It's not you leaving that's gonna kill me...

3:11 AM

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I'm not gonna leave you.

If you respect me at all, that's exactly what you will do.


It's not you leaving that's gonna kill me.


It's you loving someone more.

You know, I want you to be happy.

More than anything else, I wanted
to be the cause of happiness in you.

But if I'm not, then...

I can't stand in the way.

Do you see?

Because what you're feeling now, Rachel...

... is the unstoppable force.


ok. masa Heck cakap camtu kat Rachel, saye dah sedih sedih bagai dah.

like, sweet nya la mamat nih...

dah ler hensem, baik hati pula tu.

tapi saye takder la nanges2 nih kan.
sebab saye dah lama tinggalkan bidang menangis syahdu-syahdan time tengok love story.
(except masa tengok new moon aritu je la. tu pun tercuit sket je ->statement tanak ngaku dalam hati ada taman. hihi)


the scene yang made my heart ripped

when Heck was on the roof..
looking outside..

and then came this little girl, H to cheer him up by offering him sweets.

and she said:
" I didn't know which is your favorite,
so I bought pick-and-mix.."

Heck tried to smile


he. CRIED. sobbingly.

masa tu la baru lah terasa sangat sedih...

if only i could offered him my shoulder to cry on..

ceh ceh tetibaaaa..


pastu agak sedih la kan, dengan ayat dia:


It's just...

I'm trying to do the right thing...

and now I think I should have not...

*from movie: Imagine Me And You *
*Year :2005 (tapi harini baru dapat tengok. tsk.) *

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