Friday, April 30, 2010

hey Tony, i got my eye on YOU..

... was what Nick Fury said to Tony.

Nick Fury who..?

ah haaa..
sila la tengok Ironman 2 di pawagam berdekatan anda ;)

oh my favourite Ironman (^__^)

i'm not going to do any review on this movie, but just wanna write short notes:

  • Tony Stark / Ironman is BACK and i loikeeeeeee!! hehe

  • First appearance of Tony as Ironman adalah sangat awesome! feeling adalah sama macam masa tengok This Is It.[keterujaan yang terlampau. hihi]

  • i really don't like Tony's side-kick. He's not the same James Rhodes in Ironman 1.

  • Kenapakah Pepper Pots namapak cam dah tua ek..? adakah kerana adanya the hot-chick: Scarlett Johansson?

  • sape tak tahan bunyi bingit, sila la bawa ear plug bersama sekiranya ingin menonton Ironman 2.

  • ... dan juga bawa cermin mata hitam kalau tak tahan silau. huhu~

malas nak tulis panjang-panjang. sape nak baca review, sila la google yek . hee.
ok bye.

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

He knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring..


i said big fat NO.

cewahhh.. tetiba je kan..

drama tak habis-habis.


what i mean is,
i'mma not gonna talk about song again today.

but it's still related to



a song.


someone told me about the theme in Taylor Swift's Love Story VC.

he said it's a Bohemian.

and because of by the time he said that, i haven't seen Love Story VC yet,
i was all like,
"oh ye ke? misti best kan? i loikeeee Boho too! "
*walhal ader selai je baju ala2 Boho kottttt. haha*

so anyway,
only today i managed to see that v.clip.


i think that's Victorian ,right?

ke aku yang silap..?
yer la kan..
i'm not fashion-wise, so i might be wrong.

eh btw,
i like Taylor Swift's hairdo dalam tu.

ala ala Perempuan Oramputih Terakhir gitu..
don't cha think so?



and oh it reminds me..
i havent cut my hair for almost 2 years now..
sekarang memang haku feeling ala Vanida Imram dalam Sepi.
nak potong, tapi sayang. tapi nak potong.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

now you got me trapped up on this island..

masih mengenai lagu..
tonight am feelin' a lil bit of R&B ..
and was lookin' for Rihanna's Rude Boy mp3 actually (i like listening to the beat!~)..
end up with me now editting Iyaz's Solo mp3 for my ring tone. heee.

(oh yes. Rude Boy is also one of my RT.. err, despite of whatever that song means. ;p)

here are 3 different MV, one from Iyaz (only audio with lyric,btw) and another two are the cover version (yer, saye memang suka cari cover version. hee. )

that guy ada macam sengau sket kot. and i think he sounded more like Neyo..kan?
and that girl.. suara dia quite nice la. sedap dengar.

Lyric: Solo by Iyaz

I said I don’t want to part this earth
If I got to do it solo

Verse 1
See how we used to be a team
Running the streets
Ya we was living out our dream, ohh
You used to be my rider
I was your provider
Now we separated in two
Oh we was burning up the block
And everybody know when we step in the spot, ohh
See, we was like the dynamic duo
I’d never thought that you’d go back, but you did
You did

Oh baby you left and sailed away alone (Yeah, alone)
And now you got me trapped up on this island
With nowhere to get home

And I don’t wanna go, no
I don’t wanna go, go
I don’t wanna go, no
I don’t wanna go, no
I don’t want to walk this earth
If I gotta do it solo (solo)

Chorus 2
‘Cuz I was so high
And I was so low
And I don’t wanna walk around alone, so ‘lone
And I don’t want to walk this earth
If I gotta do it solo (solo, solo)

Verse 2
You asked me [pinned] onto my top line
Put us together
And you offered it the rewind
See, you give me a purpose
Now I’m getting nervous
That my heart will never sing again
Oh, when we were burning up the airways
Didn’t know I was from the Virgin Islands or the U.K.
See, we was on the way to the platinum and gold
Never thought you’d go back, but you did
Yeah, You did

Chorus 2

I don’t wanna walk S-O-L-O
I don’t wanna walk S-O-L-O
Oh nooo (Oh nooo)
I don’t wanna walk S-O-L-O
I don’t wanna walk S-O-L-O
I don’t ever wanna let your love go
I don’t wanna walk S-O-L-O

Chorus 2

lyric from here

Monday, April 26, 2010

i wanna touch you..

i know. i know. the title is sooo euuwww isn't it?

here, the All American Reject's I Wanna Touch You song.
i like the melody.

the MELODY, i repeat.
it's catchy, kan? i loikeee!

