so much for the Earth Hour at i -City *haha*

2:06 AM

but hey, i'm earth-hour'ing everyday, ok? ;)
setakat support setahun sekali je, buat apa kan?
i mean, this is serious. it's not once-a-year-kinda thing.
we should do this EVERY DAY.
sila refer sini untuk terus menabur-bakti kepada Earth yang tersayang ya, kawan-kawan :)

but i salute for the effort of having Earth Hour Day.
harap-harap semua orang akan aware how important this thing is..
ok. enough babbling.

anyway, this is what WE did during Earth Hour Day [27-03-2010]
(seriously, entry ni tiada kaitan langsung dengan Earth Hour. haha)

1) Marni & Fakhzan's Reception @ Meru

Marni sangat cantik. wajah melayu klasik.
dan dia sememangnya originally cantik. bukan sebab make-up.
(selalunya orang kahwin cantik sebab make-up. muka berubah jadi lain. walaupun cantik, tapi.. urm.. )
tapi Marni tak. Dari zaman kat UTM lagi saya sentiasa kagum tengok kulit dia.
tak perlu make-up lebih-lebih. iskh. jeles. ;p

to Marni & Fakhzan:
Congrats!!~May ALLAH bless this marriage..
and may both of you live together happily ever after even until the after-life..

2) Us melepak @ Pak Li.

the last 2 guys on the right are getting married!
(and they were actually discussing about having a bachelor party. ceh ceh. macam real je nak buat ;p )

been together for 7 (almost 8) years and still counting!!

kecoh gila Pak Li Kopitiam dengan gelak ketawa kitorang. LOL.
owh i really miss this-
how we used to hang out with each other like ol times..

(asal pergi Shah Alam je, mesti kena lepak sini..
it's been almost 4 years. u guys should really find some other cool place to lepak laa..
but yeah. Pak Li is not bad.. ;p

3)'Earth-Hour' at i-City, Shah Alam

ouh! kehitaman yang sungguh terserlah. damn you Mabul!





ok fine. it's not Mabul's fault. it's the poor lighting .. hehe

4) Dinner at Intai-Intai

we didn't know where to bring Liza for dinner.
thought of having dinner at Istana, at first. but since we're already tired, we decided to have dinner somewhere close to my house. Maka, terus lah kami ke Intai-Intai.
senang. besides, i LOVE their food! it's Thai's.
yang tak bestnya, takde somtam.. tsk!
(takde gambar. dah banyak kali makan kat sini. rasa macam sengal + poyo je kalau letak gambar.huhu.
hurm.. maybe next time.. oke? hee.

note: all pictures were taken using my 3.0 mp handphone. so pls excuse of the poor quality images.

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