a year older.. and a year wiser

5:30 AM

so, yesterday was Abang's 15th birthday

and to start off the celebration day,
Ifie treated us (the siblings) to watch How To Train Your Dragon in 3D.
the movie was *cough* my choice, actually.
and it's my second time watching it. ngeh3.

yer sayer tau sayer sangat kekanakkanakribenaan.
sayer pedulik hape.
sayer nak Toothless!!!

oh by the way,
lemme introduce the birthday boy to you ;)

hello again!
i am Abang- the birthday boy :)

hi! i am Kakak.
i am the lucky one that get to see the movie for free, thanks to Abang. hehe.

i am Haziq.
Abang's only Partner In Crime.
i go, wherever Abang goes. i get, whatever Abang gets..
that's the perks of being the only male in the family-next to Abang, of course!

sorry. can't refrain myself from snapping this little rascal pix.

after Isya',
We went to have dinner at this one new sea food restaurant at Crystal Bay.
which is really near to our house, actually.

if you come to Melaka, and you don't mind spending much, you'll definitely want to go to Umbai or Muara Sungai Duyung to have a try for their sea-food dinner. dua tempat ni memang sangat famous. sedap dan harga pun... urm.. bolei tahan ah. tapi kalau nak budget, sila lah ke Crystal Bay ini :)

our first intention was to try the ikan bakar at the famous Alaaa.. Kassim restaurant,
but it was already full by the time we got there.
so we settled for the shop next to Alaa..Kassim which is..

Alhamdulillah, really good!

(nih je gambar yang sempat diambil. yang lain sumer dah selamat masuk perut. hehe)

antara yang hadir:

The Birthday Boy, Abang.
(kesian Haziq. dah terlelap dah tu. masa ni dia sangat mengantuk. pagi-pagi dah bangun sebab ada kelas Tahfiz Quran.
pastu dalam kul 3 camtu, pergi tengok movie pulak sampai ke petang.

mom and the Second 'Birthday Boy' : Ayah
(my dad's 53rd birthday is gonna be 06-04-2010)

tak sampai hati amek gambar eka.
she's just got herself in an 'accident' the day before~

i'm not the only one who paid for this dinner.
kitorang bahagi 3 : Me, Angah & Mama.


to Ayah,
happy 53rd coming birthday~
may you'll live another 100 more years..
may you never get old and still maintain hensem (hihi),
and may your life is full of blessings from ALLAH SWT.

and to Abang,
happy birthday!~
semoga membesar menjadi anak yang baik & soleh.
semoga sentiasa dalam peliharaan ALLAH SWT.
hope you can manage to get straight A's for the coming PMR.. oke?

he got 5A's in UPSR.
*terbakar poketku masa tu [2007] sebab gatal janji belikan PS2 kalo dia dapat straight A's. huhu.*

let's see if he can pull it off for this year's PMR..

this year, sayer janji bagi duet je.
aritu dia cakap pasal XBOX,
and i was like..
abang tau tak, along dah pesan kat 'sape2' yang nak kawen dengan along, one of the hantaran mesti ader xbox360. so kalau along dapat, abang pun ade chance la dapat."

over tak?

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