the west side story bersama anuar zain

10:01 AM

.. ok. nampak sangat title entry yang penuh publisiti murahan, kan? hehe.

Remember this entry?
yeah baby. that's what imma gonna talk about today. but urm, i'm too tired and sleepy so this is gonna be a short entry.

  1. Today marks the first time for me seeing a broadway: The West Side Story theatre production.
  2. This is also the first time for me seated in a first class seat and i had no idea about it at all! so million thanks kepada orang yang membelanja. hee.
  3. Saye adalah sangat jakun bila Anuar Zain duduk di depan saye. err, not really depan lah. selang satu row. tapi haku tetap super excited hookay. artis lain selama nih semua haku wat tak heran je. tapi anuar zain... "ohh lelaki ini yang selalu mencintaaaaamu.. selaaaaalu, tanpa ragu.." cehhh.. tetiba keluar mode lagu la pulak kan..

  4. The West Side Story is a legend and it's an honour for me to have the oppurtunity seeing it live on stage. like hello, from Broadway. the broadway from NY, y'all!! mestilah teruja!
  5. but i have to admit, this is not really my thing.. i mean, the story line. i'm not really into fighting / gangsterism kinda story. so bila mengantuk je, saye pandang si jantung hati: inchek anuar zeng. kehkehkeh.
  6. imho, it was kinda boring maybe because of the songs..
  7. i love the lighting effect, tho.
  8. and the actor and actress! they are so d*mn good! i love their dance routine too! sangat sync oke! sangat kagum bila tengok dorang dance.
  9. My favourite scene: when the first time Tony and Maria fell in love and the first time Tony met Maria at her house... when Tony asked "can i see u for a minute?" and then Maria said "1 minute is not enough.." and then later they sing a song together. something pasal goodnight and "when you dream, dream of me.." -> That scene really made me wanna say " sweet..". serious comel gila. rasa macam "ooh indahnya jatuh cinta.." ngeeee ;p
  10. i hope this wont be the last broadway musical for me to see. i'm looking forward Mamma Mia, Grease, Fame, etc :)

ok bye. time to sleep.
night night everyone! :)

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