Sunday, May 16, 2010

Sticky Post: For SALE! Giorgio Armani Idole / Kain Kebaya Indonesia / Remember Me

salam and hi there beautiful :)

so, listen up people. i have few items to let go.
if you find anything you like, pls do contact me thru e-mail : miss.ttjl [at] gmail [dot] com.

Item #1 : Giorgio Armani : Idole.
Selling Price : RM 170.00 (inclusive postage)

Perfume Smell Group : Oriental Floral

bought it recently (less than 2 weeks ago).
wore it few times (ada laa dalam 4,5 kali kot. but not more than that)
i put it on sale because it doesn't suit me.
masa beli aritu memang dah tau dah tak kena dengan diri, tapi saje je nak try bau lain la konon.

i used to wear CK:Euphoria,which was a gift from someone.
got me attention from collegues. like, sumer orang tanya pakai perfume apa sebab bau sedap. tapi sumpah haku rasa pening dengan bau Euphoria.
so the same goes with this Idole. orang kata sedap baunya, tapi saye tak berapa gemar.

for me, the smell is kinda 'woman-ly' kot.

elegant. classic.
macam perempuan yang serious sangat je.
memang tader kaitan dengan saye langsung.

i'm a floral fruity person, btw. =)


Item #2 : Remember Me - Sophie Kinsella
Selling Price : RM25 (inclusive postage)

This is NOT a second hand item.
Remember Me is still in plastic

(even the price tag is still attached to it!)

Why i'm selling it?
Err.. i made a stupid mistake some time last year.
i was at the mall, accompanying my friend buying some stuff and i was feeling kinda sleepy at that time.
suddenly i saw this book which has different cover from what i already have.
i thought it was the new novel from Kinsella, so without thinking (yes, i didnt bother to check the TITLE! huhu), i took it to the counter and paid for it.

dah sampai rumah, keesokan harinya baru perasan it was the SAME book!
since i dunno what to do with it, only now i'm thinking to let it go..


Item #3 : Kain Kebaya Sulam
RM 140 (NOT inclusive postage)
color: maroon

Inclusive of :
1) Kebaya Sulam
2) Lining
3) Kain Corak Batik
4) Selendang

*note: kain ini belum dijahit*

Why i'm selling it?
Err.. perlu ke bagi reason? ;)


Sila la lihat betapa meriahnya kain tersebut.
saye sangatttt suka tapi tatau bilakah waktu yang bersesuaian untuk memakainya.
it's suitable for engagement or wedding or for bridesmaid or any dinner event.
kalau nak pakai time hari raya pun boleh..

(kalau korang suka bermeriah-meriah di hari raya la kan.. hee)
i love this kain very much!

but i'm not that berani laa nak pakai time pergi attend kenduri kawen orang lain sebab takut nanti orang lain keliru yang mana satu kah pengantin nya.. hehe.

so there you go.


do contact me here : miss.ttjl [at] gmail [dot] com