sila abaikan the lyric, yer.
saye bukan pompuan gatal ;p

anyway, enjoice! ^___-

Take everything that I know you'll break
And I give my life away
So far for you
But can you hear me say
Don't throw me away?
There's no way out

live that hope.

while looking for George Harrison quote that i heard from The Criminal Mind just now, i found this one instead:

..yeah well,
we don't always get what we hope for, right?
life ain't that easy..

but hope keeps us going, kan? ;)

The West Side Story in KL, y'all!!

it's official and it's confirmed!
i'm going to see the West Side Story this May! yeeaaayyy!! * sambil buat joget kucing. ngeee~ *

this is the dream, almost comes true~!

i'm not really into 'gang-fight' kinda story. my dream is to see Fame , Mamma Mia & Cats. heehee. tapi tatau bila la dapat nengok. huhu~ but the west side story is sooooo famous that you (theatre enthusiast) might regret if you don't go and see it for yourself!~

*from the star

West Side Story coming to KL


PETALING JAYA: Musical theatre fans are in for a treat in May as the legendary West Side Story – The Original Broadway Musical opens for the first time in Kuala Lumpur.

The musical, which will run from May 12 to 24 at Istana Budaya, boasts a New York cast and crew of more than 70 members.

The multiple award-winning production, which has played to sold-out houses all over the world, will make its only South-East Asian stop here as part of its 50th Anniversary World Tour.

West Side Story is a gritty modern-day retelling of William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. It features riveting choreography set to Leonard Bern-stein’s iconic score, including famous songs like Tonight, I Feel Pretty and Maria.

Set in the mid-1950s, the musical explores the romance between Maria and Tony, members of two rival, race-based gangs in New York City.

Broadway original: West Side Story features riveting choreography set to Leonard Bernstein’s iconic score, including famous songs like Tonight, I Feel Pretty and Maria.

When it was first staged 50 years ago on Broadway, it revolutionised musical theatre by using dance as a method of storytelling and went on to be made into an Oscar-winning movie in 1961.

West Side Story – The Original Broadway Musical is brought in by Yvents!, with the support of the Tourism Ministry as well as the Information, Communication and Culture Ministry, in partnership with HSBC Bank.

HSBC Credit Card is the official card, Melia Kuala Lumpur is the official hotel, The Star is the official media, and Astro is the official broadcaster.

Tickets for the musical are priced at RM190, RM290, RM390, RM490 and RM590, and can be booked by calling 03-2287 2727 or logging on to

HSBC credit cardholders are eligible for a 15% discount and also stand to win free tickets by logging on to

For corporate and group bookings of more than 30 tickets, call 03-2287 2811 or e-mail

*semoga saye tak tertidur dalam panggung nanti. Aminnnnn~ (^__-)

Saturday, April 24, 2010

i'm the BLACK McGyver - Blackgyver!

... that line is taken from The Losers.

so i went to see The Losers the other day. it was hillarious! xD
honestly, it's a cliche movie- sort of Burn Notice lah :-
a team have been framed by someone called Max, and then they seek revenge with help from one hotchick- Aisha [zoe saldana]. yada-yada.

it's cliche, tapi kelakar. hehe.
dan ada juga part yang tak logik, tapi saya abaikan je lah. hee.

The Losers:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan ... Clay

*Mr. Winchester [Supernatural] & Danny [Grey's Anatomy].
i always like him. muka dia salu macam senyummm je,kan?

Zoe Saldana ... Aisha
*the famous Neytiri that now has become a kick-a** chick!i loikeeee! *

Chris Evans ... Jensen
*mamat nih sangat sengal. hehe. and urm.. he remind me of my high school lover: freddie Prinze Jr. ngehngehngeh*

Idris Elba ... Roque
*dont know what to talk about him =p*

Columbus Short ... Pooch
*i've seen this guy in Stomp The Yard & Save The Last Dance 2. macam agak pelik bila tengok dia dalam action movie. but then again, i also felt weird when the first time i saw Channing Tatum in G.I. Joe. hurm..*

Óscar Jaenada ... Cougar
*dia sangat cool! :) *

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Bloodsucker and the desperates..

that was what Jacob named the vampires. (other than Leeches, of course. hee)

i have just finished watching The Vampire Diaries (TVD) Episode 17 & 18.
this series keeps getting better and better and i am totally hooked to it!

and my oh my,
Damon- i'm sorry i hate you the first time i saw you.
i was totally wrong.
u are wayyyyy better than that idiot,weak and err..ugly Stefan. (ok. so ugly is a strong word. but i dunno what's best to describe you. )

i don't like Elena too. sangat poyo kot. been trying to be the heroine all the time. you are mortal for goodness sake! you are not immortal so sila la stay senyap-senyap boleh tak? grrrr.. geram tauuu.

