Friday, February 12, 2010

Die! And then come back..

that is one of the most memorable quote
Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief.

for those who grew up reading about Greek Myth (like yours truly. hihi),
you'll find this movie entertaining .
it's kinda funny to see how they 'modern'ized the 'Gods'.
it's really enjoyable and funny to see how the 'Gods' live among us.

*spoiler alert*

DO NOT CONTINUE READING this except if you can handle it ;p

this is not a brilliant movie, mind you.
cos even i can predict who is the culprit from the very beginning.
oops! ;)
the characters are lame. the Black always the goofy one. duhhh.
but still,
it's entertaining to watch.
memang gelak abes ah bila tengok sebab banyak scene yang sengal. hahaha.
and plus,
many famous / well known celebrities are in the movie such as
Uma Thurman, Pierce Brosnan, Kevin McKidd (to name a few).

i give this movie 3.5 out of 5 stars.
(ceh.. sesuka je kan, nak bagi star. haha)

ok darlings,
enough spoiling i guess. hee.
time to sleep.
nite nite everyone :)

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wadi said...

x best pn...

{travel junkie lady} said...

eleh..dah tengok belum? aloq setaq ada ke wayang? wakaka

wadi said...

eh.. mulut tu besa... nnt ai cili br tau..
nk kena kot.. bek2 sket ar.. tgk dak lg adnan sempit?

{travel junkie lady} said...

yu nak cili cemana? mai la dtg cni kalo berani. muahaha.

belum tgk lagi la adnan sempit tu. best ke..?

wadi said...

6 kali tu membe ai tgk.. bkn ai lew... ai x tgk lg yu... ngeh3...
Kira stylo gak lew... Kalu bley tgk cite melayu smpai 6 kali...

{travel junkie lady} said...

biar betul tgk sampai 6kali?best sgt ke? iskh. unbelievable~

wadi said...

tu la pasal... mcm x percaya jew...