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9:21 PM

... that line is taken from The Losers.

so i went to see The Losers the other day. it was hillarious! xD
honestly, it's a cliche movie- sort of Burn Notice lah :-
a team have been framed by someone called Max, and then they seek revenge with help from one hotchick- Aisha [zoe saldana]. yada-yada.

it's cliche, tapi kelakar. hehe.
dan ada juga part yang tak logik, tapi saya abaikan je lah. hee.

The Losers:

Jeffrey Dean Morgan ... Clay

*Mr. Winchester [Supernatural] & Danny [Grey's Anatomy].
i always like him. muka dia salu macam senyummm je,kan?

Zoe Saldana ... Aisha
*the famous Neytiri that now has become a kick-a** chick!i loikeeee! *

Chris Evans ... Jensen
*mamat nih sangat sengal. hehe. and urm.. he remind me of my high school lover: freddie Prinze Jr. ngehngehngeh*

Idris Elba ... Roque
*dont know what to talk about him =p*

Columbus Short ... Pooch
*i've seen this guy in Stomp The Yard & Save The Last Dance 2. macam agak pelik bila tengok dia dalam action movie. but then again, i also felt weird when the first time i saw Channing Tatum in G.I. Joe. hurm..*

Óscar Jaenada ... Cougar
*dia sangat cool! :) *

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