Jeremy- ok. kamu budak skola yang sangat comel. hee. And u reminded me of Jared Padalecki - not from Supernatural, but the younger version of Jared when he played as Dean (during the Gilmore Girls years).

but i never like Jared, tho. even back then (Gilmore Girls), i like Jess better (Peter Petrelli of Heroes). hurm, i like guys with attitude kot. and have a very nice sweet smile. or maybe, those sort of dark-vampire-kinda-look. sexayyyy. hehee.

and oh.
hari ini juga saya menonton Desperate Housewives (DH) that was on 8tv walaupun dah ada full season dalam hardisk. siap selang-seli tengok DH dengan TVD. dunno why,but i like to see DH on tv instead of from hd.. macam lagi best tengok kat tv je.. :)

And, i've been noticing that lately there's always sweet quote came out from Lynette & Tom.
like, from the previous episode, when Lynette asked Tom why he choose her as his wife (as she is not as 'sexy' as Tom's past girlfriends), this was what Tom said to her :

I need you
to not be perfect.


Because i'm not perfect.

I'm not... rich.

I'm not brilliant.

I'm not movie star handsome.

If you didn't have this one flaw,

I would spend every moment
of every day wondering,

What the heck
is she doing with me?

Doesn't it leaves us with Auuwwww...?
(btw, yerp. i copied this directly from the subtitle file. heehee)

and here's another one from today's episode:

Here's the thing, You gotta understand about lynette.

She grew up without her dad. Her mom was a drinker.

So she had to be responsible for everyone.

Yeah, well, that's rough.


It left her with this constant fear

That everything could suddenly fall apart.

And that's why she needs to control everything.

Of course, she can't.

Nobody can.


She can control me...

If I let her.

So I do...

Because it makes her feel safe.

And that is my job

As her husband...

To make her feel safe.

Tsk.Tsk *wiping tears*
sweet kan..?

tunggu sekejap..

tukar layout lagi.
jiwa kacau lagi.

it's been few weeks already.
and now aku sedang cuba tak update facebook..


entah. untuk jaga hati certain people kot.
sebab setiap apa yang aku update, ada pula jiwa yang kalut. yang resah. yang sedih..

kenapa lah aku tak bolei make up any decision eyh..?
apa yang susah sangat nih..?
dah setahun dah aku drag menda nih.
it's torturing..
and some even suffering because of this..
and i really really HATE MYSELF for not being able to decide anything..
i feel like i'm some kind of a jerk.. eventho that's never been my intention. NEVER.
kalau lah LIFE aku semudah orang lain..
[eh tak pasal-pasal berdosa sebab cakap 'KALAU'. huhu~]

tadi tengok Adamaya.
comel. hee. rasa terhibur sekejap. :)
i don't like Dani, tho.
kat malaysia ni kekurangan actor sangat ke sampai tak bolei cari someone yang bolei gantikan watak Awal..?
*ehh kantoi pulak aku tengok movie I'm Not Single. hakhak. ehh tapi aku copy citer tu dari budak opis. <- ceh. statement cover line. ngee*

bila tengok Adam..
aku teringat someone..

Si Gemok.

then tetiba rasa sebak pulak..

oh gemok,
why do you have to come into my life..?
kan ke best kalau kau tak pernah ada kat dalam ni.. *sambil tunjuk hati*

anyway Gemok,
this has to stop.

yesterday was the last.
i hope our path will never cross again..

dan sekarang aku sedang berusaha melupakan beliau.
aja aja fighting!

See the thing is, aku sendiri pun tak sure apa perasaan sebenar aku.
cuma yang aku tau, i have to do this. or else, it'll get worse..

// life aku sekarang dah terlalu complicated~

Sunday, April 18, 2010

Earth Day Carnival 2010

there's nothing to tell.
feel so mad at myself right now for not checking my mail from them.
if i knew earlier, i'll definitely will attend this event
[instead of sticking at home watching tv and err.. hibernate ;p ].

but anyway, it's ON until 25th April, so i might go check it out.
anyone wanna come along? ;)

Let's going GREEN, people!!~


sneak peek of what's interesting in this event :

If you have been searching high and low for some green products for your home. Then fret not! Whether it's make-up, tees or baby stuff, we have everything you need to start a greener lifetsyle. So beware of your wallets! Because the Earth Day Carnival at Ikano Power Centre will make you shop till you drop. And here are three very good reasons why.

