Thursday, April 1, 2010

Girls' Talk. Pillow Talk.

i miss her.
i miss talking to her.

she's a good friend of mine.
always know the right things to say.
always understand what's been playing on my mind without me having to explain to her.
her opinion is what matters to me because she's never biased..
and that's what i like about her..
and that's why she's my BFF :)

these past few days had been miserable to me and all i could think of is Her.
been wanting to call her, but didn't get the chance to do so.

until tonight, she called me :)
macam tautau je saya sedang mengong. huhu~

(you know who you are. shhh! )
Thanks for talking some sense into me.
That's what great about you-
you always KNOW and you always RIGHT.

and yes, you are right,
all i have to do is to look deep inside my heart,
and i'll find the answer in there.

tapi kan,
aku dah try cari dah,
tapi the answer is still..

oh hati.
sila bagi kerjasama, oke?

and again..
to you, honey-
thanks for calling~
* i know i can always count on you. hee. *

take good care of yourself,oke?

the picture above got nothing to do with this entry.
oh wait. maybe there is. it's pillow talk, btw ;)

[btw, i love the colour combination: brown, pink, white. sweet!]


Liyana s said...

hello there...

salam kenal :)

Mrs. Eeza Herman said...

hi my friend...
apa lagi yg difikirkan...
kdg2 dlm idup ini, xmampu kita nak aturkan perjalanan idup kita dengan sempurna sebab segala percaturan idup ini terletak di dalam kuasa DIA..
namun, bertindaklah guna akal, jgn ikut perasaan...

Md. Naswardi said...

u at the end of 20's la makcik... next tym u open ur eye... welcome 30's... hehehe
u had enuff of dis 'shit'... move on 2 da next level... do ur istikharah.. seek answer from The Almighty... dat da best way 2 find it...Insyaallah

{travel junkie lady} said...

liyana: hi you! thanks 4 dropping by :)

eeza: haaihhh.. tatau nak cakap cemana. ko pun misti dah boring ngadap psl hal aku nih kan.. x habes2. the same 'ol thing. asek2 lari. asek2 lari. aku pun dah boring..haha.

wadi: ehh.. i'm still early 20's la.. kihkihkih. already done that.dapat mimpi. tapi ade ke patut mimpi beli boots. tader kaitan betul. hahaha

Md. Naswardi said...

muahahaha... sumpah kelakar...

Mrs. Eeza Herman said...

xpe, ko nak lari langkah 1juta pun, nanti ko kena kwen gak...
xko cari, sure mak bapak ko yg carikan....hehehe