Story # 2: FAME the MOVIE

4:39 AM

oh right.
i've just remembered that i havent blogged about Story #2~!

but then again,
it's not like there's anyone interested to know about it anyway. TT___TT

i don't care whether there's anyone out there read all the craps written in here or NOT-
i still want to blog about it. hehe.

so anyway,
where did i left you guys in story #1?

*thinking hard*

oh yeah. 'the backup plan'.

after i said NO to go to IB with my cuz, he asked me if i'm interested to catch a movie. i was like

"ada ke cerita yang best sekarang ni? bukan ke movie yang best-best belum keluar lagi ke?"

and he asked me back,

"pernah dengar tak cerita FAME?"

*all of a sudden, i looked at him with glowing shining eyes*

and I replied with

"eh.. yang Broadway punya teater tu ke? dorang buat movie ke??? waahhhhh"

*again- with glowing smiling beaming shining eyes. haha.*

and he said yes. that's the one.
the remake of FAME is in THEATRE! weehhhoooo!!

it's kind of weird actually, for me to NOT knowing about that. i mean, after all these years i've been crazy over musical theatre. gila teringin nak pergi Broadway. wanna see Cats, Fame and such. but i know how miskin i am, so yeah. there's no way i could afford to go to Broadway anyway. and the least i could do is to watch it in the movie- if it EVER being remake.

and now that it finally made it to the silver screen, i HAVE NO IDEA about it!!
bagaraaaa! pabo! *oke. itu adalah kata-kata kutukan terhadap diri sendiri dalam dua bahasa. tu je la ayat dalam bahasa asing yang paling saye terer . huahuahua*

tapi tiba-tiba kesian dekat diri sendiri sebab mengeji diri sendiri apabila Cuz cakap:

"cerita tu dah keluar kat US dari tahun lepas sebenarnya.."

no wonder i didn't know about it.
but how come only now FAME arrived to Malaysia???
hiarkhhhh! marah nih tau~ huh.


Fame is a 2009 American musical film and is a loose remake of the 1980 film of the same title. It was directed by Kevin Tancharoen and written by Allison Burnett. It was released on September 25, 2009 in the USA, Canada, Ireland and the UK.


ok. ok. enough with the grunts.
so we went to Pavillion to watch it.

my opinion of FAME the Movie:

messy :
too many characters, too little time for each of the character to develop.

the songs were ALMOST very well chosen. except that, the FAME's 'theme' song was only played at the end of the movie?during the credits? what the heck..?? it's supposed to be played AT LEAST during the school years. bukannya masa credit roll out tu. tak puas hati betul. hish. tapi yang lain-lain, ok :)

the dance:

my favourite scene :
1) at the school canteen, where the sophomere gathered and created a song together.
2) during CarnEvil. yerp. not carnival. its carnEVIL. hee. i like the song & the dance. better than the final show during their Graduation Day.

my favourite actor:
Marco (Asher Book).
he has a very good voice.
for acting- hurm. no comment.
i like him only because he's kinda cute and because he can sings. hehee~

perempuan sebelah tu adalah kayu. haha. dengki.

i like his hair in Fame. and i also like it when he wears snow cap.
*eye candy!eye candy!

my favourite actress:
Denise (Naturi Naughton).
she can sing! suara dia sedapppp sangatttttt! i like her voice so much!

i give this movie 3 out of 5 stars. (sebenarnya nak bagi 2.5, tapi macam keji pulak. so dapat lah markah kesian sebanyak 0.5. haha)

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