The Dive Label

An absolute hit with the ladies and kids, choose from a variety of FOUR styles of tees with hip and cool designs, inspired by nature. Founded by two Malaysian sisters under their brand, The Dive Label, these tees are made from 100% certified organic cotton. This is one of the best ways to save earth while looking cute doing it! On sale at RM45 (adults) and RM35 (kids), come and visit Dive Tees at the Earth Day Carnival at Ikano Power Centre from 15-25th April 2010.

Fabulous Mom

Swing by Fabulous Mom’s booth and learn more about the types of organic herbs that support natural milk production. Also for green mummies, get your range of cloth diapers and chemical-free lotions for yourself and your newborn. Check out the range of Earth Mama Angel Baby productst from their stretch mark creams to their baby bottom balm. Trust me, it works very well minus all the chemicals. For more information on their wide range of products, log on to their website.

Tanamera Tropical Spa

Tanamera is a Malaysian company producing 100% natural ingredients products from personal care home spa, spa assortments, specialty sets, essentials and spa accessories. All its products are packed in recycled packaging material, and certified HALAL by JAKIM. I tried their vanilla scented aromatheraphy oil and enjoy its heavenly scent at home.


what? no any of these bag?
oh well, maybe ada kot. (hopefully!)
so, you guys, see you there!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

yer. no. err..maybe..?

can you repeat the question?
(tiba tiba teringat si bijak pandai Malcolm In The Middle)

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

me and you..

*currently listening to How To Avoid The Sun *

Went out with a friend yesterday.
kawan aku. antara yang terbaik yang aku ada. eventho mulut ada macam longkang sket. haha.
tapi dia memang best lah. a good friend yang knows me very well.
tak bagi special treatment sebab suka aku, tapi sebab kitorang genuinely as a friend.
a good friend yang mana kalau one day, aku jumpa someone special, that someone special kena dapat approval daripada dia dulu.
(over kan aku? rules tahapehape.tapi kalau dia tak approve pun, aku pedulik hape. paling kuat pun, maybe aku akan sedey je la. huhu~atau nanti pandai2 la aku suh that special someone bribes dia sampai dia approved. kahkah ).

lama jugak melepak membuang masa bersembang dengan dia. dari kul 600pm++ sampai la kul 10 lebih.yer la kan. banyak citer nak kena catch up.
talked about life. talked about us. well, mostly talked about him lah. sebab there's nothing interesting about me to tell him. lain la dia.. socialite.. ;)

but still. it's good to see him. his own self. and i really really miss this: borak-borak, sembang-sembang pasal life kitorang..update pasal life masing-masing. he.

him: ko dah nampak mature la, w33da.
me: ces, damn la ko. nak kata aku dah tua la tu.
him: eh tak tak. betul. ko nampak mature. dah tak nampak macam budak-budak.
me: blah la ko, tak payah nak amek hati aku. T__T


him: ko dah gelap sket eyh?
me: siottt. aku baru balik dari sipadan la last month. sunburn arr.
(tapi, selama ni penah ke aku putih? haha)


bla bla bla.. masuk isu kawen pulak.

him: ko tanak kawen ke?
me: entah la. takde perasaan nak kawen..
him: ko kan hot. (erk, hot apekejadahnye weiii?? huhu)
him: ko jangan tipu aku la. takkan ko takde kawan dengan sapa-sapa?
me: urm... like i said. not interested to kawen just yet. nak jadi macam ko lah.. best apa. anak ikan. cari younger than aku tapi kaya arr. kah3.
(by now, aku rasa, dia nak cakap aku nih mulut lazer kot. sukahati aku je perli2. heh. tapi dia tau aku just cakap memain je. hehe.)

him: ko nak tunggu yang macam sapa nih?yang macam si xxx tu ke? dah la wei. dia tu dah la tak hensem. itam.. bla bla..bla..
me: huish.. ko nih. ape laa. misti la aku nak yang 100% opposite dia. huahuahua~
him: hurm..ok2. ko nak macam sape? Farid Kamil?
me: what?? Farid Kamil?? euuurghhhh~(ingat aku budak skola ke nak minat farid kamil?)
him: bistu macam sapa? iqram dinzly? *sambil ketawa berdekah-dekah* (seryes aku tak ingat macam mana bolei kuar nama iqram dinzly.)
me: weeiiii.. aku suka la tengok iqram dinzly+faoziah gous tu. macam best je. good friends camtu. aku bukannya minat iqram dinzly pun. lagipun aritu dia belakon jadi gay. terus jadi geli euuw. haha.
him: habistu, ko suka macam sapa?johny depp?
(buat-buat tanya. sah2 la dia tau taste aku macam mana kottt)
me: entah. aku tak minat sapa-sapa... (haish, macam mana la aku bole terlupa RPattz aku ekk?? )
me: eh eh. dah tau. dah tau. aku nak yang macam Rain.. hihihi~

us: bla..bla.. bla...

