Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Have you ever needed something so bad, You can't sleep at night?

it's a pain, isn't it? to can't have something that you want so bad.
it keeps you up all night. toss and turn.
thinking and wondering of zillionth possible things to do so that you can have it.

i've been cranky this whole week, actually.
feels like crying. seriously.
sakit 'hati' yang amat.
and i've been talking to my close friends about this.
and i know- that they might think that i'm being ridiculous or whatever.

but i really can't help it.
i've been moody,
giving silence treatment,
didn't answer call,
reply SMS orang pun dalam keadaan terpaksa. siap off-hp lagi sebab tak nak diganggu.


kenapa?kenapa?kenapa la bulan 3 baru kau sampai kat Malaysia ahhhh..???

SONY DSC-TX5- You take my breath away~

am going to JengJengJeng in a few days.. so i guess i'll use whatever i have to capture the pristine place.
gua tensyen nih beb!!!~
*hah amek ko; hangin punya pasal, keluar bahasa era 80-an pulak. ngee.*
now it's almost 1 a.m and i can't sleep thinking about this!

Brandy's Have You Ever song tells exactly how i feel right now.
memang la bunyinya macam poyo je kan...
but i have this one problem:
i HAVE to HAVE whatever i WANT to have. no matter what.
and to make things worst: TX5 is my love at first sight ;p

feels like some heavy burden has been lifted up a bit. A BIT.
but at least i can 'SHOUT OUT' in this blog.
get it out from my system.
so puas hati jugak la *sikit* kan sebab tak bolei jerit kat alam nyata nih. hee.

i haven't made up my mind about when to balik kampung lah cause i still got some 'unfinished business':

1) am going to shop for baby stuff - for a friend and another friend.

2) am going to visit baby Umairah. hee. can't wait!

3) need to buy some stuff. last minute baru perasan ada few things missing:

-> Contact Lense's Solution -Traveler pack.
-> Sun Block ku dah habis rupanya. so i need to buy a new one.
Film for my so-called 'LOMO Camera'.
Toothpaste - small (Traveler's pack).
-> haven't bought Dry Bag yet. maybe will go find this thing at PJ sometime on Friday or Monday. huh. sangat last minute la haku nih. adeih.

4) haven't gone to Post Office to send my 'surat chenta'. *sigh*

5) satgi nak translate lagu pulak. aduyai.

6)damn i can't find my headscarf! di manakah kau menyorok wahai scarf?ke kat Melaka? huwaa~

i think that's it.
ooh suddenly rasa stress balik.
am so gonna buy a new camera this friday. huh!


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wadi said...

truk sgt dh bdk ni.... x lama la tu...ngeh3...

{travel junkie lady} said...

hi AJ! you can PM me the details at my facebook acct (the address is on the sidebar in The Lady column ).

thanks for visiting. :)

wadi: huh? apa yang tak lama?

wadi said...

x lama dh lew... tggu ms jew... ngeh3...

wadi said...

awat gambaq censored?? mcm dlm 999...
buang merata... hish3... astaga... apa nk jd ni...

{travel junkie lady} said...

huh. malas nak layan. firestone =p