He says..

4:13 AM

one sms received, saying..

"ttibe aku risau tader sape nk jaga ko nnt..."

how do you feel when out of the blue,
your friend,
says that to you?

i dunno about you,

but for me,

i feel BLESSED!

terasa SANGAT entah-tatau-nak-rasa-apa bilamana siang tadi di kala super busy at work,
suddenly dapat sms camtu,
terasa terkesima sekejap.
pastu had a mix feeling:
sengih + terharu + sebak+sengih semula.

Mix feeling sebab:
sengih = 'comel la ko antar sms camtu.. hihi~ '
terharu + sebak ='ape nih bro antar sms sedeh camtu? kang aku nanges kang.. wuwuuwu~'

hey bro,
i know you'll always be looking out for me, no?

that's why you're my favourite fwen...

hope both of us will enjoy this life ride, this life carousel, this life rollercoster,
and may we never fall down..



ehh btw,

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