him: w33da, sampai bila nak macam nih? dunia nih ibarat roda tau. what goes around comes around..
me: heyyy..'scuse me. aku dah tak macam dulu,ok. mana der kawan dengan sapa-sapa dah. tader flirt2 lagi dah. skang ni pun aku slalu off hp. malas dah nak kawan-kawan. 'sides, even yang dulu2 tu pun, at least aku bitau awal2 aku memang takde perasaan apa-apa... bukannya aku tipu..bukannya bagi false hope.. huhu..
him: hahaha.baru cakap sikit, dah cuak siott. tau takut! ;p
me: ceisss.. ! tapi aku rasa, aku memang dah kena curse menjadi sorang yang heartless la.. Numb. tak rasa apa-apa. suka tak. benci pun tak. i'm a freakkkk. huwaaaa~
him: it's ok... it's just that, belum ada lagi someone yang bolei buat life ko turns. sebab tu ko rasa macam nih...ko don't worry..
me: ......
(sebenarnya aku nak cakap dengan dia, aku memang taknak let myself to like anyone, let alone LOving someone sebab.. entah ler.. tak bersedia. MARRIAGE is a BIG word, ok. and kena ada TRUST. aku kan ada trust issue.. T__T )

him: tapi.. kalau ko selesa single, so be it.yang penting ko happy. ko simpan la duet banyak-banyak. jadi kaya.. pastu cari mangsa macam aku.
me: ahhaha. bodo la ko. hahahaha. aku ingat ko nak cakap menda serious. hahaha.skali mengaku anak ikan pulak. hahaha. sengal. (seskali borak merepek memang best kan? kahkahkah)
him: *gelak*
him: * suddenly on serious mode*
him: urm, tapi one day, there's a time in ur life, ko akan jadi macam aku. ko akan accept orang yang sayang ko and slowly ko akan accept orang tu..
me: * tibatiba keadaan sunyi sepi .. bunyi cengkerik kedengaran* (tengah2 KL ada cengkerik ke? he.)

us: citer sedey..bla..bla..bla.. citer loser.. blablabla.. cita-cita-cita dan harapan.. bla..bla..bla.. citer kawen.. bla..bla..bla.. citer tunang.. bla..bla..bla..citer x puas hati pasal kerja.. bla..bla..bla.. backstabbed people.. bla..bla..bla.. citer gossip..bla..bla..bla..

banyak benda yang aku nak share sebenarnya. tapi entah. tak bolei cakap kat sini kot. blog nih dah public sangat.

but yeah.
life is fascinating and amazing kan?

people change..
kita plan macam ni.. tapi yang jadinya,lain.
kita nak yang macam nih.. tapi yang dapatnyer, lain.

pasal happy pula..
urm, happy ke..tak happy ke..
terpulang pada diri kita on how kita define "happiness" tu.
macam aku, i am happy the way i am.
sampai bila?itu aku tatau.
people change.. so yeah. i guess i'll change too.
it's just a matter of time je kot.
sedang cuba menyesuaikan diri la nih. *ceh ceh. tetiba ;)*

macam kawan aku tu..
is going to settle down after years of heartache. of misery.
dan dia dah give up looking for the l.o.v.e.
but at least, now he has found someone.. :)
one of the hottest eligible bachelor in town pun ngadap menda macam nih kan..?
lagi teruk.
apa lagi loser macam aku.

setiap orang, cabaran hidup, ujian hidup berbeza-beza.
tak sama. tak serupa.
Tuhan tak bagi kita ujian kalau kita taklei pikul ujian tu kan..

life is adventure.

apa pun, aku kagum dengan teman aku tu. dia capai, apa yang dia nak. he chase his dream, pursuing his dream to become international proffesional artist. malaysia is already in his hands. now is spreading his wings to the outside world.

aku pun nak chase dream aku jugak..

that is...

RAIN! You'll be mine!!!!

see.. aku minat mamat tak hensem nih. bukti aku tak pandang paras rupa. ceh. ceh.

rain tak hensem, tapi dia stylo. pastu suara dia.. aduhai..

ps: aku tatau kenapa lately sangat obsess dengan Rain. normally paling lama pun,2 minggu dengar lagu dia (atau singer lain), pastu dah tak dengar lagi dah sebab muak. tapi skang nih dah 3 minggu, makin in love pulak dengan Rain. haha.

pps: ooohhh.. maybe sebab album baru Back To Basic yang baru kuar tu kot. tu yang dengar balik lagu-lagu lama. macam kes Twilight la. Bila movie New Moon dah nak keluar, tiba-tiba gatal baca balik series Twilight. nih tak lama nanti Ecplise kuar, konfem aku akan bukak kitab Twilight balik nih. hahaha.

