Wednesday, March 31, 2010

i have issue with relationship..

everytime someone wants to get serious with me, i'll walk away.
dunno why.
it's just something i do-sort of like a reflex. auto-setting or something.
sometimes, i even think that i've been cursed.. (-__-")

it's been 3 (almost 4) years and i've been turning down too many proposals..
superstar pun tak buat perangai macam nih. haha. xD

hurm. whatev.
i wonder what makes people get married.
is it love?
or is it something else?
is there any mutual understanding or whatever you guys do/think to get married..?
do you really have to be in love to get married..?

tell me. answer me. please.. i wanna know...

* iskh. berdebar-debar pulak bila post entry ni. huhu~*

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Dinner at Swensen SS2, PJ

won't write much. feels so hungry all over again after seeing all this pictures.
Swensen, i'll definitely come again next time!! (insya Allah)

tatau nak pilih yang mana. semua nampak yummylicious! sedap!

:: Main Course ::


:: Dessert ::

erm.. too sweet..

ok. sekarang adalah berasa sangat lapar. jom jalan-jalan cari makan! ;)

Sunday, March 28, 2010

so much for the Earth Hour at i -City *haha*

but hey, i'm earth-hour'ing everyday, ok? ;)
setakat support setahun sekali je, buat apa kan?
i mean, this is serious. it's not once-a-year-kinda thing.
we should do this EVERY DAY.
sila refer sini untuk terus menabur-bakti kepada Earth yang tersayang ya, kawan-kawan :)

but i salute for the effort of having Earth Hour Day.
harap-harap semua orang akan aware how important this thing is..
ok. enough babbling.

anyway, this is what WE did during Earth Hour Day [27-03-2010]
(seriously, entry ni tiada kaitan langsung dengan Earth Hour. haha)

1) Marni & Fakhzan's Reception @ Meru

Marni sangat cantik. wajah melayu klasik.
dan dia sememangnya originally cantik. bukan sebab make-up.
(selalunya orang kahwin cantik sebab make-up. muka berubah jadi lain. walaupun cantik, tapi.. urm.. )
tapi Marni tak. Dari zaman kat UTM lagi saya sentiasa kagum tengok kulit dia.
tak perlu make-up lebih-lebih. iskh. jeles. ;p

to Marni & Fakhzan:
Congrats!!~May ALLAH bless this marriage..
and may both of you live together happily ever after even until the after-life..

2) Us melepak @ Pak Li.

the last 2 guys on the right are getting married!
(and they were actually discussing about having a bachelor party. ceh ceh. macam real je nak buat ;p )

been together for 7 (almost 8) years and still counting!!

kecoh gila Pak Li Kopitiam dengan gelak ketawa kitorang. LOL.
owh i really miss this-
how we used to hang out with each other like ol times..

(asal pergi Shah Alam je, mesti kena lepak sini..
it's been almost 4 years. u guys should really find some other cool place to lepak laa..
but yeah. Pak Li is not bad.. ;p

3)'Earth-Hour' at i-City, Shah Alam

ouh! kehitaman yang sungguh terserlah. damn you Mabul!





ok fine. it's not Mabul's fault. it's the poor lighting .. hehe

4) Dinner at Intai-Intai

we didn't know where to bring Liza for dinner.
thought of having dinner at Istana, at first. but since we're already tired, we decided to have dinner somewhere close to my house. Maka, terus lah kami ke Intai-Intai.
senang. besides, i LOVE their food! it's Thai's.
yang tak bestnya, takde somtam.. tsk!
(takde gambar. dah banyak kali makan kat sini. rasa macam sengal + poyo je kalau letak gambar.huhu.
hurm.. maybe next time.. oke? hee.

note: all pictures were taken using my 3.0 mp handphone. so pls excuse of the poor quality images.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

isn't she beautiful?

from L to R : my sister [ifie], her friend, my niece ?(huda)

cantik kan dia?

no. i'm not talking about my sister.Align Center

i'm talking about these:

yup. the BOOTS that she's wearing.

gila jeles oh tengok dia pakai boots.
i've been dreaming to wear boots ever since..
forever! *click*

but i never really get any chance to wear it.
ye lah kan.. takde masa yang sesuai untuk pakai boots kot..~
Malaysia kan panas.. ;p

pasni turn saya pula pergi konsert, kan?

* haha. ye yer je bagi ceramah kat epie pasal hal pergi concert tu*

*saya tak marah dia pergi concert. tapi saya juga tak galakkan .. tak marah sebab dia pergi dengan ramai kawan-kawan perempuan & sebab ada Huda. but still, ada juga sedikit dissapointed kot. huhu. sorry epie. ailebiu =p*

*so lepas nih dah boleh tidur lena kan? Sila habiskan Master anda on time yer. jangan extend sebab asek mimpi Heechul sudah~ hehe*

*btw, Donghae is mine (and Jihah's also) wakakaka *

Terima kasih (^_____^)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

kerana diriku bukan aku tiap kali kau menjauh..

