Falling Slowly.

6:03 AM

So, what do you get
when your favorite singer's singing your favourite song from your favorite movie?




yes. that's the right word that i cud think of right now..

you know..

... besides amazing, superb, fantastic (like what Simon said), wonderful.. blablabla..


Lee is my favourite singer in American Idol, just so you know.
i like him the way i love, love, love David Cook's & Faizal Tahir's voice.
suara rock serak-serak basah gitu .

sexaaaaayyyyyy tawwwwww. and he's cute too! ngeh3.

(Rain, i lebiu too. but u are rnb.. so shuh. pegi main jauh2 for the time being yer. hee. )

ok. bye.
i nak replay lagu tu lagi. hee.

ps: Once is not really my most favorite movie, btw. i love it only because of the movie's OST. sangatttt beshhhh lagu-lagunya! my favorite song other than Falling Slowly, is Fallen from the Sky.

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