ok bai. nak tido. good night :D

*sambil kat telinga dengar lagu LIKE YOU dan lepas tu Aksu & Empty Space ..lullaby sebelum tidur. heehee.*

satu je yang aku frust dengan kawan aku tu... urm, what life has made you, dear friend?aku sedeh sangat. tapi tatau macam mana nak tegur. aku harap satu hari nanti dia akan berubah.. Ya ALLah.. tolong jangan biar teman aku tu hanyut~ AMIN..*seryes skang aku rasa sebak sangat-sangat dengan keadaan dia..*

image from here, here, here and here.

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Travelogue Mabul - Sipadan Trip : Day 3 [Part II ]

Salam. Hello. Hi!


Sorry for the long awaited travelogue. i guess by now you should've already get used to my laziness over detail-blogging. ngee.

let's proceed to Day 3, Part II shall we?

So we spent the morning with sight seeing around Mabul Island. And then we get back to our 'home' by noon to prepare ourselves for Second DSD at Kapalai Island.

Being a so call traveler who is always curious, love to see and experience other race's culture, i can't help but forced myself to see how the real Bajau Laut people live. To see the one that lives on the land is one thing; but to see the Bajau Laut that still live in their boat-house is another.

As soon as we reached our home, Pak Lah said that he wanted to go to the boat-house. i asked "How?" and he said "We'll swim". and i was like "Huh?"

i can swim. but i'm still a novice. setakat reti berenang katak je. hehe. i don't have the confidence to swim at the open sea yet. so i was kinda relunctant to follow Pak Lah & Mozal. plus, i'm the only girl. Faz already given up. she's not interested to see the Bajau Laut people + and wanted to save energy for our next dive, so there was I, the only girl who can't really swim but sangat poyo berkeras juga mahu ke sana. hee.

Thank goodness. one of the Billabong staff (dah lupa dah nama dia sape. hee. sori yer bro.) offered us Billabong's snorkeling stuff. Pak Lah & Mozal borrowed their Fins. Adan & I borrowed their life jacket, snorkel & fins. FOC. heehee. That Billabong's Abang lend us that stuff for
free because we borrowed it only for a short time.

ps: kitorang kena pow dek budak berdua nih sebab amek gambar dorang. dorang mintak rm20! can u believe it?? dah la dorang nih tak reti cakap melayu kot. tapi mozal yang bayar. rm2 je. haha.

the boat-houses were not far; just in front of our homestay. and btw, i thought the sea was deep. but it wasn't. masa tu air tengah surut. so kalau jalan kaki pun boleh sampai sebenarnya. but it's not advisable (just in case tiba2 air pasang, naya je). poyo je pinjam life-jacket segala. nasib baik free. hihi.

Went back to our home to get ready for DSD. The venue for DSD has changed from Kapalai Island to Mabul Island. Yerp. The 2nd DSD will be in Mabul, again. but this time around, we're gonna be at Turtle's Bay (i'm not sure if this is the right name of that place. bantai je. haha)

faz- cergas!~ ;)

The best part of this DSD was that, my divebuddy (Johny) was with me all the time. why he's so important, you may ask. well, it's because... he's the only one with the underwater camera. which means.. he's gonna take my pictures!! yeay! balas dendam sebab semalam gambar daku tadaq. puas hati saye. ngehngehngeh ;p

asek kepit hidung sebab takut air masuk dalam mask. hish. buruk rupa~

ok fine. so i'm not the only 'the lucky ones'. ada jugak makhluk penyibuk nih. ;p

oops. sori mozal. hehe

ikan ni transparent woo~

tengah-tengah best berDSD, tiba-tiba terasa tekak sangat kering dan gatal. i dunno how to cough in the water. you know- with all those equipment stuck in your face and in your mouth. So i gave a signal to Johny that i wanted to go up. dah sampai atas, terus la daku batuk macam orang yang dah 88 tahun tak batuk. lama pula tu. malu ai tau. ;p and then my divebuddy said, "batuk dalam laut pun boleh.." erk! macam mana nak batuk dalam laut?? huhu~

make sure to drink lots of water before diving to prevent urself from dehydration

and few minutes later, we're underwater again. hooray!~ :)

yeay baybee! this is so cool! ^___^

one of our divebuddy chase the turtle..

