Monday, April 26, 2010

i wanna touch you..

i know. i know. the title is sooo euuwww isn't it?

here, the All American Reject's I Wanna Touch You song.
i like the melody.

the MELODY, i repeat.
it's catchy, kan? i loikeee!

sila abaikan the lyric, yer.
saye bukan pompuan gatal ;p

anyway, enjoice! ^___-

Take everything that I know you'll break
And I give my life away
So far for you
But can you hear me say
Don't throw me away?
There's no way out


CrappyCrab said...

hello, lu pun dah pakai word 'enjoice' huh? wa ingat wa sorang je dalam dunia ni pakai word tu...

{travel junkie lady} said...

ceh.perasan. hello. enjoice tu dah ader eversince 1997 kott.. *wa tau sbb dulu gile beli LIME Magazine. heehee*