movie until now! (ok so i lied. i've been hearing this song eversince i got in the car from work today. )
  • The Taylor Couple is a NO-NO. The She-Taylor's acting sux. big time! while He-Taylor... i must say... sux too :p. haha. but no worry, i still love u, Jacob! and i can't wait for Eclipse & Breaking Dawn. ngehngehngeh. and Swift, jez please focus on your music, okay? you're good at it.
  • saye suka si kecik comel yang menghidap penyakit "lovesick" itu. sangat kiut! like, a kid having lovesick? genius! hihi~
  • i used to hate cheesy corny movie (except Twiligt Saga. tu pun selalu kadang-kadang menyampah dekat Edward for being too overprotective and menyampah dekat Jacob for being too hot-tempered. kadang2 la. selalunya suke. hihi), BUT i LIKE this movie eventho the storyline agak cliche. and this came from someone who hates He's Just Not That Into You. tatau la kenapa saye tak bolei blah dengan citer tu.
  • couples might love this movie. heck, even singles like me enjoy this movie too! --> yeah well, it's because of Bradley Cooper, anyway. itu namanya cuci mata. ngehngehngeh.
did i tell you that i love the soundtrack?

ooh, i already did, didn't i? which means, it's a real deal. real goooooddddd! ;)
so here, let's enjoy the song (^___^)

the lyric
Today Was A Fairytale - Taylor Swift

Today was a fairytale
You were the prince
I used to be a damsel in distress
You took me by the hand and you picked me up at six
Today was a fairytale

Today was a fairytale

Today was a fairytale
I wore a dress
You wore a dark grey t-shirt
You told me I was pretty when I looked like a mess
Today was a fairytale
Time slows down whenever you're around

But can you feel this magic in the air?
It must have been the way you kissed me
Fell in love when I saw you standing there
It must have been the way
Today was a fairytale
It must have been the way
Today was a fairytale

Today was a fairytale
You've got a smile that takes me to another planet
Every move you make everything you say is right
Today was a fairytale
Today was a fairytale
All that I can say is it's getting so much clearer
Nothing made sense until the time I saw your face
Today was a fairytale

Time slows down whenever you're around
Yeah yeah

But can you feel this magic in the air?
It must have been the way you kissed me
Fell in love when I saw you standing there
It must have been the way
Today was a fairytale
It must have been the way
Today was a fairytale

Time slows down whenever you're around
I can feel my heart
It's beating in my chest
Did you feel it?
I can't put this down

But can you feel this magic in the air?
It must have been the way you kissed me
Fell in love when I saw you standing there
It must have been the way
But can you feel this magic in the air?
It must have been the way you kissed me
Fell in love when I saw you standing there
It must have been the way
Today was a fairytale
It must have been the way
Today was a fairytale

Monday, February 8, 2010

in love with Luv.. ♥

from here
from here

from here

from here

this is just a temporary layout.
am gonna revert back to the previous layout later.
(err, kot. i kan suka tukar-tukar 'baju'. hehe)

i'll see you when i see you, ok darlings.
till then, take care.

with ♥,

Sunday, February 7, 2010

Story # 1 : Pementasan Teater TANDA.. apekah??

*note: Story #2 & Story #3 will be posted below this entry*

Last Tuesday, i was invited by my cuzzie (cuz) thru Facebook (FB) to see TANDA at ASWARA on Thursday.
i was reluctant at first, remembering how bored-to-death i was whenever seeing non-musical theatre..
[tiba-tiba teringat peristiwa terlambat masuk semasa menonton teater aper-ntah arahan Fauziah Nawi. on our way out after the show finished, Fauziah Nawi said to my our face "Ni la yang masuk lambat tadi kan..?" ] erkkk!.T___T

anyway, i changed my mind. thought of giving TANDA a chance after reading some positive reviews on the net. was supposed to see it on Thursday but because of a certain problem, we postponed to see it on the next day (Friday). i asked my sis to come along too, but her class finished late. and i was afraid she can't make it on time as she'll be coming from Bangi. haih.

So on Friday, dengan gembiranya kami pun pergi lah ke ASWARA. i was excited okayyy because it was my first time menjejakkan kaki ku ini di Aswara. so agak kejakunan sket di situ. hehehe.

we arrived a bit early. around 730 pm. (The show was supposed to start at 8.30pm). i followed my cuz to go to the counter to pay for the ticket. on our way to go upstairs, i can see several guys with 'props' were sitting on the stairs and having discussion. Just as we were about to climb the stairs, one guy approached us.

