Sunday, May 23, 2010

it's a fool who plays it cool

*current mood : Listening to Hey Jude by The Beatles*

  • i bought a piece of black jacket/office blazer yesterday, but then i lost it in a mosque. actually, i'm not sure if it was stolen in the mosque or i left in somewhere along the way... :[ I honestly think that there's no way it was stolen. i couldnt remember where did i left it. tapi tak mengapa lah. bukan rezeki. hopefully jacket tu akan berguna kepada sesiapa yang jumpa. dapat juga saya tumpang pahala :) ]

  • a friend is having a cold feet - tak mahu kawen katanya. i was like "are you out of your mind?? do u realize that the wedding is in the next few days?!" . ikutkan hati keji, nak je saya cakap " i told you so.." heh. but naah. i did not. he's sound so sad. he's in a deep shit trouble ni. i hope everything's gonna be ok. saye sangat sangat SANGAT risau. dude, pls. think wisely. dont do anything stupid, will yer?

  • Met P yesterday. it's been few years since the last time i saw him. i guess, nothing change that much except he's a Master Holder now. in IT. (he was a mechanical engineering student. apekes entah buat Master IT pulak. ) we had a long talk. it opens my eyes over something. but still.... *long sigh*

  • This week is gonna be a long week.. i have an event to attend to. havent got the time to pick up my dress from tailor.. and need to carefully plan my Wedding Invitation schedule. i have 5 weddings to attend this week, in which, 3 of them will be in Johor!

  • ok.ok. now dont freak out w33da. look on the bright side: Jumaat nih cuti. yeaay!

  • my workloads are piling up as i'm taking over someone's work. and guess what? everyday it feels like i wanted to yell and scream to those demented demanded people. my phone ringing non stop. my mailbox is full with nonsense requested email.

  • ok fine. it's not nonsense. but if you're in I*T line, you'll understand what i meant.

  • sebenarnya saye adalah sangat mengantuk m(x__x)m I can barely keep my eyes open!! i'll update again once i'm up. (haha. macam server la pulak bolei up, up nih kan..? hihi)

  • Till then.

*note: oh. terlupa review pasal cerita robin hood. i'm too busy at the mo. i even neglect my tumblr for few weeks now. sorry baby.

** can't wait for Prince of Persia!!! xD ~>finally, something that makes me smile after a day of frowning.

*** i heard someone's name and suddenly my heart jumped. demmit u, heart. u shouldn't have done that.

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Md. Naswardi said...

dok igt apa/sapa tatau smpai jeket br bli pn bley lupa letak kt mn... ;p
xpe... jeket bley bli len... kasih sayang nk bli kt mn kn... hurmmmm...

kalu sume dh cukup... kawen jew la... baligh..dh baligh dh... duit pn menimbun dh... nk pikiaq apa lg... great power come wit great responsibility...hakhak... spiderman la plak... ;p

i owe him duit sewa umah...adoyai... bila mau bayaq kt dia ni...

wedding yu bila plak? x sabaq dh ni... :)

friday...saturday...sunday...monday...tuesday...wednesday....thursday.. it just a name... everyday is a good day... smile... :)

work eat work... life eat life... ;p

recharge your power...

{travel junkie lady} said...

1. ingat kat madneh kot ;p apemenda merepek psl kasih syg plak nih?? adeihh. tader kaitan.

2. haha. tau dah ayat, nih hang dok kata kat sapa nih? cheq tak paham. huhu.

3. haa..pi bayaq cepat. iskh. utang kena bayaq. x bayaq, dosa tauu.

4. my wedding? errr.. errr.. so far, tader masuk dlm planner lagi. planner full dgn plan2 lain. hee.

5: tak kira, cepat la dtg hari jumaat!!!