Bloodsucker and the desperates..

9:17 AM

that was what Jacob named the vampires. (other than Leeches, of course. hee)

i have just finished watching The Vampire Diaries (TVD) Episode 17 & 18.
this series keeps getting better and better and i am totally hooked to it!

and my oh my,
Damon- i'm sorry i hate you the first time i saw you.
i was totally wrong.
u are wayyyyy better than that idiot,weak and err..ugly Stefan. (ok. so ugly is a strong word. but i dunno what's best to describe you. )

i don't like Elena too. sangat poyo kot. been trying to be the heroine all the time. you are mortal for goodness sake! you are not immortal so sila la stay senyap-senyap boleh tak? grrrr.. geram tauuu.

Jeremy- ok. kamu budak skola yang sangat comel. hee. And u reminded me of Jared Padalecki - not from Supernatural, but the younger version of Jared when he played as Dean (during the Gilmore Girls years).

but i never like Jared, tho. even back then (Gilmore Girls), i like Jess better (Peter Petrelli of Heroes). hurm, i like guys with attitude kot. and have a very nice sweet smile. or maybe, those sort of dark-vampire-kinda-look. sexayyyy. hehee.

and oh.
hari ini juga saya menonton Desperate Housewives (DH) that was on 8tv walaupun dah ada full season dalam hardisk. siap selang-seli tengok DH dengan TVD. dunno why,but i like to see DH on tv instead of from hd.. macam lagi best tengok kat tv je.. :)

And, i've been noticing that lately there's always sweet quote came out from Lynette & Tom.
like, from the previous episode, when Lynette asked Tom why he choose her as his wife (as she is not as 'sexy' as Tom's past girlfriends), this was what Tom said to her :

I need you
to not be perfect.


Because i'm not perfect.

I'm not... rich.

I'm not brilliant.

I'm not movie star handsome.

If you didn't have this one flaw,

I would spend every moment
of every day wondering,

What the heck
is she doing with me?

Doesn't it leaves us with Auuwwww...?
(btw, yerp. i copied this directly from the subtitle file. heehee)

and here's another one from today's episode:

Here's the thing, You gotta understand about lynette.

She grew up without her dad. Her mom was a drinker.

So she had to be responsible for everyone.

Yeah, well, that's rough.


It left her with this constant fear

That everything could suddenly fall apart.

And that's why she needs to control everything.

Of course, she can't.

Nobody can.


She can control me...

If I let her.

So I do...

Because it makes her feel safe.

And that is my job

As her husband...

To make her feel safe.

Tsk.Tsk *wiping tears*
sweet kan..?

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