Guy: nak pergi mana ni?
Cuz: nak pegi bayar tiket nak tengok show malam ni.
Guy: (sambil hulur tangan to my cuz), saya mewakili kawan-kawan saya, nak minta maaf sangat-sangat sebab malam ni takder show. ada technical problem.

*me & cuz looked at each other, speechless*

Me: Betul ke nih? *giving him a disbelief look*
Guy: yer betul. kitorang kena halau dari Aswara.
Cuz: betul eh? nih tak main-main eh?
Guy: iyer betul. nih memang seryes. sekarang kitorang tengah discuss venue lain. ape2 hal, kitorang akan update dalam FB.

and so, tak jadilah kami membeli tiket tersebut. seriously, memula tu saye memang tak percaya dekat mamat tu sebab muka dia macam kelakar je. ingatkan dia buat lawak bodoh kat kitorang ke.. siap pandang keliling kitorang kot-kot lah ader kamera and someone will come and say "you got punk'ed" ke.. haha.

After performing prayer at Aswara, my cuz ajak me to go to Istana Budaya (IB) to see if there's any show for that night. i think there's a show (i remembered Ateng did say something about traditional thingy show in his blog) , but i was wearing jeans that day, maka ku tolak ajakan tersebut. huhu. selalunya IB & DFP ada dress code. nanti karang penat-penat pergi IB, tapi tak boleh masuk pulak. buang masa je.

so, we changed our plan for that night..which to be updated later (^_____^)

Story # 2: FAME the MOVIE

oh right.
i've just remembered that i havent blogged about Story #2~!

but then again,
it's not like there's anyone interested to know about it anyway. TT___TT

i don't care whether there's anyone out there read all the craps written in here or NOT-
i still want to blog about it. hehe.

so anyway,
where did i left you guys in story #1?

*thinking hard*

oh yeah. 'the backup plan'.

after i said NO to go to IB with my cuz, he asked me if i'm interested to catch a movie. i was like

"ada ke cerita yang best sekarang ni? bukan ke movie yang best-best belum keluar lagi ke?"

and he asked me back,

"pernah dengar tak cerita FAME?"

*all of a sudden, i looked at him with glowing shining eyes*

and I replied with

"eh.. yang Broadway punya teater tu ke? dorang buat movie ke??? waahhhhh"

*again- with glowing smiling beaming shining eyes. haha.*

and he said yes. that's the one.
the remake of FAME is in THEATRE! weehhhoooo!!

it's kind of weird actually, for me to NOT knowing about that. i mean, after all these years i've been crazy over musical theatre. gila teringin nak pergi Broadway. wanna see Cats, Fame and such. but i know how miskin i am, so yeah. there's no way i could afford to go to Broadway anyway. and the least i could do is to watch it in the movie- if it EVER being remake.

and now that it finally made it to the silver screen, i HAVE NO IDEA about it!!
bagaraaaa! pabo! *oke. itu adalah kata-kata kutukan terhadap diri sendiri dalam dua bahasa. tu je la ayat dalam bahasa asing yang paling saye terer . huahuahua*

tapi tiba-tiba kesian dekat diri sendiri sebab mengeji diri sendiri apabila Cuz cakap:

"cerita tu dah keluar kat US dari tahun lepas sebenarnya.."

no wonder i didn't know about it.
but how come only now FAME arrived to Malaysia???
hiarkhhhh! marah nih tau~ huh.


Fame is a 2009 American musical film and is a loose remake of the 1980 film of the same title. It was directed by Kevin Tancharoen and written by Allison Burnett. It was released on September 25, 2009 in the USA, Canada, Ireland and the UK.


ok. ok. enough with the grunts.
so we went to Pavillion to watch it.

my opinion of FAME the Movie:

messy :
too many characters, too little time for each of the character to develop.

the songs were ALMOST very well chosen. except that, the FAME's 'theme' song was only played at the end of the movie?during the credits? what the heck..?? it's supposed to be played AT LEAST during the school years. bukannya masa credit roll out tu. tak puas hati betul. hish. tapi yang lain-lain, ok :)

the dance:

my favourite scene :
1) at the school canteen, where the sophomere gathered and created a song together.
2) during CarnEvil. yerp. not carnival. its carnEVIL. hee. i like the song & the dance. better than the final show during their Graduation Day.

