Travelogue Mabul - Sipadan Trip : Day 3 [Part II ]

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Salam. Hello. Hi!


Sorry for the long awaited travelogue. i guess by now you should've already get used to my laziness over detail-blogging. ngee.

let's proceed to Day 3, Part II shall we?

So we spent the morning with sight seeing around Mabul Island. And then we get back to our 'home' by noon to prepare ourselves for Second DSD at Kapalai Island.

Being a so call traveler who is always curious, love to see and experience other race's culture, i can't help but forced myself to see how the real Bajau Laut people live. To see the one that lives on the land is one thing; but to see the Bajau Laut that still live in their boat-house is another.

As soon as we reached our home, Pak Lah said that he wanted to go to the boat-house. i asked "How?" and he said "We'll swim". and i was like "Huh?"

i can swim. but i'm still a novice. setakat reti berenang katak je. hehe. i don't have the confidence to swim at the open sea yet. so i was kinda relunctant to follow Pak Lah & Mozal. plus, i'm the only girl. Faz already given up. she's not interested to see the Bajau Laut people + and wanted to save energy for our next dive, so there was I, the only girl who can't really swim but sangat poyo berkeras juga mahu ke sana. hee.

Thank goodness. one of the Billabong staff (dah lupa dah nama dia sape. hee. sori yer bro.) offered us Billabong's snorkeling stuff. Pak Lah & Mozal borrowed their Fins. Adan & I borrowed their life jacket, snorkel & fins. FOC. heehee. That Billabong's Abang lend us that stuff for
free because we borrowed it only for a short time.

ps: kitorang kena pow dek budak berdua nih sebab amek gambar dorang. dorang mintak rm20! can u believe it?? dah la dorang nih tak reti cakap melayu kot. tapi mozal yang bayar. rm2 je. haha.

the boat-houses were not far; just in front of our homestay. and btw, i thought the sea was deep. but it wasn't. masa tu air tengah surut. so kalau jalan kaki pun boleh sampai sebenarnya. but it's not advisable (just in case tiba2 air pasang, naya je). poyo je pinjam life-jacket segala. nasib baik free. hihi.

Went back to our home to get ready for DSD. The venue for DSD has changed from Kapalai Island to Mabul Island. Yerp. The 2nd DSD will be in Mabul, again. but this time around, we're gonna be at Turtle's Bay (i'm not sure if this is the right name of that place. bantai je. haha)

faz- cergas!~ ;)

The best part of this DSD was that, my divebuddy (Johny) was with me all the time. why he's so important, you may ask. well, it's because... he's the only one with the underwater camera. which means.. he's gonna take my pictures!! yeay! balas dendam sebab semalam gambar daku tadaq. puas hati saye. ngehngehngeh ;p

asek kepit hidung sebab takut air masuk dalam mask. hish. buruk rupa~

ok fine. so i'm not the only 'the lucky ones'. ada jugak makhluk penyibuk nih. ;p

oops. sori mozal. hehe

ikan ni transparent woo~

tengah-tengah best berDSD, tiba-tiba terasa tekak sangat kering dan gatal. i dunno how to cough in the water. you know- with all those equipment stuck in your face and in your mouth. So i gave a signal to Johny that i wanted to go up. dah sampai atas, terus la daku batuk macam orang yang dah 88 tahun tak batuk. lama pula tu. malu ai tau. ;p and then my divebuddy said, "batuk dalam laut pun boleh.." erk! macam mana nak batuk dalam laut?? huhu~

make sure to drink lots of water before diving to prevent urself from dehydration

and few minutes later, we're underwater again. hooray!~ :)

yeay baybee! this is so cool! ^___^

one of our divebuddy chase the turtle..

(nemo pesan, kalau jumpa turtle, jangan lupa tanya umur dia berapa.. hihi)

this area has lots of turtle. pergi la celah mana pun, confirm akan nampak turtle. but this one (above and below pix) was the biggest we've ever seen~!
like, serious besar gilaaaaa~!!
penyu-penyu yang lain sumer comei tenonet je..

nampak tak kaki saya yang terlipat ke belakang tu? tu sebab saye tatau macam mana nak 'brek' dalam air. takut terkena turtle tu. so jadi lah macam tu. bila difikir balik, iskh. tak logik betul apa yang saya buat tu. hahaha.

Day 3 Part III: to be continued (bila?haaa..itu yang kita tatau ;p )

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