(nemo pesan, kalau jumpa turtle, jangan lupa tanya umur dia berapa.. hihi)

this area has lots of turtle. pergi la celah mana pun, confirm akan nampak turtle. but this one (above and below pix) was the biggest we've ever seen~!
like, serious besar gilaaaaa~!!
penyu-penyu yang lain sumer comei tenonet je..

nampak tak kaki saya yang terlipat ke belakang tu? tu sebab saye tatau macam mana nak 'brek' dalam air. takut terkena turtle tu. so jadi lah macam tu. bila difikir balik, iskh. tak logik betul apa yang saya buat tu. hahaha.

Day 3 Part III: to be continued (bila?haaa..itu yang kita tatau ;p )

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Breaking News: Sumatera Earthquake [7 April 2010]


*JAKARTA, Indonesia (AP): A 7.8 earthquake shook Indonesia's northwest island of Sumatra early Wednesday, prompting a tsunami warning and sending residents rushing for higher ground. There were no immediate reports of widespread damage.

The quake struck at 5:15 a.m. (2215 GMT) and was centered 125 miles (205 kilometers) northwest of Sibolga in Sumatra at a depth of 28.6 miles (46 kilometers), the US Geological Survey said.

The Indonesia Meteorology and Geophysics Agency issued a tsunami warning following the quake, which struck as people in the region were preparing for morning prayers.

"We issued a tsunami warning and are still monitoring situation there," said Fauzi, an official at the agency's Jakarta office.

Fauzi, who uses a single name, said there were no immediate reports of damage or casualties.

The Pacific Tsunami Warning Center in Honolulu also issued a tsunami watch. The center said no tsunami threat existed for other coastal areas in the Indian Ocean, although some areas could experience small sea level changes and strong or unusual coastal currents.

Local media reports said the quake caused panic in North Sumatra's capital of Medan and other cities in the province. Electricity was cut in Medan.

People in some cities along the southeastern coast of Sumatra as well as Sinabang on Simeulue island and Gunung Sitoli on nearby Nias island poured into the streets and rushed to higher ground, reports said.

Some residents of apartments and high-rise buildings in Petaling Jaya reported they felt the tremors.


4.20 am-

i woke up from asleep. felt something is not right.
'oh shoot! i haven't finished up my assigment yet!'
so i went to the bathroom. splashed water to my face to freshen up myself a bit.

5ish am -

was doing my work when suddenly i felt 'goyang'.
hmm. i know this feeling.
and i was all like:'
oh oh. this is either i'm pening because of lack of sleep OR there must be earthquake somewhere in Indonesia
[i had this experience once (2007, if i'm not mistaken).
but what i do remember was that : saye ingat saye pening sebab i didn't sleep that previous night.]

6am -

Subuh prayer.

sempat terfikir, moga-moga kalau saya mati, biarlah dalam iman. aminnnn.

(masa ni tak sure lagi ada earthquake ke tak)


730 am -

sampai office, one of my collegue kata ada earthquake di Sumatera, Indonesia pagi tadi.

so i was right.

Monday, April 5, 2010

Oh Rain.. My Napum Namja.. I do!

i don't know why,
but everytime i had my jiwa-kacau moment,
i'll listen to these two songs: I Do & Bad Boy (both are songs from Rain).

see the thing is,
both songs got nothing to do with whatever my mess head is thinking right now.

i like listening to 'I Do' simply because it sounds "sweet" and "cute".
eventhough i don't really understand Hangeul, but listening to it really comforts me.

(sikit-sikit faham kot.
thanks to all the K-Dramas & K-Movies & subbed youtube video clips. haha)

by the way, wait until 3:01.
that's my favourite part because it's only featured in video clips.

dalam mp3 takde

and what about Bad Boy?
entah ek.
i feel sad listening to it.
especially right now.

you know what,
sometimes you don't have to understand the meaning to UNDERSTAND the meaning.
err.. pening ke dengan ayat ni?

i guess, the sounds of Rain's voice is good enough for me to "feel" the meaning.
the sounds, the music..
i can feel the 'suffering' and the 'pain'.
pastu kan, tetiba rasa sedih. hoho.
tahapehapentah =p

Bad Boy (Napum Namja) by Rain
(english translation)

Yeah... How could you do this...? oh...
How could you do this to me...?
How... How could you cheat on me...? oh...
Yeah... Try to tell me...

