Saturday, March 13, 2010

Travelogue Mabul - Sipadan Trip : Day 2

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Today we're gonna have our first dive, for the first time EVER *big grin*
The weather was great. (i guess, as long as it's not raining, i won't complain anything. just be thankful. Alhamdulillah :) )

So this is what we did for that day:

1) Early morning: Took a walk around Mabul Island. (err, only half of Mabul to be exact. )

2) 1030 hrs : Had our DSD briefing.

3) 1100 hrs : Took off to Paradise 1

4) Return back to homestay by noon for lunch.

5) evening : exploring another half of Mabul :)

Now, it's photos time!! ^___^

1) Early morning: Took a walk around Mabul Island.

there's a small primary school in this island.

what were you thinking when you see above picture?

no. she's not kissing the stone.
and no. this is not some ritual or whatever religious thingy going on.

the truth is,
Faz's camera fell into the water!
and she was looking for her camera by seeing it through the small hole between the rocks.

it's kinda funny to see this pic tho.
it's like, Faz is asking for forgiveness from Pak Lah or something. lol.

Faz membawa hatinya ke.. err.. kedai setelah kamera nya tak dapat diselamatkan lagi.
motif ke kedai?
i have no idea. hehe.
(kamera selamat dikait. tapi tak boleh guna lagi dah. huhu. nasib baik memory card ok lagi~)

2) 1030 hrs : Had our DSD briefing.

psstt, isi borang nikah ke, bro? kekeke.

he's filling up diving release form

Preparing the gear.
above picture: Dive master was preparing my BCD. and my fins.

were trying the wet suit.
mine was Size S.
but.. hurm.. was a lot bit loose. i guess i should wear XS. *sigh*

a Bajau Laut fisherman came to sell us those prawns.
Pak Lah & Mozal bought it and asked our homestay cooks to cook it for us for dinner.

3) 1100 hrs : Took off to Paradise 1

this is the drop off~

beautiful, isn't it? =)

(i was a bit scared at this point.
kata Dive Master, dia akan bawa kitorang ke tempat cetek. tapi kat sini tak cetek pun! uwaaaa~!)

but anyhoo..

Well hello there, Nemo! :)

where was I..???
don't ask =p
(You'll see A LOT of ME on the next day. i own the camera! muahaha)

4) Return back to homestay by noon for lunch.

this is the udang (prawn) that we bought earlier.
the homestay 'chefs' cooked this for us :)
it should be for dinner, but the cooks said that it won't be fresh by that time. so, for lunch it is =)

5) evening : exploring another half of Mabul

above : the children.. and the life of Mabul

below: gambar-gambar merepek. lol.

3/4 50% of the pictures above are taken from
pak lah / abosama.
the rest are from mine. he.


Md. Naswardi said...

hahaha... apa yg faz wat tu...

to tuan tanah,
boley tlg cpt sket dak? trus ke last day..

{travel junkie lady} said...

faz berkata : "tolong lah aku wahai mambang laut.." hahaha.

iskh. sabar lah, bro ;)
banyak gamba lagi nih. kena pilih2.. tungguuuuuuu~!! hehe

Md. Naswardi said...

hek eleh... wat2 x paham plak org perli dia...

CiK Santai said...

yu see..
gmbr2 kat sini lebih luar ngra berbanding u amek gmbr d luar ngra. huhu.. tapi serius, lawa kan??
jom g mataking. ahahahahahaa
(serius ni i menggoda)

{travel junkie lady} said...
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{travel junkie lady} said...

naswardi: mmg tatau pun diperli. hahaha.

cik santai: iskh. teruk la yu nih. suka tul racun ai. ai pegi mabul pun sbb yu yang racun. hurm.. kerajaan sabah ade bagi saguhati utk promote sabah ke? ;p

ai tergoda dengan mataking nih, huwaaaaa~!! ingat Cik Santai: Beach Wedding!! hahahaha