my favourite actor:
Marco (Asher Book).
he has a very good voice.
for acting- hurm. no comment.
i like him only because he's kinda cute and because he can sings. hehee~

perempuan sebelah tu adalah kayu. haha. dengki.

i like his hair in Fame. and i also like it when he wears snow cap.
*eye candy!eye candy!

my favourite actress:
Denise (Naturi Naughton).
she can sing! suara dia sedapppp sangatttttt! i like her voice so much!

i give this movie 3 out of 5 stars. (sebenarnya nak bagi 2.5, tapi macam keji pulak. so dapat lah markah kesian sebanyak 0.5. haha)

picture credit:

Story # 3 : Free Super Junior ticket & The Hunting!~

i'm gonna skip Story #2.
Let's proceed to Story #3 shall we? :)

So the plan for Saturday : Baju Hunting with my sis and my 'nieces' *grin*grin*

//Ep wanted me to be her personal shopper (and tukang bayau), looking for Korean Style baju which is of course, i loikeeee so very much!~ ngeh3.

// she's looking for Yoona's style. heh. kalau dia tak bgtau style Yoona pun taper. i knew EXACTLY what to look for cos me too asek la beli dress & cardi & tops cam dorang. hihi. i guess that's why Ep wanted me to come with her kot ;)

// i personally think Korean/ Taiwan fashion suitable for Hijabis. i like their loose blouse/dress/tops!ya know, kinda Bohemian.loose. :)

They promised me to be at Times Square (TS) at 10am.
but when i called Ep at 9ish am, they were still in bed!!~
ceh. pukul 10 la sangat :p
so i pun sambung la tido sampai pukul 10. lalala~

we met up at Sungai Wang.
i send my 'sick' phone to the 'clinic'.
the 'clinic' was near to the Concourse Stair.
While the 'doctor' checking my phone, i heard screaming voices of girls and i was like "what the h*ll??"
and guess what..??
there were 2 DJs : Ikwan from Hot FM and another chinese DJ from One FM were on the stage- looking for volunteers to do the 'Sorry Sorry battle of the dance'.

and for you, SuJu's die hard fan->READ this:

the winner will get FREE Super Junior Super Show 2 tickets!!

kecoh gila ah Sg Wang time tu.
i'm not sure who is the winner. 'think this one cute tudung girl won it cause Ep & Huda said that she's the best among the other volunteers. it's like, everyone was cheering for her to win.

* That day (Saturday. February 6th, 2010) was the official ticket launching of Super Junior, the 2nd Asia Tour “Super Show 2” Live in Malaysia 2010 , with 15% off!!

After sending my phone to the 'operation theatre' (which took them 3 hours to fix it -__-" ),
we 'accidentally' 'ter'pergi ke concourse area.
kebetulan masa sampai kat bawah tu, terdengar the DJ cakap sumthing like :

"Now, we bring you the real Sorry Sorry dance! let's give it up to them~!"

It turned out, the organizer invited a dance group (Progression) to do the Sorry Sorry dance. and as soon as the music played, all girls were screaming like crazy macam la dorang tengok the real Suju. haha.
sengal gila. termasuk lah adik saye tu. wakaka~

and me, on the other hand, immediately called my brother [Abang] and once when i heard his voice, i said to him :

"Abang, cuba dengar nih"
* sambil halakan henfon ke atas stage* [kahkah. aku pun same mengong].

then i said:

"Along tengah tengok Sujuuuuuuuuuuuu dekat Sungai Wangggggggg........" lol.

and later saya cerita la kat dia pasal dance battle tadik tu. and he was like sangat jeles kot. pastu bolei pulak dia perasan kata "Kalau Abang yang buat Sorry Sorry misti Abang menang tiket free tu. Along, bawak la Abang pegi sana.."

Alolor.. kesiannya~

i could see Ep looking at the Progression with beaming eyes. apekah..??
pastu Huda cakap "Ep tengah cari yang mana satu jadi Heechul".
maka teruslah saye gelak. hahaha.
tader sorang pun dalam group tu yang hensem kotttt. sumer muka budak skolah.
dari segi dance steps, pun tak sharp macam Suju. tak cukup mantap. they need to practice more. cewah~

pandai-pandai je saye nih kan.. hihi~

lepas abes lagu Sorry Sorry, off we went to TS to start the hunting~
owh first, cari Huda cuzzie, Syer (my 'niece' jugak nih) kat Borders.
pastu kitorang alas perut makan roti yang kat tepi Aunt Anne tu. then trus pegi sopping.

kitorang split into 2: me with Ep and Huda with Syer.
bukan apa, rasa cam kesian dengan dorang kalau follow kitorang nanti.
me kinda fussy cari baju, tapi normally sekejap je dah jumpa.

the problem is with my sis.

penat gilaaaa kot cari baju untuk si Ep nih.
dari tengahari sampai ke pukul 6 petang, baru jumpa 1 jaket jerrrrr!
nak cari t-shirt yang seswai dengan dia adalah sangat sukar.