Ku Bukan Aku by Tilu

Lama sungguh hari berlalu
Hening malam menyiksaku
Bila bersendirian sepi jadi pilu

Kau pergi aku yang hilang
Sedikit pun hidup tak senang
Langit cerah ku renung mendung kelabu

Kerana diriku bukan aku
Tiap kali kau menjauh
Fikiran tak keruan
Jiwa rasa kekosongan
Diriku bukan aku
Tiap kali kau menjauh
Pulangkan dia ke pangkuanku

Yang digemar menjadi bosan
Sukarnya cari ketenteraman
Bila hati bersedih semuanya tak betul

Ku cuba setabah hati melupakan
Dirimu dari ingatan
Tapi semakin dicuba semakin rindu

( c/o 2x)

note: suka sangat lagu nih. comel! :)

Sunday, March 21, 2010

2nd Putrajaya Hot Air Balloon Festival

And as for Twenty 10, the story begins here:

Date: 21-03-2010 (sunday)

Woke up at 5.30 am. takut terlewat punya pasal. Thought of calling Mozal, tapi takut dikata poyo, maka ku cancel niat di hati. hee.

6.45 am: SMSed Adan, tanya dah gerak ke belum. katanya "On the way", tapi rupanya on the way ke bilik air. ceis. hampeh. Mozal was already queieng to buy tethered hot air balloon ride ticket at Putrajaya.

7.40am : gerak ke Putrajaya. singgah ke Puchong to fetch Pak Lah.

7.50 am: Mozal called and he said, "Tiket dah habis".

Huwaaaaaaaaaa~!!!tak dapat naik belon!! daku sangat kecewa. T___T
takpe lah. takder rezeki. perhaps next year la kot. huhu.

anyway, i will update more later. *insya Allah*

me & ana

2 orang kanak-kanak bermain layang-layang. haha.

mozal. adan. ttjl. ana

credit: the last 4 pictures are from abosama

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Travelogue Mabul - Sipadan Trip : Day 3 [Part I]

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Remember in this entry, when i said that Billabong was very understanding and flexible with customer? that i said if i were a Billabong agent, i'd most probably kicked out my group from Mabul for being very fussy- we've been changing mind to stay at Mabul from 4D3N to 3D2N and then to 4D3N again?? memang sengal kan?

but yeah. thank goodness, they don't mind at all. (maybe they've been cursing us under their breath, but who knows?) As far as our concern, they don't mind. because right from the first day, Mr Faizal (Billabong's boss) already told us that the schedule was up to us. What we need to do is to tell them what we're going to do so that they can arrange everything else. And this is why I LOVE BILLABONG SCUBA!! ^____^

So anyway,today should be our last day at Mabul (this is the second plan: 3D2N). We should be heading out from Mabul to Semporna after DSD- Second Dive at Kapalai Island at noon. but again, we changed our plan. Why?? i'll tell you about it later ;)

Third Day Itinerary:

1. Morning : Exploring Mabul Island *again*

2. Noon : Went to Bajau Laut 'Boat-House'

3. at 1.30 pm : DSD at Kapalai ->but we changed it to Mabul because we wanted to take pictures with the TURTLES!! :)

4. Night : Attending Bajau Laut wedding ceremony -> the reason why we postponed going back to Semporna. *grin*

i know how you peeps hate reading, so here you go, a bunch of photos of Day 3 at Mabul Island, Part 1 (Around Mabul).

[ok now. some of you might say, 'what? explore Mabul. again?? WTH?? '
well, for me, every day i see something new, something different, something interesting. i like it here. it's so peaceful.. and beautiful. everywhere you go (pantai), you'll see the crystal clear water. and right at that moment, you'll feel like wanna go jump into the water and swim in the ocean.. ! ]

gosh, i miss Mabul! And you'll be tempted too once when u've seen these pictures~! so feast your eyes! (^___-)v

so the morning started with above picture. yerp. it did creeps me out a bit. but Mozal said that it's nothing cause he'd seen this phenomenon happened few times when he was offshore- and normally the cloud will slowly vanish in the thin air in a few seconds. Still, i was scared cause a few days earlier, Tawau was given a Tsunami alert because of the earthquake at Chile..
but yeah, i also thinks it's kinda cool to have the oppurtunity to see that. Subhanallah.. :)

hey hey! wait for me!

besar nya ikan...

alolor tomei nya bawak kucing... ^__^







sekali ha.. hamek ko. dia campak kucing tu!

We came across several souvenir shops along the way..
FYI: There are many shop-houses in the island

The rest of below pictures were us at Sipadan Mabul Resort (SMART)

i am so in loveeeee with this place!

Faz & I

my favourite shot. taken by Pak Lah.

ini lah hasilnya. Shot by Mozal.

gambar merepek. hihi.


Faz & Adan are my two favourite 'model'. they're both photogenic (betul ke ejaan ni??) and always look happy & cheerful. saya suka sangat amek gambar dorang.

happy sakan dok kat Mabul, kot..? ;)

(no offense ye pak lah & mozal. ngeeee~)

he was trying to catch a fish..

bersungguh benar dia mencuba..


orang lain pula yang berjaya tangkap. huhu~

akhirnya Adan kecewa lalu membenamkan dirinya ke dalam air.


no lah. IJK. he's definitely can't resist the air laut. sangat marvelous! :)

Adan dah tak tahan tengok air yang jernih tu.


it was a bright sunny day. and we were very tired and thirsty. and then we saw this Abang, asked him if we can have the air kelapa (coconut juice). He was very kind enough to climb the coconut tree for us.. and cut it for us. and we're not even the resort customer!! sangat lah baik... perhaps next time i'll consider to stay here :)

sungguh rakus muka masing-masing. too thirsty i guess =p

and finally, my favourite group picture

i totally love you guys!! :)