Oh Rain.. My Napum Namja.. I do!

6:47 AM

i don't know why,
but everytime i had my jiwa-kacau moment,
i'll listen to these two songs: I Do & Bad Boy (both are songs from Rain).

see the thing is,
both songs got nothing to do with whatever my mess head is thinking right now.

i like listening to 'I Do' simply because it sounds "sweet" and "cute".
eventhough i don't really understand Hangeul, but listening to it really comforts me.

(sikit-sikit faham kot.
thanks to all the K-Dramas & K-Movies & subbed youtube video clips. haha)

by the way, wait until 3:01.
that's my favourite part because it's only featured in video clips.

dalam mp3 takde

and what about Bad Boy?
entah ek.
i feel sad listening to it.
especially right now.

you know what,
sometimes you don't have to understand the meaning to UNDERSTAND the meaning.
err.. pening ke dengan ayat ni?

i guess, the sounds of Rain's voice is good enough for me to "feel" the meaning.
the sounds, the music..
i can feel the 'suffering' and the 'pain'.
pastu kan, tetiba rasa sedih. hoho.
tahapehapentah =p

Bad Boy (Napum Namja) by Rain
(english translation)

Yeah... How could you do this...? oh...
How could you do this to me...?
How... How could you cheat on me...? oh...
Yeah... Try to tell me...

I'm not the kind of man who will keep you...
You can't be my beautiful girl...
(I'll leave you, I'll kick you to the kerb)
Why can't I do this here?
(I like you but I can't make you mine)
Don't break up with me like this~

I'm not the guy for you
I'm not the sort of person for you
I'm not the sort of person you know
I'm a bad guy, I'm a bad guy...
To many other people
I couldn't quite show myself...
You are the only one for meI wanted to be in love with you...
(One day, someday give me your heart)
I'll listen... I'm tired of the tough times...
(When I'm with you it's always like that)
I'm a bad guy... I wanna tell you I'm a guy~*


I'm sorry
Tch~ from the start I didn't think about that
You didn't know how much I really like you
Then... that's how it was the few times we met
It's the truth
I don't wanna think of the pain I caused you
I'm sorry... maybe being sorry is of no use to anyone
"I'm sorry" isn't the thing to say
But... But I truly loved you

* Chorus x2*

lyric taken from here

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