secretly.. i want to be a vampire..

6:52 AM

yea. i wish.

fineeeee. i lied. i never want to be a vampire. malay vampire is not as cool as the american movie's vampires, anyway. like, sapa nak jadi Keliwon sila angkat keyboard? of course no one would wanna be the Keliwon. sangat tak cool.
but still, you know how i have a thing with vampire, right? hehehe~

i've been watching The Vampire Diaries [TVD]. i have 10 episodes to watch, but i stopped until Episode 2 just because i want to blog about it. ngee~ :)

*click the picture for larger view*

what can i say about this series?
it's kinda Twilight movie turns to drama series. Only that: seriously, this drama is creepy. i hate Damon. and i don't really like Stefan too- sebab dia tak hensem. hahaha. why does the bad guys always the handsome one???? and this is why the good girl always fall for the bad guys. lol.

i've told my friend that i'd rather scared the shit hell out of me watching 1408 or Drag Me To Hell than to watch The Vampire Diaries. you know why?

because i hate bloody blood movie/drama~!

it's like watching some sort of psycho sadistic killer movie- EeeeEeE.. tak suka nya~! serammmm oh. dengan gigi taring tu, pastu muka macam kejam gila penuh kepuasan selamba badak je benam taring kat leher. Eurghhhhhhhh- takutttttt~! (and it gross too!!Eeuuww!) huhu..

as for Stefan-
i hate to admit this, but i DID smile like an idiot when i saw the first episode of TVD cos he remind me of Edward Cullen. hihi. (no worry Edward. You are still my number 1 vampire hero no matter how stupid i think you are. sebab kamu sangat romantika d'amour. huahuahua)

but no matter how i hate that creep and jerk Damon,
i'll continue to watch episode 3 as soon as i finished blog about this-

sebab SAYA kan MEMANG SANGAT SUKA MENAKUTKAN DIRI SENDIRI which sometimes i find it amusing. haha. mengong.

ok. bye.
it's time to continue watching The Vampire Diaries.

ooh btw, tomorrow is Monday.
so HAPPY MONDAY BLUES tomorrow, everyone!~ ^__^


dah tengok sampai episod 6- tak seram pun. he. but again, Edward is still my number 1 vampire hero. like hello, he's a virgin! he's very careful whenever he's around Bella. what's not to like about that? .ngee~

tak macam vampires dalam TVD tu, gataii . huh. aser macam nak karate je :-/

ps: i love the songs in TVD too. lots of my favourite songs are in it, like from One Republic, The Fray.. (to name a few). sukaaaaaa! :)

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