Travelogue Mabul - Sipadan Trip : Day 1

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I have trouble in selecting pictures to be uploaded in here and in my fotopages. personal photos were already uploaded in my FB so some of you might already see and left nasty jealous-kinda- comment(s). hmm, tau la jeles ;) hehe.

i still don't have any idea on how and what to write about the recent vacation. To keep it short, most of our time we spent with:

1) snorkeling
2) sight-seeing and exploring Mabul Island (kitorang jalan-jalan pusing Pulau Mabul setiap hari! hehe)

and the highlight of this vacation is of course:-

3)Scuba Diving!!~

Hmm.. i guess today i should share about our first day journey :
KL- Tawau- Semporna - Mabul Island - Sipadan Island.

Trip : Fun Holiday at Pulau Mabul and Pulau Sipadan
Date : 02-->05 March 2010
Package from: BSDS [Billabong Scuba]
Vacationer : TTJL, Faz, Pak Lah, Mozal, Adan.

1) Met up at LCCT at about 5.30 a.m. There were only 3 of us: Me, Faz and Adan. We're going to Tawau. Pak Lah and Mozal went to Sabah 3 days ahead of us. Both of them went to Kota Kinabalu to climb Mount Kinabalu. That was the 3rd times for Mozal and 2nd time for Pak lah. All of us (except Adan) had our first time climbed Mount Kinabalu in 2004 :)

2) Kinda excited to try the self-checked in at LCCT. dah hampir setahun tak naik kapal terbang, maka agak kejakunan sikit di situ. ngeee~ Thought of having self-check in at home, but i don't have any printer, that's why i was kinda excited to try the self- check in kiosk. sangat poyo dan jakun, i know!~ ;)

3) Depart to Tawau at 0720 hrs. Arrived at Tawau Airport at 10ish hrs. Our Billabong Agent, Mr. Faizal were already waiting to pick us to go to Semporna. At 1030 hrs, we were off to Semporna :)

4) Arrived at Semporna about an hour later.Went to Billabong's office. Pak Lah & Mozal were taking their sweet time sleeping at the office (Billabong provide guest rooms at their office too!). kesian dorang sebab kena naik bas dari KK ke Semporna gara-gara flight Air Asia di delay ke tengah hari. We were rushing to go to Sipadan on the first day, so that's why they had to burn their Air Asia ticket and went to Semporna by bus instead of waiting for that afternoon flight. :(

5) Took a 45-minutes boat ride to Mabul Island (5 of us + Frank from Germany).

6) Proceed to Sipadan Island after lunch (at 1400 hrs).

7) Back to Mabul at 1800 hrs. Free at leisure onwards.

Now, let the pictures tell you the rest :)

oh. ada orang amek gambar curi..
terasa macam model pulak.
pakai spek besar feeling macam Paris Hilton. hahaha. (^__-)v

Amazing! Sipadan was simply amazing!
The underwater world of Sipadan is beautiful more than words can say!
there're not much to see, for us, the Snorkeler.
but it's a heaven for divers as Sipadan Island is surrounded by 600 metres deep sea!!!

tempat cetek kecil sahaja. sekitar jeti. itu pun tak lah cetek mana. ada la sekitar 2-3 meter dalamnya. lepas tu, tak jauh dari tempat snorkeling adalah jurang sedalam 600 m. memang cuak gila la masa snorkeling tu sebab saya nih gayat. plus ada shark, ok?! huhu~

I'm sorry there're not much underwater creatures pictures in here. gambar kitorang je yang banyak. ngee~

(you should wait the updates of Day 2 & Day 3, you'll be surely amazed by our experience diving with turtles!! ^__^ )

one of my collegue was kinda shocked to see that i was being underwater without Snorkel and Life Jacket. But before i could explain anything to her, she said to me,
"Ni mesti sebab nak bergambar ni, kan?"

and i laughed, and was like, "you know me right? demi gambar, I'd go to the EXTREME!".

Peduli apa saya dengan shark yang ada dekat sebelah tu. dan peduli apa saya dengan goggle yang longgar tu, pinjam daripada Mozal (eh, ke Adan yang punya? konfius pulak. he.) yang penting, gambar mesti TERBAIKKKKK!!~ ngehngehngeh ;D

ok. tipu. masa saya bergambar tu, shark tu dah pergi tempat lain. kacau divers mat salleh kat bawah tu kot. (divers that were in the same boat with us, told us that there were lots of sharks down there when they went to dive.) hee.

More pictures coming up later, so stay tuned! ^___^

1. hangin betul bila teringat goggle sendiri tertinggal kat KL. huhuhu~

2. tension gila bila kamera tertinggal dekat homestay masa pergi Sipadan.

all photos are from my camera, Faz's and Pak Lah's.

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