I'm not the kind of man who will keep you...
You can't be my beautiful girl...
(I'll leave you, I'll kick you to the kerb)
Why can't I do this here?
(I like you but I can't make you mine)
Don't break up with me like this~

I'm not the guy for you
I'm not the sort of person for you
I'm not the sort of person you know
I'm a bad guy, I'm a bad guy...
To many other people
I couldn't quite show myself...
You are the only one for meI wanted to be in love with you...
(One day, someday give me your heart)
I'll listen... I'm tired of the tough times...
(When I'm with you it's always like that)
I'm a bad guy... I wanna tell you I'm a guy~*


I'm sorry
Tch~ from the start I didn't think about that
You didn't know how much I really like you
Then... that's how it was the few times we met
It's the truth
I don't wanna think of the pain I caused you
I'm sorry... maybe being sorry is of no use to anyone
"I'm sorry" isn't the thing to say
But... But I truly loved you

* Chorus x2*

lyric taken from here

Sunday, April 4, 2010

a year older.. and a year wiser

so, yesterday was Abang's 15th birthday

and to start off the celebration day,
Ifie treated us (the siblings) to watch How To Train Your Dragon in 3D.
the movie was *cough* my choice, actually.
and it's my second time watching it. ngeh3.

yer sayer tau sayer sangat kekanakkanakribenaan.
sayer pedulik hape.
sayer nak Toothless!!!

oh by the way,
lemme introduce the birthday boy to you ;)

hello again!
i am Abang- the birthday boy :)

hi! i am Kakak.
i am the lucky one that get to see the movie for free, thanks to Abang. hehe.

i am Haziq.
Abang's only Partner In Crime.
i go, wherever Abang goes. i get, whatever Abang gets..
that's the perks of being the only male in the family-next to Abang, of course!

sorry. can't refrain myself from snapping this little rascal pix.

after Isya',
We went to have dinner at this one new sea food restaurant at Crystal Bay.
which is really near to our house, actually.

if you come to Melaka, and you don't mind spending much, you'll definitely want to go to Umbai or Muara Sungai Duyung to have a try for their sea-food dinner. dua tempat ni memang sangat famous. sedap dan harga pun... urm.. bolei tahan ah. tapi kalau nak budget, sila lah ke Crystal Bay ini :)

our first intention was to try the ikan bakar at the famous Alaaa.. Kassim restaurant,
but it was already full by the time we got there.
so we settled for the shop next to Alaa..Kassim which is..

Alhamdulillah, really good!

(nih je gambar yang sempat diambil. yang lain sumer dah selamat masuk perut. hehe)

antara yang hadir:

The Birthday Boy, Abang.
(kesian Haziq. dah terlelap dah tu. masa ni dia sangat mengantuk. pagi-pagi dah bangun sebab ada kelas Tahfiz Quran.
pastu dalam kul 3 camtu, pergi tengok movie pulak sampai ke petang.

mom and the Second 'Birthday Boy' : Ayah
(my dad's 53rd birthday is gonna be 06-04-2010)

tak sampai hati amek gambar eka.
she's just got herself in an 'accident' the day before~

i'm not the only one who paid for this dinner.
kitorang bahagi 3 : Me, Angah & Mama.


to Ayah,
happy 53rd coming birthday~
may you'll live another 100 more years..
may you never get old and still maintain hensem (hihi),
and may your life is full of blessings from ALLAH SWT.

and to Abang,
happy birthday!~
semoga membesar menjadi anak yang baik & soleh.
semoga sentiasa dalam peliharaan ALLAH SWT.
hope you can manage to get straight A's for the coming PMR.. oke?

he got 5A's in UPSR.
*terbakar poketku masa tu [2007] sebab gatal janji belikan PS2 kalo dia dapat straight A's. huhu.*

let's see if he can pull it off for this year's PMR..

this year, sayer janji bagi duet je.
aritu dia cakap pasal XBOX,
and i was like..
abang tau tak, along dah pesan kat 'sape2' yang nak kawen dengan along, one of the hantaran mesti ader xbox360. so kalau along dapat, abang pun ade chance la dapat."

over tak?

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Girls' Talk. Pillow Talk.

i miss her.
i miss talking to her.

she's a good friend of mine.
always know the right things to say.
always understand what's been playing on my mind without me having to explain to her.
her opinion is what matters to me because she's never biased..
and that's what i like about her..
and that's why she's my BFF :)

these past few days had been miserable to me and all i could think of is Her.
been wanting to call her, but didn't get the chance to do so.

until tonight, she called me :)
macam tautau je saya sedang mengong. huhu~

(you know who you are. shhh! )
Thanks for talking some sense into me.
That's what great about you-
you always KNOW and you always RIGHT.

and yes, you are right,
all i have to do is to look deep inside my heart,
and i'll find the answer in there.

tapi kan,
aku dah try cari dah,
tapi the answer is still..

oh hati.
sila bagi kerjasama, oke?

and again..
to you, honey-
thanks for calling~
* i know i can always count on you. hee. *

take good care of yourself,oke?

the picture above got nothing to do with this entry.
oh wait. maybe there is. it's pillow talk, btw ;)

[btw, i love the colour combination: brown, pink, white. sweet!]