//tu la..dah banyak kali dah suwoh dia kuruskan badan. degil tamo dengar cakap orang.
// FYI, dia tak gumuk. tapiii.. urm.. kena tone up kan sket kot.

this top is too small for her. aiyoo~

i loveeeeee this knee high boot!
tapi bila tah bolei pakai kalau beli. bukannya gi clubbing pun ;p

kitorang abes sopping around 730 pm. pastu dengan seksanya dragged kaki ke BB Plaza for Maghrib prayer sebab surau kat sana tak ramai orang.
owh, saya baru tau rupanya Sg Wang tu cantum dengan BB Plaza. selama nih tatau pun kewujudan sebuah tempat bernama BB Plaza. hahaha.
oh well, i'm not a frequent Sg Wang shopper pun. rasanyer dalam 3 tahun nih, penah pegi 4,5 kali je. eh entah entah tak sampai 5 kali kot. hihihi.

Lepas Maghrib, kitorang trus pegi KLCC as the girls nak jumpa kawan-kawan dorang kat sana.
me pulak jumpa kawan lain and pegi makan kat Kg Baru.
sedappppppnya dapat makan Somtam lagiiiiiii~! yeaay!

esok tu (ahad) me pengsan satu hari!

haha. caption perasantan.
dorang jer la yang gorjes. saye takkk. saye tumpang kegorjesan dorang aje. huhu~

*'Suju' pix credit to Huda*
*Model pix taken from www*

Monday, February 1, 2010

so, what's cookin'? *updated*

nuthin' much, i guess.

* i've downloaded Glee. not as funny as what i thought it would be. someone said it's like Ugly Betty but it's not. Ugly Betty lagiiiii super kelakar gila, oke!~ haaih, rindu si Betty, Danial & Marc pula. hihi :) owh tapi lagu-lagu dalam Glee memang cool! best!~ *so far, i have watched Episode 1->Episode 9 * :)

* went out wif my 2nd cuzzie last week. kinda awkward at first, since i never talked to him eversince.. hurm.. let's see.. owh wait. i NEVER talked to him eversince i can TALK. lol. so when he asked me out, i agreed because..well, that' what relatives do, right? see each other, hangout and do stuff together. not that i've never seen or went out with my other cousins before this. maybe it's kinda awkward with him because=> we've never spoken before, kot. tapi bila dah melepak sama-sama, tak rasa awkward pun. he.

* for the first time, i get to see Haziq in his Pengawas (Prefect) Attire during school day. yeaayy! *proud grin* [i was in my hometown last weekend. It was Public Holiday for KL on Monday, Feb 1st.]

haaihh, he's growing up too fast.. *sigh*

on Monday morning :)

professor Haziq with his.. ahemm.. girlfriend. ngehngehngeh

gambar hiasan.
keji kan..? kacau orang solat. ngee~

* i made pancakes (for the first time)!! tapi tak menjadi kerana Angah tersilap beli susu. it's supposed to use fresh milk. but Angah bought Chocolate Milk. hurm, belasah je lah. saye guna juga choc milk tu. so jadilah pancake perisa coklat (Chocolate flavour pancake). haha. Haziq cakap sedap. saye tak rasa pun. tak sangguppp nak masukkan dalam mulut!~ haha.

[ i have the pancake pictures, but am too embarassed to post it in here. maybe later la ek. hee. ]

so that's that.

owh yeah. on JengJengJeng updates:

** i haven't apply for annual leave yet. it's gonna be a week of leave. cis lah. rasa berdebar-debar pulak nak apply cuti. huhu.
** need to buy some stuff for the JengJengJeng trip. i am so excited!!~ ^__^
-> travel toilettries set= checked!
-> dry bag => noted. (sape tau kat mana ada jual nih ek?)
-> underwater camera => checked!

aik.. tu jer..?? syukurrrr.. now let's go baju hunting pulak! hehehehe.