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i've attended a talk yesterday, given by one of the best Leadership & Management Trainer in Malaysia (and maybe Asia). i'm not gonna say whom, tho. tehehee.

so anyway,
at the end of the talk,
he showed us a video clip.

and i must say,
when i saw this vc, i was totally impressed!
and i almost shed my tears!!

just a short note of the v.c:
it's about this one guy, Paul Potts.
he lacks of self-confidence because he used to be bullied at school.

this was him :

so anyway,
he went to the British Got Talent audition (2007),
and sang Nessun Dorma - an opera song.
if you see him, you'll never expect that despite of his look, Paul Potts has a very beautiful and amazing voice!

i was speechless, i had goosebump when i see this clip.
(and i was NOT a fan of opera song, not until i heard this!)
it was only an audition, but he gets standing ovation by most of the audience!
impressive, huh?

this is him (present):

Positive Attitude :
Always believe in yourself.
that was what the trainer taught us.
we are all have hidden talent.
it's up to us to use it wisely.
and be confident about it.
(what he meant:you can make some a lot of money out of it!)

it takes a whole lot of guts, kan?
but yes,
success people are the one who are willing to take high risk.

So, renung-renungkan,
dan selamat beramal!

now, what is your hidden talent?
got one?

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