so, what's cookin'? *updated*

9:42 PM

nuthin' much, i guess.

* i've downloaded Glee. not as funny as what i thought it would be. someone said it's like Ugly Betty but it's not. Ugly Betty lagiiiii super kelakar gila, oke!~ haaih, rindu si Betty, Danial & Marc pula. hihi :) owh tapi lagu-lagu dalam Glee memang cool! best!~ *so far, i have watched Episode 1->Episode 9 * :)

* went out wif my 2nd cuzzie last week. kinda awkward at first, since i never talked to him eversince.. hurm.. let's see.. owh wait. i NEVER talked to him eversince i can TALK. lol. so when he asked me out, i agreed because..well, that' what relatives do, right? see each other, hangout and do stuff together. not that i've never seen or went out with my other cousins before this. maybe it's kinda awkward with him because=> we've never spoken before, kot. tapi bila dah melepak sama-sama, tak rasa awkward pun. he.

* for the first time, i get to see Haziq in his Pengawas (Prefect) Attire during school day. yeaayy! *proud grin* [i was in my hometown last weekend. It was Public Holiday for KL on Monday, Feb 1st.]

haaihh, he's growing up too fast.. *sigh*

on Monday morning :)

professor Haziq with his.. ahemm.. girlfriend. ngehngehngeh

gambar hiasan.
keji kan..? kacau orang solat. ngee~

* i made pancakes (for the first time)!! tapi tak menjadi kerana Angah tersilap beli susu. it's supposed to use fresh milk. but Angah bought Chocolate Milk. hurm, belasah je lah. saye guna juga choc milk tu. so jadilah pancake perisa coklat (Chocolate flavour pancake). haha. Haziq cakap sedap. saye tak rasa pun. tak sangguppp nak masukkan dalam mulut!~ haha.

[ i have the pancake pictures, but am too embarassed to post it in here. maybe later la ek. hee. ]

so that's that.

owh yeah. on JengJengJeng updates:

** i haven't apply for annual leave yet. it's gonna be a week of leave. cis lah. rasa berdebar-debar pulak nak apply cuti. huhu.
** need to buy some stuff for the JengJengJeng trip. i am so excited!!~ ^__^
-> travel toilettries set= checked!
-> dry bag => noted. (sape tau kat mana ada jual nih ek?)
-> underwater camera => checked!

aik.. tu jer..?? syukurrrr.. now let's go baju hunting pulak! hehehehe.

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