You make me so hot, Make me wanna drop, You're so ridiculous, I can barely stop-

6:49 PM

it's so freaking hot nowadays~
i used to wear shorts & spagetti at home, but now it feels like.. ya know- you just want to drop everything off- don't want to wear anything at all. hahaha. ok. i'm just kidding. i will NEVER go that far. i'm not that crazy (yet). ^__-

on the news it says that now is 'that time of the year' - musim panas (summertime). hah? sejak bila malaysia jadi negara oramputih nih? siap ada musim panas bagai. dekat johor siap kena catuan air pula tu.

oh. it reminds me of this one time in 1990 or was it 1991? (i couldn't remember) - i saw my grand-dad was in the telly, taking water from a well in Melaka. i was like "ehh, atuk masuk tv!!".
*berkata dengan penuh perasaan bangga walopun cameraman tersebut mengambil gambar atuk yang sedang bersusah payah mengangkut air disebabkan kemarau. tak kira lah pasal apa pun, yang penting atuk saye masuk tv. atuk kamu ader??hahahaha. sengal *

btw, yerp. it was that time of the year - SUMMER! the hot weather hit melaka that year. it was really bad that Dad had to bring grand-dad and grand-mom to stay with us at Kuantan for a while.

so yeah. i guess MAYBE it is true that this current HOT and DRY weather is because of 'that time of the year' too. BUT i am also couldn't help but thinking that the current hot weather is the effect of Global Warming.

Is there anything we can do to help the EARTH? or do we just sit around doing nothing and let the GOVERNMENT do the job??

fortunately, there is a WAY(s) for us to help.
anyway, here are some simple tips for us to use in fighting against Global Warming.

The Stop Global Warming calculator shows you how much carbon dioxide you can prevent from being released into the atmosphere and how much money you can save by making some small changes in your daily life. It’s our hope that the calculator will promote action, awareness and empowerment by showing you that one person can make a difference and help stop global warming.

There are many simple things you can do in your daily life — what you eat, what you drive, how you build your home — that can have an effect on your immediate surrounding, and on places as far away as Antactica. Here is a list of few things that you can do to make a difference.

source from

To Make EARTH a Better Place-
Stop Global Warming!

note: currently listening to Summertime by New Kids On The Block.
lagu pun ikut tema cuaca, ok! hehe.

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